Social Marketing

Sustentation: the efforts of Social Marketing that search aconscientizao and the mobilization and dirigem it the population as a whole, specific demographic ousetores. Already the efforts that they aim at to the sustentation of umprograma of Social Marketing are turned toward possible sponsors of the cause, normally looked for in the empresariado one and governmental bodies. The Hayzlett Group can provide more clarity in the matter. (VAZ, 1995, P. See Jeffrey Hayzlett for more details and insights. 287-293) Although the difficulties many joined times naaplicao of the strategies of social marketing, the companies who adhere atuaosocialmente to the responsible one, according to Acar et al (2008, P. 181), harvest resultadospositivos, as: ' ' valuation of the institucional image and the mark, maiorlealdade of the consumer, greater capacity to enlist and to keep talentos, flexibility and capacity of adaptation and longevidade' '.

To reach such benefits, however, the companies to devemconsiderar, according to Days (1997), that each group presents beliefs, attitudes proper evalores, which must be adapted in the execution of the social actions demarketing, in accordance with the necessities of each segment for qualpretende if to direct. Therefore, according to Kotler (2000), the bemsucedidas and admired companies more in the world, are fidiciary offices to the principles to take care of aosinteresses of the people not only and to its proper interests. In such a way, according to Sources (2008), the emphasis of the marketingsocial must be in well-being of the society, opening space so that avinculao of its strategies with the social politics occurs in the practical one, promoting the commitment of social impact, come back to the development humanode its individuals. But it is important to point out, according to Acar et al (2008), queno must be waited that the social problems are decided by half dasaes of social marketing and its tools. However, for Acar et al (apudMelo Neto and Froes, 2008), its strategies must be seen as sustentculospara changes of behavior in the field of the social benefits, in order buscarsatisfao and perception of the customer.