The Others

we can notice that everything in the funny world around the communication, either for the progress and pair the prosperity, collective staff or, either for the destruction of its life or other fellow creatures, the man does not stop of if communicating, the time all. In this process of exchange of information, ideas and concepts, all we make right and erramos. The idea suggested here is that let us rethink the type of communication that we are having, with the people and reinventemos our form to deal with this, therefore we can with our words and attitudes to generate life, joy, satisfaction, harmony, peace and hope, in the life of the others, but we can in the same way, with the same energy excused for the good, to badly denigrate, to wound, to amargurar, to desmotivar, to separate, to hurt and to make the people. Thinking on this with well-taken care of, we can diminish the degree of attitudes and words that wound and cause pain to the other people’s heart, thus preventing much confusion and suffering, for us and for who coexists people. When we speak with somebody, we must questioning in them, and to imagine which is the best form to transmit the message intended.

It makes some questions for itself exactly: 1. How communicate I must me? To the uprising estra question, we will go to search the best way of if reporting the people. How you would like to be treated? This is without a doubt the main reply. It is worried in not spilling on the others the words that would not like to hear. Respect, not aggressive words, understanding, affection must be abilities to be developed and practised for who if it worries about the best form to deal with the others in its conversations. 2. Who is the person or the group of people with who I want and I go to communicate itself? To deal with different people equal form is different.