Chocolates Value Increase

Chocolates Value, the first national chocolatera company, have increased their sales of export a 35% in 2011, with respect to 2010, happening of 4 million Euros to more than 5.5 million obtained Euros of invoicing in the outside. Thus, the mark Value has been able to consolidate already in 45 countries, with perspective to surpass the means hundred of markets throughout present 2012, making special emphasis in emergent the denominated economies . According to the numbers of the multinational of Alicante, 40% of the sales in the outside arrive from North America, a 25% of Asia, another 20% of Hispano-America and 15% rest of Europe, being the main United States markets, Colombia, China, Canada and the Philippines. As far as products with greater acceptance in the outside, these are the chocolate tablets with high content of cacao, almond marcona and the chocolate without sugar, being commercialized in their totality under the mark Value. Against the strategy of other marks of externalizar the production, Chocolates Value continue betting by the quality and the origin, making completely their production in Villajoyosa (Alicante). And it is that, from 1881 to the present time, Chocolates Value have made a product of matchless purity.

The quality and the distinction that differentiates to this company for more from a century are also the essence of its chocolate factories. One of the most important advantages of these resides, indeed, in the value and guarantee that the own mark contributes. the chocolate factories, like tax exemptions, have a special advantage places that them in an outstanding position within the sector. They count on the possibility of incorporating to its supply of products all the new features, advances and improvements that can contribute to Chocolates Value, in machinery and processes of production, explains Jose Sanfeliu, director of tax exemptions of the mark. With the Chocolate factories Value the investor will find a double business: chocolate factory, with the opportunity to offer in situ the consumption of the made chocolate artisan and in all varieties, and store, where to offer all type of made products, chocolates craftsmen of the high range, original (chocolates craftsmen of maize toasted to the salt, olive oil or vinegar of Modena), of liquor, truffles and one complete range of chocolates without sugar.