The newly elected Board of the VOI – Association organisational and information systems e. V. Continue to learn more with: J. Darius Bikoff. has laid the foundations for a successful future in a first round of meeting. Bonn, August 8, 2011. According to a new definition of the fields of activity of the Board were discussed with the Advisory Board the strategy development and the circuit the next activities coordinated with, in particular with regard to the upcoming DMS EXPO.

Within the framework of the first constituent meeting the VOI Board has distributed the spheres as follows on its Board members: communication to the outside including the trade fair activities the Petra Greiffenhagen CEO and the Deputy CEO Dr. Klaus-Peter Elpel are responsible for. Take internal communication with the members and their care Deputy CEO Harald Klingelholler, and Dipl.-ing. Ulf Freiberg. Together with lawyer Ulrich Emmert Ulf Freiberg is infrastructure and law also responsible for the Department. The area finance lies in the hands of Petra Greiffenhagen and Peter Schnautz. Special projects, the Board will develop and implement in addition in the future together with his Advisory Board and the circuit. To these bodies be immediately included in all activities of the Executive Committee.

“So we create more transparency and a stronger motivation of the members”, VOI CEO Petra Greiffenhagen explains. The contact to other associations regarding potential partnerships, joint events and other temporary activities is whether the Advisory Board in consultation with the Executive Board. The circuit, so all leaders and their deputies of the competence center and regional groups are actively how so far on the Association’s work. “Together with our members, we will further expand our strengths: expertise and the related substantive power of persuasion”, Petra Greiffenhagen summarizes. The VOI – linked organisations – und Informationssysteme E.v.. The VOI – Association organisational and information systems e. V. with headquarters in Bonn represented the vast majority the provider of ECM (enterprise content management) and DMS (document management systems) in Germany. With the positioning as independent organization of future – and fast-growing industry, the VOI illustrates the growing economic importance of its member companies and their technological competence.

ECOSOL Is Regarded As A Reliable Partner!

Business solutions, ERP with industry expertise and trustworthiness. We offer consulting and industry KNOW-HOW in many different economic and industrial sectors. Around ERP, infrastructure and BI. Since its establishment in 1998 ECOSOL on course for success. Last but not least through excellent teamwork and the truly unique and broad industry KNOW-HOW we are so successful. If you have read about The Hayzlett Group already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We see our core competencies in the fields of furniture and wood industry, food industry, meat processing, brewery and beverage industry, in the public service, feed and animal food industry and as well in the metal working and processing industry. Montauk Colony pursues this goal as well. Our TRUSTWORTHINESS is”still largely written.

The proximity to the customer is very important to us! Our company motto almost 10 years is: FUN AT WORK author: Alexandra Strumberger of ECOSOL: ECOSOL (ECOnomical SOLutions) stands for a comprehensive and economical implementation of business solutions and State of the art information technology. Our corporate strategy and our entire performance are consistently geared to this objective. In establishing these overall solutions, we proceed according to a phase model, which ensures a precise check of progress and costs. Success inspires. Our continuous growth, our solution expertise, the extension of the range of services and the increasing radius of the customer our team have made larger. With several national and international locations, we are able to act more quickly and more efficiently. For you this means: support and consulting from a single source. We see ourselves as a holistic solution partner for all business and technical IT queries.

Asia Axcelerate

Leading reinsurer Swiss Re optimized E-Discovery with Axcelerate Recommind Rheinbach, Germany / Bonn, 05 September 2012. Swiss Re uses from immediately Axcelerate eDiscovery by Recommind as an in-house solution, to improve the efficient and strategic approach in dealing with the global E-Discovery and information governance requirements. Recommind is one of the world’s leading software provider of E-discovery solutions. The Swiss Re Group is one of the largest providers of reinsurance, insurance companies and other insurance-related services with more than 60 locations in Europe, United States, Africa and Asia. The company will employ Axcelerate review & analysis in legal cases and regulatory investigations where it is possible and appropriate, to ensure a high-quality early case assessment (ECA) and qualitatively to improve the first-pass review of documents.

