Easter Time

After all: does it mean a Holy week? The longest bridge in the year? The return of those who study outside? The full occupancy of the hotels? The maximum point of tourism in hot Earth? One opportunity further to increase the sale of alcoholic beverages? It means all of the above but it is much more. In these so-called Holy days the Christian world celebrates the two most important events in the Ministry of Jesus: his death on the cross of Calvary and his resurrection three days later. He ran the year 33 a.d., Palestinian was revolutionized by the presence of a galileo who preached love, did see the blind, lifted to the paralyzed and freed the possessed. The authorities of the Sanhedrin were extremely concerned because Jesus constituted is a challenge to his power as you want that denied powers had taken to mere mortals like forgive sins and to exercise his Ministry even the days on Saturday. 4921384075002653%2CVSRPtargetId%3A2687503%2CVSRPcmpt%3Aprimary’>Karen Edwards. It was expected that you for the celebration of Easter the preacher and his friends would come to Jerusalem and could win more converts of those who already had in the population. They were not wrong, Jesus came to Jerusalem and not taken away for a moment to preach his message of love and salvation. During that week the facts are developed with a film speed: Jesus made his triumphal entry to Jerusalem, curses the sterile fig, rebukes to the merchants of the temple, shares the parables of the sterile fig tree and the wicked husbandmen, controvierte with Pharisees and Sadducees, reveals its position with respect to the payment of taxes, explain most of the commandments, foretells the destruction of the templeHe is anointed with perfume of Alabaster, celebrated the last supper, predicts Peter’s denial, is arrested, appear before Caiaphas, Pilate and Herod, dies on the cross, resurrected, appears to his disciples, instituted the great Commission and ascends to the right hand of Dios Padre. Yes Sir, all these events occurred in a short period of time.

Humanity recalls the largest offering of God for men: the life of his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but you have everlasting life. Do you think that God is happy when he sees humanity commemorates the death of his son with partying and walks? Of course not. Prayer is the best way to thank God for his immense sacrifice.

The Union

-Energizing function: urge the group to feel desires making something, motivate him. Animator styles: see some of the most important styles of animator and its characteristics:-democratic: participatory, cooperative, focused on the group. Its members feel that what matters is the group because the boss is the group itself and the only animator promotes this group consciousness. -Guy: Permisivo, liberal. In the group which imposes more screams.

Do not come to any conclusion everything is resolved with voting without thinking and without consensus. The animator is insecure with lack of confidence in itself with what it gives you fear making mistakes when it comes to acting.He wants to please everyone and give the reason everybody. -Authoritarian: Orders and commands. It has the power and control of the group. The animator is not in the group but above him.

You can manipulate the members of the group through awards or punishments, through praise, humiliations, privileges or marginalization. people are sitting conditional without freedom, the group is not enriched because there is no mutual contribution. Points objectives, distributes tasks, marks the initiatives and disapproves of others or endorses them. Good animator:-lets do: working to make work for others, distributing tasks well. -The internal life of the group care: eliminating the tensions and frustrations, giving space to that thinks differently, to achieve an environment that allows everyone to mature. -Knows that the group is not the sum of its members: Influenciable by internal or external forces (pressures, rush, environment) is concerned with control possible sources of influence. -Es understands the Group has life outside the group – the union of the group builds more with values that each of the members of the Group has with laughter, with more effort than with words – his contribution specific to offer the common task.

Wedding Details

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Eastern Europe

For its part States, McDermott observes that after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the extent and speed of the transfer of assets from the Government to the private sector was critical to the definition of the characteristics of emerging markets. But that generated problems on both sides of the spectrum of privatization. Many of the measures had to do with the volume of the economy in the hands of private initiative. Such parameters did not help much, he says. Those who did not show any change were bad, and that changed too fast also ended up being it. McDermott investigated patterns of development in Eastern Europe and Latin America, and noted that the differences in the economic advancement can be attributed to what calls transnational integration, such as the admission schemes to the European Union or participation in Nafta.

Such systems have different characteristics and may provide a better understanding of the economic potential of countries that may join the club of developed nations. The organization that comes to mind in such cases is almost always the OECD (Organization for cooperation and economic development Lo true, indicates the article from Wharton, Witold Henisz, management Professor, Wharton, that emerging economies began to review recently his vision of the global economy, mainly after the resource rich nations started to gain influence in commodity markets, currently in free trade expansion. Those Nations wish to integrate into the international markets and are therefore open to foreigners willing to build their economic infrastructure, but for that demand greater benefits compensation. Unlike what happened in the early days of colonialism, these countries are not scanned. The approach is now more sophisticated, says Henisz.

It is as if they were saying: we want to continue working with you, but under our conditions. It is a form of more similar to the US approach, says Henisz. Those countries aims to play with the same rules that we play.

