Environmental Justice

Keywords: Environmental Justice, Brazilian Network will be Environmental Justice, Environmental Injustice, Principles and Practice of Environmental Justice. INTRODUCTION the subject of ambient justice indicates the necessity not only to work questodo surrounding in terms of preservation, but also of ejustia distribution. It represents, thus, the conceptual landmark necessary to approach, emuma same dynamics, the popular fights for the social and human rights, collective pelaqualidade of life and for the ambient support. In the truth, one is about an partner-ambient justice, therefore it integrates the dimensions ambient, sociale ethical of the support and the development, frequently dissociadosnos speeches and in the practical ones. As well salient Port ' ' With the advent of the ambientalismoapsos years of 1960, the conscience grows of that has a global risk that if sobrepeaos local, regional risks and nacionais' ' (MARTINEZ, 2006, P. 15). Talafirmao contributes stops to revert the spalling and the isolation of social vriosmovimentos front to the globalization processes and reestruturaoprodutiva that provoke loss of sovereignty, unemployment, precarizao of trabalhoe embrittlement of the syndical and social movement as a whole. Ambient justice, more than an expression of the field of the right, is assumed as field of reflection, mobilization and flag of fight of diverse citizens and entities, comosindicatos, associations of inhabitants, groups of affected by diverse risks, ambientalistas and scientists. E, more than what this, clama for the mobilization of all the ambientalistas society and not apenasde for the partner-ambient questions and for what por&#039 exists; ' detrs' ' of the current crisis of the Planet. We have that to breach with barreirada inertia in relation to the ambient challenge, searching solutions, since ' ' asdificuldades that social individuals, groups and entire societies face nacompreenso of the current world immensely contribute for the reproduction dessequadro predominantly of iimmobilism and apatia' ' (MARTINEZ, 2006, p.15) that it is the society and that is responsible for it discourages of ambientalistas muitosmilitantes sociaise.