Paul Sartre

Christmas, sweet Christmas! I want to emphasize that these cosmochamanicos hugs are not the same that I will give to my absent girlfriend or my friends or my sincere friends. Those who receive political and other people of good living and best demagoguery are dangerous and are committed to them. Come on, they would prefer to give them a drug addict, a desperate, I what I know, a lunatic before me, that I am infinitely more crazy that all of them together. In love folly is the sensible thing, said Quevedo, and I love you so much to the people of this planet who dare I say who there are leftover of truth, not just money but power corrupt, drunks of luxury and pleasure, buttery and fondones who do nothing by than their congeners helpless, so that the most disadvantaged of the Earthdo not suffer. May not suffer nor the authors of anonymous. Or Yes, if persist in threatening anonymous. One thing happens: the evil is part of the good.

God and Satan are two sides of the same coin. And even now with the pure and purified desire benefactor type caritas or NGOs are achieved things, Yes, but before the superpowered and crammed lax conscience it is nothing more than a feeling of semisolidaridad, a little sorry at that time. What I say is that they will begin to fall like flies, one after one, and fear really lethal embraces cosmochamanicos and/or the spread of this new socio-philosophical ecumenism.They have a deadline so that they reflect, if in this period change saved but tend to be persistent, and become accustomed to the pesticide. The plague, and not talk about the book of Jean-Paul Sartre, because Dios has resurrected in 2010, it will eventually succumb.The hug universal cosmochamanico what it does is to mark them with the stigma of undesirable, which in total are many less than well, the vast majority of people.

Union Jack

The narrator also affirms that, come of the weeds for the cities, the young ones if come across with a civilization mechanics and is as soon as appears conflicts and new religions and was as soon as had appeared the Haouka in 1917. The men of the seita Haouka if direct in transports rented in one morning of sunday to a place moved away from the city. Left in certain point, still they walk for one hour to arrive at concession of Mountyeba (priest of all the Haouka). There, sheets meet colorful hung representing ' ' Union Jack' ' , the flag of the United kingdom and soon under meets it ' ' Statue of the Governador' ' , with mustache, sabre, weapons and horses. The ceremony starts with the presentation of a novice who is possessed has one month for a Haouka.

Immediately afterwards, it has the public confession around an altar: the Haouka guilty must be accused. The first one admits to be impotent for having had relations with the woman of its friend. As it says that he is dirty and third it admits to deny the Haouka. It has a fine for these confessions: a sheep and a hen are sacrificed. The men are, then, divided in two lines: punished and not punished. The sacrifice is made and the blood is spilled in the altar and ' ' palace of governador' '. A sermon is followed and an oath of more not committing the same errors and, then, the punished ones is taken for is of the concession and alone they can come back when they will be possessed. To perfect the purificao, a man waters the sacred trees props of ' ' Union Jack' ' of ' ' palace of governo' ' , with a gin libation. A man touches violin of a rope while they wait for a dog, forbidden food that they want to eat to show its superior force of the other men.

The Partner

In way to all this quarrel if loses a classroom of pupils that needs the same attention its peculiarities and that nor always it is had as a special pupil. According to Colangelo (1991, P. 283) apud Fleith; Alencar (2007, P. 46) the pupils superendowed or with high abilities ' ' they live in a context of ambiguity concerning they themselves and the perception of outros' ' needing an orientation so that in way to a society that costuma not to recognize it can come to deal in adequate way to this estressante situation and to diminish this ambiguity as it affirms the citation the top. They are children who many times are considered neglect, agitated and disinterested for the professors. According to Silverman (1994) apud Fleith, Alencar, (2007, P. 72) case this child does not come to have an adjusted environment to extend its potentialities or to develop a desirable social behavior ' ' it can come to be a risk for the society, therefore its capacity can be dispatches by post the service of ends indesejveis' ' The article will approach in brief way through the vision of some authors as to identify the pupil with high abilities, as better to deal with them in the objective of better working its potentialities and with its families better to understand them. Ahead of the great responsibility that familiar educators and if find the research will try to answer the following question concerning its net of next support: Which is the paper of the council member and of the family in optimum I assist of the superendowed pupil in what it says respect to the partner-emotional aspect? The superendowed one Soon in the first pertaining to school years already if it can identify traces that indicate a possible superendowment. It is in the school that this if becomes more evident, therefore is there that the child if in such a way confrots with its first signals of inadequao the intellectual level how much the partner-emotional level.