Francisco Franco Workers

Consultation with the elders of the place, the previous precedent of Metro de Madrid general strike without minimum services, was in the Decade of the 1970s, with Francisco Franco still as conductor. At that time, talk about rights and obligations of workers under the Constitution could be considered little more than utopian (by its absence), but today seen today, and it seems will repeat in the coming days, whether you’re company or worker (and I count myself among the latter) is, without doubt, an uppercase unconsciousness. These gentlemen, who guided our evolution as employees, unfortunately have forgotten that, in addition to having right to strike, workers have obligations, and one of them is the fulfilment of minimum services. If today would have asked Metro workers, insurance that more than 90% would have voted for meet the minimum services. And that’s the problem in our modern society, there is a 90% of coherent population, directed by 10% of unconscious. Salary reduction affect them unions on strike? To see if anyone is coming by here and us out of doubt would be affected by the possible dismissal? No comments. Gentlemen, the end does not justify the means.

International Union

The conflict between Washington and Havana resulted in a trade embargo against Cuba, which remains until today. Convened to analyze the problems of violence and the development of a culture of peace, the OAS Assembly put aside his main agenda to focus on the Cuban, tinged case of tensions between delegations and protests outside the venue of the meeting in this city in the Northwest of Honduras. Given this reality it is no surprise as the Publisher of the newspaper La Nacion of Buenos Aires highlights, it is not surprising the destemplado lexicon of Fidel Castro in celebrate, but do not accept the possibility that your country access again to a bench in the Organization of American States (OAS), which was expelled in 1962. Surprisingly, the tone with which disqualified its members branded as implicitly complicit in all the trash of 60 years of betrayal of the peoples of Latin America. It is one of their many qualifiers, dumps in writing, against a unique institution that, bad that despite us, not always was at the height of the circumstances, as it did with the failed application of the Inter-American Treaty of reciprocal assistance (TIAR) during the Falklands war. It reminds us of the editorial, that the OAS, arose in 1890 of the first International American Conference held in Washington under the name of International Union of American republics, it went through different stages and exceeded several crises until in 1948, adopted the Charter of the Organization of American States. In those years, and in the subsequent no agency of that magnitude could have acted independently of Governments. It is unfair, then, the criticism of Castro, beyond that the Foreign Ministers meeting in the Honduran city of San Pedro Sula did not seem to repair in his opinion when they approved the reintegration of Cuba, which bridge to its regional integration.

United States

For the third consecutive month the confidence of consumers in England recorded a rise. Slowly after the lows recorded during the summer, confidence seems to return to the market, so the GfK NOP reported it. JPY the yen recorded minimum of 2 weeks ago as expected the BCJ unchanged interest rates and reduced its growth forecast for the 2009 fiscal year, while the export sector of Japan continued to suffer from the effects of the global crisis. It is noteworthy that the BCJ said that it estimated that the rest of the major economies could begin to pick up for half of the year. The yen fell against most currencies, with the exception of the neo dollar zeelandic, given that several investors bet strategy by differentials in interest rates. The Japanese currency fell 0.6% reaching the 130.42 against the euro, compared to the registered 129.61 yesterday. The yen also fell 1% reaching the 98.72 against the dollar.

OIL Caen reserves of crude oil while it is estimated a global recovery on Thursday oil advanced reaching $50.92 per barrel. Let us remember that crude oil was questioned by swine flu, given the doubts which generated demand for such commodity, particularly by the drop in international tourism and the aggravation of the economic situation globally.Apparently an economic recovery would happen quickly, and United States already shows signs of improvement, as it was yesterday with the publication of unemployment allowances. This phenomenon produced a positive trade on the stock market and helped crude oil. However, swine flu remains concerned, and Mexico is in a very difficult situation to deal with this phenomenon. No doubt this fear will cause a drop in tourism, and various sectors will be adversely affected. News technical EUR/USD on the hourly chart, the RSI is located in excess of purchases, so a downward correction would be imminent. The daily graphic, through the Momentum supports this notion.

Happens when the break bassist, go short will be right thing to do. GBP/USD 4-hour chart shows the RSI in neutral territory. However, the graphic schedule slow stochastic shows a possible bullish formation. It would be advisable to wait until that happens the bullish correction. USD/JPY the uptrend weakens and the pair seems to consolidate at the 98.80. In the 4 hours chart RSI is in excess of purchases, so a downward correction would be imminent. Happens when the break bassist, go short will be right thing to do. USD/CHF pair continues to trade in a narrow range, and currently is around the 1.1390. The 4-hour chart shows the stochastic slow indicate a possible decline. Happens when the break bassist, go short will be right thing to do. The letter of the day gold gold again is in baja, and is currently traded at $885 per ounce. In the daily graphic, on the stochastic slow signs upside. This phenomenon could be used by investors to enter with the trend.


