Guided Study

Carlos Drummondde Andrade as Vincius de Moraes had been excellent sonetistas. Deuma is not antimodernista generation in the interior about the proper Modernismo. For the opposite, these poets had taken the project of ‘ ahead; freedom of expresso’ of the seusantecessores, the point even to include in this concept of deformed freedom the job used by clssicos.’ ‘ On the peace, Drummond wrote: ‘ ‘ The quarrels philosophical politics and around the idea of the peace, and half sobreos to reach it, are infindveis. To say well, they only suffer umintervalo while the wars are stopped, always more easy to declare.

However, the key of the problem is theoretically simple, and can be encontradano Old Will, Salmo 84.em. 11: ‘ The mercy and the truth seencontraram: justice and the peace if had kissed. ‘ Summarizing: the other name of the peace justia.’ ‘ concludes: ‘ ‘ Carlos Drummond de Andrade, throughout 56anos of literary career, is the poet whom better the spirit represents dessagerao and one of the points highest of ours literatura.’ ‘ He is to remember, comment Audemaro T. Goulart and Oscar V. Hisses in Guided Study of Language eLiteratura, ed. of Brazil – SP, ‘ ‘ the estrangeirismo use as gauche, sweet home, meeting, everything very contrary what they claim the puristas. However, one becomes necessary to clarify that such productions stand out an important fatomuito, that is the existing linguistic reality in Brazil (…) they well despertam the reader of its comportadoalheamento compelling to participate it of an involving process that characterizes apoesia of the age tecnolgica’ ‘. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.

The Sun

It swims can be made until it ceases the storm. At the beginning of the afternoon rain for suddenly and dammed waters start quickly if to flow off, following its habitual passages for the valleys and depressions of the land. The Sun tries to emit its shining energy through the thick dark cloud layer that still fills all the space visible, but what note is an unknown scene amazingly beautiful e. A great rainbow if forms in a short period of time and they contemplate it to all, perplexos ahead of so exuberant beauty. Nobody finds words to describe that so radiating scene; remains pasmos, trying to find an explanation. They knew the rainbow well, therefore frequently they sighted one in the firmamento, after each one of intense rains that frequent fall down in the region.

But, never they turn a so beautiful gigantic that seemed to form itself close, few lguas from there. While they observe admired that flaring scene another equally surprising fact happens. As if appeared of the nothing, seven warriors appear in the superior curve of the rainbow. Each one insurance in the left arm a shield of corresponding color to the band of the rainbow where the warrior is located. They show showy helmets with variegadas plumes of colors.

In the left hand, together with the shield, arrests two light spears; they use identical uniforms, composites of leather jacket without sleeves richly decorated, pettitcoat of wide worked leather straps and sandals, also of leather, whose mooring cables if extend crossed until next to the knees, where are tied. Per some instants they examine mountains and the forest. Soon after they go down for the rainbow, side by side, while, with the eyes, they complement the recognition in the high initiate. Visas at a distance if do not identify the accurate place where they had gone down.