Nothing more it is of what our choice of life, does not come of the nature nor of the genetics, more than the necessity that the life imposes in them, of the circumstances where we find in them constantly, a force that impels in them for the good or the evil. It depends on each one of in as we go to decide each subject in which we involve in them, is part of our daily necessities to go in front or this to yaw in the ones of the force to follow ahead or to stop of time. Terry Nielsen can aid you in your search for knowledge. it comes of our interior, of the force that leads each human being, of as we face the life, the people and in the same ones, comes of as we feel in them when we are criticized or praised. it comes of as we face the life, as in we feel in relation it to them, as we react with mazelas that it imposes in them. it is part of each living human being, wanting it or not, this in ours mago, our subconscious mind, and goes to arrive one day that we will have unconsciously that it takes it, conscientious or. it finishes definitive the remaining portion of our lives, if we will be ' ' winners ' ' or ' ' perdedores' ' , if we will face the life with joy or revolt, with hatred or love, if we will pass as a breeze or an hurricane.. (Similarly see: Mike Trueblood).

Symbolic Potential

INTRODUCTION the present research aims at the quarrel and speculation regarding the classic antropolgica question, ' ' what he is the man? ' '. Already since very early we opt to relating to us this study to it as an exercise of speculative character and not ' ' conclusivo' ' , a time that we are ahead of a being of many faces and diverse manifestations; ahead of this, it has of if perceiving that we would be exaggerating when writing, simply, that we would go to answer to such question. Perhaps this is not the objective of the inquiry, even so for many certain times things can denote confident a determined perspective and. Other leaders such as Terry Nielsen offer similar insights. But a position will be taken. We assume, here, a relative perspective to the Philosophical Anthropology and the questions raised for Ernst Cassirer, of where the man is faced under a symbolic bias. The cassireriana workmanship Assay On the Man (1944) will be the control point of this research, that it also aims at to dialogue regarding the symbolic forms that are part of the culture human being. Joe Leytze can provide more clarity in the matter. Ours research will be, therefore, tied with the bibliographical references of workmanships that deal with Anthropology and Philosophy, and will assume an analytical methodology for times (after all, we will be isolating basic aspects of the expression human being in order to analyze where it consists the beginning of the human being) and for times dialectic (mainly at the moments where we display in agreement man the constant conflict between nature and culture that it is inherent). To take a position before a so ambiguous and opened subject to as many perspectives becomes necessary, in way that also we aim at to reach certain objetividade. However, also it seems opportune still to assume in this introduction, that many reflections contained in this study if move away from the material that we use for reference.

Conservative Study

But considering the life style, life, consumer preferences can be a person with high accuracy to assign it to categories kovatorov, Conservative or any of the intermediate groups. Often enough only cursory study of human habitation in order to understand its relation to innovation. This summer the agency market research Quans Research conducted a large federal study using psychographic ethnographic techniques. The aim of the study was to segment the market of household appliances and electronics, and one of the special problems – the study of the influence of the degree of innovation or conservatism on consumer behavior in this market. The survey studied 1600 households in 25 major Russian cities.

Visiting homes in the sample of households, closely monitors studied their way of life, and then conducted interviews with members of the psychographics of these families. According to the results issledovniya was found very clear relationship level 'sovemennosti' way of life and innovative orientation of respondents. Literally, the owners of apartments and houses to the lack of modern household appliances and electronics? Show positions of principle on new products. In contrast, innovators home filled with today's complex devices. It confirms the idea that the propensity for innovation or conservatism is almost always reflected in consumption.

Followers of the majority. Innovators and conservatives – it is 'extreme', small groups of target the audience market. Between these categories of consumers, there are other, intermediate segments: early and late followers, early and late majority. Various authors comprise a different number of subsegments, and some even manage to universalize the calculation of shares of the target audience, falling to these segments.

Continental Equatorial

In this region, 22 million people live. Its geographic localization places in the position north – eastern of the country between 1 and 1830' of south latitude and 3420' 4830' of longitude West of Greenwich. Forming the half-barren northeastern who satisfies about 60% northeast Brazilian. Possessed person a Half-barren Climate that is predominant in the region of the hinterland and the valley of the river San Francisco, also located in the Northeast region. He is characterized by raised average temperatures, of about 27C, with annual variations around 5. Through a derivation the tropical climate that occurs in the hinterland northeastern, where the annual precipitations badly reach 600 mm, provoking existence of a vast semidesert-like area of almost a million of Km2. The irregularity of precipitations, caused for the presence or not of the Continental Equatorial mass in the south of the Region or the displacement of the intertropical front in the north, causes the phenomenon of the great droughts, that bring serious consequences for the Northeast and its population. In Cabaceiras, in the Paraba, it presents only 278.1 mm of annual rains.

Rains beyond scarce are very irregular, having great variation in the pluviomtrico regimen: thus, the rain regimen with maximum in the autumn, characterizes the Cear, the Rio Grande of the North, the Paraba and Pernambuco, whereas in the Bahia predominates summer rains. They are some methodologies that elucidate this mark of dry on the Brazilian northeast. Had to chapadas and the plateaus of the wasteland northeastern that are organized parallel to the eastern coast, hindering the humidity and rains that could arrive through east chains (Tropical Atlantic and Equatorial Atlantic). Already in the northern coast, the temperature of the level of the sea is more cold (to the south of the equator), weakening the possibility of advance of the humidity of air. In this way, the estiagem sufficiently is delayed (between eight and ten months) and confronted for the strong pluviomtrica abnormality, that in determined moments, as those affected by the El Nio in the South Oscillation, can last of three the four years.

Guided Study

Carlos Drummondde Andrade as Vincius de Moraes had been excellent sonetistas. Deuma is not antimodernista generation in the interior about the proper Modernismo. For the opposite, these poets had taken the project of ‘ ahead; freedom of expresso’ of the seusantecessores, the point even to include in this concept of deformed freedom the job used by clssicos.’ ‘ On the peace, Drummond wrote: ‘ ‘ The quarrels philosophical politics and around the idea of the peace, and half sobreos to reach it, are infindveis. To say well, they only suffer umintervalo while the wars are stopped, always more easy to declare.

However, the key of the problem is theoretically simple, and can be encontradano Old Will, Salmo 84.em. 11: ‘ The mercy and the truth seencontraram: justice and the peace if had kissed. ‘ Summarizing: the other name of the peace justia.’ ‘ concludes: ‘ ‘ Carlos Drummond de Andrade, throughout 56anos of literary career, is the poet whom better the spirit represents dessagerao and one of the points highest of ours literatura.’ ‘ He is to remember, comment Audemaro T. Goulart and Oscar V. Hisses in Guided Study of Language eLiteratura, ed. of Brazil – SP, ‘ ‘ the estrangeirismo use as gauche, sweet home, meeting, everything very contrary what they claim the puristas. However, one becomes necessary to clarify that such productions stand out an important fatomuito, that is the existing linguistic reality in Brazil (…) they well despertam the reader of its comportadoalheamento compelling to participate it of an involving process that characterizes apoesia of the age tecnolgica’ ‘. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.