Navigate Anonymously

You ever wondered that hazards there are on the internet? On the internet there are many dangers such as viruses, spyware, etc. But some of these dangers only occur when you allow the installation of certain programs. But what you may not know is that every time visit any site, you leave your data and with those data can track you, steal identity, attack you, etc. See it mass background, ever visits one web page either, your IP address (refers to a digit that it identifies your computer on the network) is recorded in a database that is exposed to them to carry out illegal operations: using your ID, or you directly attacking you. If what you want is to start browsing invisibly, than anyone will mind you’re opening up a web page, you have two options: Via Web: refers to a set of servers that collect requests (in this case your request for a web page), reexpiden them to the requested server, receive the response and send it to you, with what the visited web logs the IP address of the anonymous server and not yours. Very simple.For this you should visit any of these websites, which will from now on your Mascara for you to browse anonymously: * Anonymouse () * () navigate through Proxys Ibypass: which consists of a Software application that allows multiple computers to access the Internet through a single physical connection. I.e. you will access the web already filed under Cache, which protects you from be handing out your IP address.For this you will have to download some software and configure it your way, it may recommend the following: for example if you use Anonymouse, what will see the crawlers will be: IP: Host: Browser & OS: (Unix) instead of your own data..