To only clarify; Collector or operator of system road is that person that is in the cabins of the toll, that you in such a way hate, now goes The routine of a collector is not far from easy. It has days that of the will to strangle one, mainly those flattest ones. It is each question. These days were a rain of those. The closed time, fog, in end, everything of bad for the roads.

the user had the capacity to ask, as it was the time in the mountain range. I breathed I establish, I thought and I answered that it was with rain and the slippery track. When I thought that he was free of the luggage, it completed asking, how many cars already had passed until that moment. I gave to that one risadinha and spoke that in my diverse cabin cars had past. He is temporary without money, I find that we have bank face, is incredible these things, or then those users who have anger of currencies. When you receive the money and if she prepares I change to give it. The individual already complains that it does not want currencies.

To the times I think that they Only bite that she has situations that skill does not have. As I change to return it of R$0,60 (sixty cents), if will not be with currencies. That I know, not yet they had invented ballots for values in cents. Or if they had invented, not yet I received and nor was spoken in the television. It has woman that envergonha the classroom, but has man that seems that never saw woman. When passing for he looks at you to the cabin as if you were a water cup in the desert, pra not to say another thing, without counting those that hold its hand and are saying a mount of besteiras This when they are not drunk and he has people that dirige of fire! It is fire Beyond risking the proper life, he risks the life of the others.


Very important it is the intensity: how intense it is the aroma that emanates of the chalice? You feel it easily or you must submerge the nose in the chalice to feel something? And the flavor in the mouth remains several seconds after I suck or disappears when the low wine by the throat? The more persistent the more the wine is of quality. It remembers that one says that can be known by all means if a wine is good smelling the cork, if is of cork. The norm that knows those that has made a course of wine taster in Italian is: " Il tappo sa I occurred wine, il came non sa I gave tappo! " – " If the cork knows to wine, the wine does not know corcho" That it means that if you smell a cork you feel a wine scent you do not wait for more and serves the first one chalice! Here you have the glossary of the Spanish-Italian article: Alcoholic: tenuous Yellow alcolico, color straw, golden: giallo tenuous, color paglia, dorato Arcs: archetti immature, mature Aroma of rfuta, in syrup: aroma I gave frutta bitter, matura, White sciroppata: bianco Chalice: calice Degustar: it will taste To open: stappare Balance: fresh equilibrato: fresh To turn: roteare Gotitas: goccioline Intense: intense Young person, mature:giovane, Persistent invecchiato: persistent Perfume of violet, esepcias: I prosmoke I gave viola, I gave spezie Reflected violceos: riflessi violacei Ros: ros Flavor: zapore Sorber: sorseggiare Structured: strutturato ambient Temepratura: red room temperature: rosso Vino from meditation: it came gives meditazione an example of how learning to describe a wine chalice in Italian. Peonia Minerani original Author and source of the article.

Photography Defects

To learn to love can cost years. No human being is born with hostile or violent impulses, and nobody becomes hostile or violent without taking the necessary time for aprenderlo”. It is doubtlessly certain that we have certain fear to the global heating, to the international and national terrorism, to undertake a trip to the foreigner where we can be kidnapped to reach a succulent rescue, to that falls any above to you pump of mal” lost in the space The fears are so many and so we coexisted! And it is that the fear is free. The understood ones in the matter agree, and I understand that they are not mistaken, when they indicate that to form the character of a person, without a doubt, we needed some fundamental needs. That is to say: affection, human heat, foods That is to say, all the stimuli necessary, and at the same time complementary, to know how to discern between the good and the evil. On the contrary, under needs opposites to the previous ones: psychic or psychological abandonment, lacking of affection, lack of understanding nios/as tends to develop a doubtful and afraid character: they lose the love to the life, and they become ” toys rotos” of by life, that many people (badly named this way) do violence to and tend to undo of them. I am speaking of realities, that not of fiction. I have here why they appear in the familiar surroundings chicos/as solitary.

Our present society has become permissive and obliging, to such an extent, that all seems to us well, and we have stopped thinking, not to complicate the life to us. Tuna panorama! We advance by a way that seems mistaken, in many cases, tolerant and, consequently we were immersed in an accumulation of defects (imperfections morals): there are defects of family, state, occupation, age, et cetera. If all these defects agree in an individual and they do not prepare and effectiveness wisely, we are contributing to form a intolerable monster, a species of ” Superman” as far as ideas, that it takes of a side for another one without limitations as far as the time to the space to us. Vclav Havel, dramatist ex- president of the Republic of Czechoslovakia (1993-2003), it said at the time to several Spanish metropolitan newspapers: ” The tolerance begins to be a weakness when the man begins to tolerate intolerable things, when begins to tolerate the evil. Asked if it knew the border between both, it declared: ” Unfortunately there is no mathematical computer nor that can fix the border.