A man and a woman – the eternal theme in our lives, never-ending and inexhaustible. It's like two worlds that revolve around one another, touching, but never understand each other. Indeed, man is very difficult to understand woman and a woman – a man. This is evident in everything: in relation to family, work, kids, impressions, feelings, and, in general, life in general. The woman was always more interested in the inner part of: home, family, children, relationships, atmosphere in this house. Work for her is always in the background. Of course, nowadays there are women who make a career, and very successfully, but one woman, even though it will not have power to admit it, never agree replace the home of the most prestigious and successful work.

The man refers to the concept of 'home' is usually calmer. Yes, the family needed, he said, but the most important thing in life – is, of course, work, or some kind of deal where I can show, to prove himself. I have seen mentioned evaluate me to admire. It is the desire inherent in every man at every level of its activity. Why is this happening, are we really so different? This question has always interested mankind, and in our time, and scientists – biologists, physiologists, psychologists, and sociologists – have joined forces to find the answer. To date, found much evidence of differences between us, even in the level of our body. This anatomical and hormonal differences, differences in the psychological and emotional spheres, in the reactions to external stimuli.

Western Poets

Who would have thought that this poetry will become an irreplaceable assistant Valentine. Assistant who will be able to bring to his beloved (beloved), the words of love that seems fresh in prose, the words that are difficult to say. Poems about love, let love in rhyme-like song tell you about my wonderful feeling. It is love that inspires and motivates people to write poems, odes, anthems. Great Russian and Western Poets began his artistic career was with the fact that writing love poems.

It was only later they began to realize that love deserve not only women but also … fatherland, for example. Then they began to write poetry beloved country, its home. Awarded the attention of the poet and the elements of the world – wind, sun, sea, nature in general and specific flora and fauna in particular. But, of course, the most beautiful, legible and loved ones for readers and especially for readers of poetry have always been the woman he loves. Every woman, reading them, put yourself in that which are these verses from this and gets a lot more fun than the men – from physical intimacy. After women, as we know – like ears.

When your friend or relative's birthday is planned, the best addition to the present (as is well known, the book – a gift) will be a poem on his birthday. They were fashionably present since the late 17th century. Today on the shelves of bookstores or on the pages of specialized sites can be found, respectively, of paper or a virtual card for every taste. And each of them, as a rule, written funny or serious, philosophical or ordinary '> poems on his birthday. The year before last centuries, aristocratic families, it was fashionable to have a special albums, usually in leather or brocade sash, in which each guest could (if desired) to write their poems, wishes, just words. Through this album, we now have the opportunity to contemplate, for example, the handwriting of the Lermontov and enjoy his heavenly style. These verses then called epigrams and were more comic character. Poetry of the Renaissance is represented by the works of Shakespeare, in which the theme of love, passion can not be disclosed as voluminous. Poetry era of developed socialism presented laudatory odes of Lenin and ideologically mature poems. Poetry makes us go on a journey into the world of fine feelings and images. Recently popular are the so-called SMS poetry designed loved. If you have no poetic talent or imagination, these mini-confessions of love is to help you in your problem. They can be quickly rewritten from a site and phone to send your beloved or the beloved, your relative or just a friend, friends, classmates. The world of poetry is beautiful and unexplored. Everyone who gets into it, get an abyss of aesthetic pleasure and arrange feast your soul. Unless, of course poems are beautiful and talented.