Western Poets

Who would have thought that this poetry will become an irreplaceable assistant Valentine. Assistant who will be able to bring to his beloved (beloved), the words of love that seems fresh in prose, the words that are difficult to say. Poems about love, let love in rhyme-like song tell you about my wonderful feeling. It is love that inspires and motivates people to write poems, odes, anthems. Great Russian and Western Poets began his artistic career was with the fact that writing love poems.

It was only later they began to realize that love deserve not only women but also … fatherland, for example. Then they began to write poetry beloved country, its home. Awarded the attention of the poet and the elements of the world – wind, sun, sea, nature in general and specific flora and fauna in particular. But, of course, the most beautiful, legible and loved ones for readers and especially for readers of poetry have always been the woman he loves. Every woman, reading them, put yourself in that which are these verses from this and gets a lot more fun than the men – from physical intimacy. After women, as we know – like ears.

When your friend or relative's birthday is planned, the best addition to the present (as is well known, the book – a gift) will be a poem on his birthday. They were fashionably present since the late 17th century. Today on the shelves of bookstores or on the pages of specialized sites can be found, respectively, of paper or a virtual card for every taste. And each of them, as a rule, written funny or serious, philosophical or ordinary '> poems on his birthday. The year before last centuries, aristocratic families, it was fashionable to have a special albums, usually in leather or brocade sash, in which each guest could (if desired) to write their poems, wishes, just words. Through this album, we now have the opportunity to contemplate, for example, the handwriting of the Lermontov and enjoy his heavenly style. These verses then called epigrams and were more comic character. Poetry of the Renaissance is represented by the works of Shakespeare, in which the theme of love, passion can not be disclosed as voluminous. Poetry era of developed socialism presented laudatory odes of Lenin and ideologically mature poems. Poetry makes us go on a journey into the world of fine feelings and images. Recently popular are the so-called SMS poetry designed loved. If you have no poetic talent or imagination, these mini-confessions of love is to help you in your problem. They can be quickly rewritten from a site and phone to send your beloved or the beloved, your relative or just a friend, friends, classmates. The world of poetry is beautiful and unexplored. Everyone who gets into it, get an abyss of aesthetic pleasure and arrange feast your soul. Unless, of course poems are beautiful and talented.

Cimmerians Gold

Above the stone slabs that cover the grave, put a stuffed horse. Much richer than in women with burial. Marfovka Leninsky district. In the grave were a golden diadem, decorated with inlays of carnelian and ornaments from grain, a pair of massive gold buckles, two gold pendants with inlays of colored stones and beading, a round golden pommel with almandine in the center, a pair of gold pendants two dozen gold plates, glass and bronze mirror. Jewelry from this burial (tiara, pendants, pendants, pommel) are made in so-called "Huns polychrome style." Distinctive feature of this style was the division of the surface of the object in the cell, which was placed stones or pieces of glass.

A combination of gold and reddish tones inserts create specific colors. Due to the Huns weapons and ornaments, "Hun polychrome style" is widely spread among the European barbarians. Used for the manufacture of gold, taken as prey or received "the gift" of the Roman emperors. Love Hun of gold was noted in most of the writings of ancient authors. Maybe that's it and caused a decline in power threatening nomads.

Cimmerians Cimmerians The ethnic name (Greek Kimmerioi acc. Gimirri) was first recorded in the VIII. BC both in ancient Greek (Homer) and Akkadian. Later Cimmerians been mentioned in ancient Greek (Herodotus, Strabo, etc.) and of ancient (Assyrian, Babylonian, Hebrew) sources in mainly in connection with their campaigns in the Near East and Asia Minor. These trips started between 722 and 715 years. BC, when the Cimmerians defeated Urartu king Rusu I, and ended about 650 BC Allied defeat of Assyria, the Scythians.