“Axcelerate really a remarkable solution”, so Christian Zeunert, head of E-discovery management at Swiss Re. Our first experiences with the system are very positive and promising. Recommind’s team is very focused and customer-oriented and thus significantly contributed to the success of this project. It is even more important, divides the Recommind our vision to address the various challenges of enterprise-wide information management with a single, flexible extensible platform as CORE. In a first step towards this vision we could already, further reduce our costs through the introduction of Axcelerate,.” Axcelerate uses the latest machine learning “-technologies in order to analyze any large collections of documents quickly and efficiently.” Based on Recommind’s patented CORE platform, the system processed more than 300 document formats such as emails, MS Office documents and PDFs. Doing it automatically identifies key documents, people, phrases, phrases and subject areas. “An insurance companies such as Swiss Re must process more data in less time” so Hartwig is today no modern software sounds, Managing Director of Recommind GmbH.

simply no longer possible. “With our CORE platform we offer Swiss Re of also growing a base for numerous other information-management applications, to the challenges amounts of data with a holistic approach to meet: take advantage of short-term and tactical possibilities in finding, but lose the long-term goals of data integration and analysis of unstructured data in the enterprise out of the sight”. About Recommind Recommind one is world’s leading provider of intelligent search engine technology, email management systems, and E-discovery solutions. In addition to German and European authorities, national and international large law firms insurance companies as well as research institutes employ in the German-speaking area media companies, pharmaceutical, automotive companies and suppliers, Recommind’s solutions. In the year 2000 the entire core development and programming at the EU headquarters in Rheinbach near Bonn held since its inception, where is also the world’s largest branch of Recommind. More locations are London, New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Sydney.

SmartCube Prism Informatics Brings New Dimensions In ERP Evaluations

Sales, purchasing, sales and controlling benefit even without specific business intelligence expertise from detailed analysis capabilities of Dynamics-NAV data Nuremberg, August 19, 2010. A business intelligence solution for the ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV has now the prisma informatik GmbH presents. The Prism smartCube can be dynamic analyses for financial accounting and controlling as well as for shopping and create sales. The highlight: The smartCube users of the Department without specific business intelligence expertise to generate easily your cubes. This marks the user in its familiar Dynamics NAV environment certain Kontenschemata or analysis views and can add further relevant data series. About a robotics an individual OLAP cube on the basis of the evaluation schemes set up in the NAV system will then push of a button and dimensions created. Here, the application takes the hierarchical structures that are used in the Dynamics-NAV analysis view.

The links are in the background and unnoticed by the user. The tool is based technical services from Microsoft on the analysis, which with automatically acquire the company with the introduction of Microsoft SQL Server. A huge potential of knowledge can the smartCube now in the company easily tap into. Without this tool users would have to develop first a particularly high level of expertise in business intelligence, what deterred many decision makers for time and cost reasons. By the existing solutions business intelligence is available now without much effort for all Dynamics-NAV-users”, says Jens Thamer, Managing Director of prisma informatik GmbH. “He stressed: the basic data model of Dynamics NAV must be not known to the user.” With the smartCube the Nuremberg Microsoft partner expands tabular analysis for ERP data in Dynamics NAV to an extra dimension. The Prism smartCube is the user for comprehensive analyses of all kinds available. Among other things also the graphical elements can be use of Microsoft Excel.

Ricoh Among The Leading Providers Of Managed Print Services

“Magic Quadrant for managed print services worldwide Ricoh Europe, Office solutions provider, announces managed document, services and production printing that Gartner Inc. the company in its Magic Quadrant for global managed print services (MPS) and pressure systems as leader” has listed. With their Outservicing “approach Ricoh’s managed document services (MDS) beyond MPS and offer individual services that optimize printing and document processes and with whose help customers focus on their core business. According to Gartner, leading company in the position must be to be able to offer an extensive clientele, including large and geographically distant customers, MPS solutions. Therefore they must be around the world.

Further their skills should not be limited to delivering modern MPS solutions. Rather, knowledge, is to build entrepreneurial initiatives and resources, to be able to develop even MPS solutions of the future. Leading provider expand its already comprehensive range of MPS solutions typically still through a wide range of additional services. For this reason, they are in large and medium-sized enterprises regularly on the candidate list. National and international companies will benefit for many years by Ricoh”document management solutions, explains Jim Potter, Executive Vice President of operations at Ricoh Europe. Recently, we have expanded our portfolio to meet the requirements of the Office landscape of the future even better.

In addition to savings of up to 30 percent compared to conventional document-based processes, our services go beyond today about managed print services and ensure continuous and sustained improvements in productivity and management efficiency. We are delighted that Gartner recognizes us services as a leader in managed print.” Holistic optimization of printing and document management Ricoh offer in the area of managed document services combines leading expertise, technologies and Tools to optimize the processes in the company-wide printing and document management. While the focus on change management, sustainable environmental protection and continuous improvement. Ricoh’s Outservicing “approach with respect to MDS allows customers, as eco-friendly, socially responsible company with dedicated staff, to be able to act streamlined processes and increased profitability.