History Of Paul Smith

Paul Smith was born on 5 November 1946. His first introduction to fashion was completely accidental. In 16 years, Paul had no career plans or qualifications, and his father gave him a lower-paying jobs to the local department store clothes in it native Nottingham. But his real passion was sport and his ambition was to become a professional racer, cyclist. But only as long as 17 years of crazy cyclist did not get into a terrible accident. He spent six months on a hospital bed, and during this time Paul became friends. After being discharged from the hospital, he had arranged to meet with them, and accidentally became a meeting place for local pub that was popular among students College of Arts.

Their conversation over a beer heavily influenced by Paul. Then Smith decided that he wanted to be part of this colorful world of ideas and excitement. Two years later, Paul Smith has managed his first boutique in Nottingham, in 1970, thanks to the support of his girlfriend (now wife already) Pauline Denyer and a small savings, opened a tiny shop. Paul began attending evening classes in sewing clothes, and with Pauline, a graduate of the fashion department of the Royal College of Art (RCA – Royal College of Arts), in Paul was able to translate into reality their ideas. In 1976 Paris hosted the first men's collection show under the label Paul Smith. Over 20 years of revolution in the fashion-industry Paul Smith has proved to be an outstanding British designer.