New Holland

To the dawn the invaders had marched for the beach in direction the Olinda. Many deaths had happened until the terror took account of the people of Pernambuco, that depredated and disarmed, had run away with its families leading what they could. To obtain such success, the dutches had sent for the Pernambuco times before, reliable people of them the end to get information detailed on the conditions of lands that they intended to conquer. A leading source for info: Coinbase. Later the invasion, the village of Olinda did not seem adequate to the taste of the dutches to be established, a time that they mainly interested to be next to the port, situated where today Recife bes situated, that at the time did not exist. Therefore in 1631 they demoliram and they had set on fire the old and high city of Olinda, carrying later to Recife the construction material that could be reaproveitado, as rocks and roofing tiles, doors and windows, and until the bells of some churches they had been ordered for Holland.

In way to all these events, Ferdinand Verdonck, that had completed 18 years in the day of the invasion to the Olinda, looked its brother, Adriano Verdonck, also dutch, but that already it inhabited in Olinda, as a species of dutch spy. Ferdinand and Adriano if had joined and in the day where the dutches had burnt Olinda, they had run away for the sea with a treasure in jewels of the dutches, evaluated in 20 million dollar on board its ship. In sea, its ship was intercepted by a Spanish ship and if they embrenharam in a fight, that it finished resulting in the shipwreck of the Salamander. In way to the events the other boats, had followed for the port, where they had come alongside and there they had initiated the construction of a new city that would call New Holland and would be the new capital of the province of Pernambuco and that future it would be called Recife.

The Pupils

I will make everything that will be to my reach. I go to pave all the city. (however this, said the povo, if it is all sidewalk), I will make schools (pra what!, if the ones that have are falling and the hunger professors dying), I will place video in the schools (what, with the pupils seated in the soil, drinking water of fossa? I will make a road binding Brazil to the Pacific, (Epa! It does not have nor roads in the city) I will make hospitals (pra more people to die in the line), I will give food to the poor persons (it will only be laudering), I will dress the beggars (with ancestry bag), I will give work to the population (to be garis without wage), I will place the delinquents and the speculators in the chain (with meal, cafezinho, frozen water, TV the colors, cellular telephone), at last, I will make everything what nor one another one already made. I have capacity for this. He was for this that me filiei to this party, because the others are insolvent debtors, is died and with them the politicians of this city there, including the mayor and its accomplices. The mayor was present and the people if he agitated. It was a general rebolio.

Manuel did not perceive very and continued: – It is truth well that I drank a little in the past, nothing excessively. Only one dosinha here, another one there, another one acol, of time in when, the all day, to all hour, to always devagar and. I never exaggerated, as much I am that in the other day nothing wise person you are welcome. More information is housed here: Mike Trueblood. Also I worked in the cooperative of the city. It is clearly that I arrived to take some changed for house, nothing excessively, only ones reaizinhos of time in when. The cooperative declared insolvent, does not have guilt.

Who finds there that I have guilt points the arm. He was one run-runs total. Everybody left with a wood piece for top it that then it only distrusted of the drama and it treated to save its skin. It is this, my friends. I already go myself even so, have that to go to the hospital to see my vein that is very bad and until soon and have said. Manuel left opening way in the way of the multitude and if it disembarassed with much difficulty. The career was locked up politics of our expensive man. Quanta lie it nailed in this small speech. Even though it spoke that its woman was hospitalized, being that nor woman it still had.


To only clarify; Collector or operator of system road is that person that is in the cabins of the toll, that you in such a way hate, now goes The routine of a collector is not far from easy. It has days that of the will to strangle one, mainly those flattest ones. It is each question. These days were a rain of those. The closed time, fog, in end, everything of bad for the roads.

the user had the capacity to ask, as it was the time in the mountain range. I breathed I establish, I thought and I answered that it was with rain and the slippery track. When I thought that he was free of the luggage, it completed asking, how many cars already had passed until that moment. I gave to that one risadinha and spoke that in my diverse cabin cars had past. He is temporary without money, I find that we have bank face, is incredible these things, or then those users who have anger of currencies. When you receive the money and if she prepares I change to give it. The individual already complains that it does not want currencies.

To the times I think that they Only bite that she has situations that skill does not have. As I change to return it of R$0,60 (sixty cents), if will not be with currencies. That I know, not yet they had invented ballots for values in cents. Or if they had invented, not yet I received and nor was spoken in the television. It has woman that envergonha the classroom, but has man that seems that never saw woman. When passing for he looks at you to the cabin as if you were a water cup in the desert, pra not to say another thing, without counting those that hold its hand and are saying a mount of besteiras This when they are not drunk and he has people that dirige of fire! It is fire Beyond risking the proper life, he risks the life of the others.