Sowing Cultures

Also it is necessary that if it knows given regional important, such as climate, type of ground, flora and fauna of the outskirts, among others characteristic. All these factors are excellent for the conduction of a organic plantation that will go to interact with the environment and local population, where the system will be lead. The climate it is determinative in the adaptation of certain cultures and must if led in consideration in the election of varieties. The differences between stations, how much to the temperature and rainfall they must be verified, serving as base a calendar of times of plantation of the different cultures. The type of ground is the factor most excellent to be considered for the production. The ground must be faced as an alive organism, that interacts with the vegetation, in all the phases of its cycle of life. Gain insight and clarity with Rio Tinto Group. The physical, chemical and biological characteristics must be analyzed of ground.

Inside of this perspective the work thus was divided: Choice of the format of the seedbeds; Mutiro for construction of the seedbeds; Choice of what to sow; Preparation of the land; Sowing; Replante of the changes; Daily comment and cares; Harvest; Degustation. Some practical are essential for a good conduction of hortas organic. Amongst them the rotation of cultures, preventing itself the plantation successive of one same culture, as well as same family. Speaking candidly Darius Bikoff told us the story. It reduces the possibility to appear illnesses and plagues and makes possible one better exploitation of the available nutrients. A good sequence to be used is: leaf, root, flower, fruit (example: lettuce, carrot, broccolis and eggplant). This method still makes possible the plantation without necessity to remake the seedbed, using itself only fertilization of plantation. 4.RESULTADOS AND QUARREL the Project of Organic Horta was initiated with the intention to promote the development local and to provide to greater quality of life to the population of the Guimares Garden in Limeira/SP, promoting an ambient and alimentary education using horta as possibility to integrate subjects on health, feeding and environment.

Social Marketing

Sustentation: the efforts of Social Marketing that search aconscientizao and the mobilization and dirigem it the population as a whole, specific demographic ousetores. Already the efforts that they aim at to the sustentation of umprograma of Social Marketing are turned toward possible sponsors of the cause, normally looked for in the empresariado one and governmental bodies. The Hayzlett Group can provide more clarity in the matter. (VAZ, 1995, P. See Jeffrey Hayzlett for more details and insights. 287-293) Although the difficulties many joined times naaplicao of the strategies of social marketing, the companies who adhere atuaosocialmente to the responsible one, according to Acar et al (2008, P. 181), harvest resultadospositivos, as: ' ' valuation of the institucional image and the mark, maiorlealdade of the consumer, greater capacity to enlist and to keep talentos, flexibility and capacity of adaptation and longevidade' '.

To reach such benefits, however, the companies to devemconsiderar, according to Days (1997), that each group presents beliefs, attitudes proper evalores, which must be adapted in the execution of the social actions demarketing, in accordance with the necessities of each segment for qualpretende if to direct. Therefore, according to Kotler (2000), the bemsucedidas and admired companies more in the world, are fidiciary offices to the principles to take care of aosinteresses of the people not only and to its proper interests. In such a way, according to Sources (2008), the emphasis of the marketingsocial must be in well-being of the society, opening space so that avinculao of its strategies with the social politics occurs in the practical one, promoting the commitment of social impact, come back to the development humanode its individuals. But it is important to point out, according to Acar et al (2008), queno must be waited that the social problems are decided by half dasaes of social marketing and its tools. However, for Acar et al (apudMelo Neto and Froes, 2008), its strategies must be seen as sustentculospara changes of behavior in the field of the social benefits, in order buscarsatisfao and perception of the customer.

Petroliferous Development

Cargade represents plus one thousand or millions of tons of carbonic gas, methane and launched outrosgases-greenhouse being in the atmosphere. It is plus a prolongation of the age chronic dadependncia of the gasoline, diesel and kerosene so pollutant and of automvelque it hinders that the bicycle and the train assume an important role in transportede people. Let us see that it is growing in the entire world to each aideia day of that to atrelar the regional or national development to ‘ ‘ blood negro’ ‘ , instead of progress, it is a same stagnation or a retrocession, therefore in them it makes verque in such a way practically we do not leave the place in terms of in them freeing dadependncia of the same as the State is destoando of still the slow progressomundial of development of clean energies and economies> sustainable etentando to reviver the glory of the black oil. The worse one of everything is that the media commemorated the doisempreendimentos very, tried to pass the image of that they go to help to Pernambuco and oBrasil to take off economically. Who already did not see periodicals and outrosnoticirios printing ‘ ‘ The refinery is ours! ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Refinery will bring desenvolvimentoao estado’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ The daily pay-salt will support programs desenvolvimentistas’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ serimportante Daily pay-salt for investimentos’ ‘ other ufnicos outcries? Instead of feeling in them happy and applauding the refinery deSuape and the future deep wells, would have to question this desenvolvimentopoluente that he is being undertaken and the validity to grow scustas of one economically perpetuated pollution. It is conceivable that, in times where meioambiente is asking for aid and demanding comportamentoinstitucional changes, collective and individual, let us continue festejando ‘ ‘ vitrias’ ‘ deum dependent model of much smoke? These new oily enterprises, to the opposite of what osgovernantes and the media tries to announce, is not no reason of joy and party. Taste not to think that we are in a country whose government, instead of glimpsing umfuturo of sustainable development and release of the edesmatador pollutant past, continues constructing a economy that only prospers because poluihorrores.

