The Situation

We need things to be eaten, are spent, are replaced and are disposed of at a constant acceleration rate. And so he began to roll the ball of consumption. The companies design products that become obsolete as soon as possible. The shelves with disposable products for our convenience are constantly filled. The result? More shopping and more waste. What is the desire to eat? The story of stuff concludes with a series of environmental strategies to improve the situation.

However, the documentary also explains that, the situation moved forward when we see the connections, when we see the whole picture. Therefore, you must begin to develop the perception of these connections. Look behind the scenes and discover the driving force that motivates our desire to consume, and the system that nourishes it, that is not other but our nature same: human selfishness. Today, it is very clear that the consumption of any item will never provide satisfaction, no genuine and lasting happiness. This can be achieved only harmonising us with the underlying attribute of nature, that is total love and granting. But since this attribute is contrary to our selfish nature, us is so difficult to achieve true happiness.

Therefore, we can only reach it transforming our actions and our intention, going from an individualistic approach to one collective, interconnection and love toward others. The transformation is internal the way we conduct our personal lives and the whole planet is the direct result of our innate nature. And if we want that something changes outside, we have to first free ourselves from the shackles of our ego on our choices and values. Solution therefore not happens to be eternal our consumption system slaves, nor by creating a system of organic life, which best uses our resources. The purpose of man is set inside the balance with nature, balancing its inherent selfishness with innate altruism in nature and thus, perceive reality to a whole new level. Once you have made changes to our interior, the vision of a unified and ecological economy also will be realized. We will to adhere to the granting of nature attribute, we transform, which also amended the worldly systems. But the change can only be achieved from the people inside. Original author and source of the article.