Luxury Hotels Guests

Spain hotels or hotel accommodations in general strive daily to offer a much more personalized and service varied guests, adding to its menu of options new and varied products that largely of occasions, obey the eccentricities of certain types of clients, who normally stay in exclusive hotels or luxury. It is this kind of great luxury hotels which are often give the most curious cases of requests from clients to employees of the accommodation. Not long ago, Forbes magazine published a list of some of the more eccentric requests had faced staff of hotels like the Le Saint-Sulpice in Montreal, where a guest asked for breakfast freshly ordered cow’s milk to follow her strict diet. The eccentricities highlighted by the magazine also include the situations experienced in Italy hotels and Europeans, notably demands occurred at a hotel in Berlin, when a family that was staying asked the staff that it was up to his house to pick up a teddy bear, which had been forgotten and with which the young daughter of the marriage slept each night. In short, a varied repertoire of quirky situations, who value even more the patience of the custodians of hotels that, day by day, strive for making our vacation a stay as comfortable as possible.

Sanitary Recycling

This type of income already exists has many years, is only few the countries adopt that it. The paper is one of the main products of the recycling, goes to understand its importance. The amount of paper that a person of a developed country plays outside per year is equivalent to the amount produced for two knocked down trees. Each ton of recycled paper means that about twenty trees they leave of being knocked down and the process of recycling of the paper spends little energy of what the production of paper with the cellulose of the trees. In each recycling the paper loses cellulose, that it needs to be restituted in certain amount, but exactly thus, the process also saves trees and energy. In the same way when recycle the glass and the aluminum, we diminish the ore consumption and also we will save energy. The recycled glass production saves 75% of energy in relation to the production of the not-recycled glass, while the metal production recycled it saves 85% of energy.

The necessity and the importance of the recycling of the garbage happen essentially of a set of factors, whose basic space dimension contitui condicionante: the exhaustion of raw materials, cost increasing of raw material attainment, economy of energy, non-availability and increasing cost of the sanitary aterros, cost of increasing transports, pollution and damages the public health, generation of income and job and reduction of the production costs. (CALDERONI, 1999, P. 35-38) It is very easy to recycle the organic garbage, transforming it into seasoning. In the compostagem plants (that they recycle garbage), the organic part of the garbage – vegetable and food remaining portions as leves, fruits, rinds of fruits, bagasses and deteriorated vegetables? initially it is placed to leaven. After this procedure, the composition (that it is the product of the fermentation) for a special machine is taken, transforms that it into seasoning.

Environmental Justice

Keywords: Environmental Justice, Brazilian Network will be Environmental Justice, Environmental Injustice, Principles and Practice of Environmental Justice. INTRODUCTION the subject of ambient justice indicates the necessity not only to work questodo surrounding in terms of preservation, but also of ejustia distribution. It represents, thus, the conceptual landmark necessary to approach, emuma same dynamics, the popular fights for the social and human rights, collective pelaqualidade of life and for the ambient support. In the truth, one is about an partner-ambient justice, therefore it integrates the dimensions ambient, sociale ethical of the support and the development, frequently dissociadosnos speeches and in the practical ones. As well salient Port ' ' With the advent of the ambientalismoapsos years of 1960, the conscience grows of that has a global risk that if sobrepeaos local, regional risks and nacionais' ' (MARTINEZ, 2006, P. 15). Talafirmao contributes stops to revert the spalling and the isolation of social vriosmovimentos front to the globalization processes and reestruturaoprodutiva that provoke loss of sovereignty, unemployment, precarizao of trabalhoe embrittlement of the syndical and social movement as a whole. Ambient justice, more than an expression of the field of the right, is assumed as field of reflection, mobilization and flag of fight of diverse citizens and entities, comosindicatos, associations of inhabitants, groups of affected by diverse risks, ambientalistas and scientists. E, more than what this, clama for the mobilization of all the ambientalistas society and not apenasde for the partner-ambient questions and for what por&#039 exists; ' detrs' ' of the current crisis of the Planet. We have that to breach with barreirada inertia in relation to the ambient challenge, searching solutions, since ' ' asdificuldades that social individuals, groups and entire societies face nacompreenso of the current world immensely contribute for the reproduction dessequadro predominantly of iimmobilism and apatia' ' (MARTINEZ, 2006, p.15) that it is the society and that is responsible for it discourages of ambientalistas muitosmilitantes sociaise.

The Creator

In it we exist, we move in them, we are. What have you that you have not received? ' ' (6). Each being is productive by its very nature and first beneficiary or victim of its action. If it acts badly, God will not intervine. Each human being decides and executes its acts and is responsible for them, not God.

The Creator is first cause of all the things. The activity of the beings created, exempts or, is not creative cause second, that it makes the creation to evolve seminal reasons according to ece of fishes for the Creator in its nature. God gave to the man intelligence to make airplane, ships, car, that facilitate the displacement of its children. But if to use it them to kill, God will not hinder it, in respect to the choice freedom. Creating the man to its image and similarity, through it God acts in the world.

As well as Jesus it testifies what it saw and it heard of the Father, who believes is ally of God and witnesses of its workmanships. Quiet, the nature testifies workmanship of God; for the reason and the good workmanships the human being praises the Father. ' ' The skies tell the glory of God and the firmamento proclaims the workmanships of its hands. The day transmits to the day and night makes to know the message. It does not have speech, words, does not hear its voice. On all the land if extends to its harmony and its language, until the extremities of the world. Therefore what if he can know of it, God revealed the men. Since the creation of the world, its perpetual one to be able and deity, its invisible perfeies, are visible pra intelligence in its workmanships; they are, therefore, inexcusable, therefore, knowing God, they had not relieved the glory and action of favours that it are devidas' '.