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Channel TNT has ordered the shooting of 10 episodes. Be based on the story of the original series, one of the most successful in the history of TV. This new version will be directed by Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo and Brenda Strong. Larry Hagman, the actor who breathed life into the evil J.R. Ewing on the first delivery. The American channel TNT has given the green light to the new version of the mythical series Dallas, a project that will begin airing next summer, reported Friday the digital edition of the magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

TNT has ordered the shooting of 10 episodes for this project, which will be based on the classic characters from the original series, one of the most popular in history, which were dismissed in May 1991 after 13 years on the air. The new series will revolve around the internal conflicts of a Tejano family of oil tycoons and will star Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo and Brenda Strong. It also appears in the cast Larry Hagman, the actor who breathed life into the evil J.R. Ewing on the original series. TNT has explored the possibility of launching an updated version of Dallas for many years, but we cannot decide until we read the wonderful Cynthia Cidre script for the pilot episode and we knew that it was the basis for a great new series, said Michael Wright, Executive Vice President of programming for TNT.

Cidre is also the Executive producer of the new project, whose first chapter Michael M. Robin will take you. The original series, with 356 episodes, was followed by millions of viewers in nearly 100 countries and met its boom between 1979 and 1987. The success of Dallas gave way to other series cut with patterns similar, such as dynasty and Falcon Crest. Source of the news: preparing new episodes of Dallas, one of the legendary TV series

Provincial Electoral Board

On economy, ask raise income tax according to the richness of each, lower VAT, eliminate tax havens and the wage gap and raise the minimum wage. Finally, asked to boost the renewable energy. Also highlighted are not apolitical, but it is nonpartisan and have approved the call for a demonstration for the day of reflection on Saturday. Everything was approved before the demonstration from 20.00 hours with or without the approval of the Electoral Board, gathered from 17.00 hours at the Congress to discuss the convening of these concentrations. A morning without incident the atmosphere throughout the morning was calm. They remained in the plaza around 300 people. In this atmosphere of calm breakfasts were distributed among the protesters and organized ctive cleaning equipment that sweep the square always which is necessary. There have been many citizens who have approached the gate of the Sun to show your support and collaborate with the protest movement throughout the day.

The campers set up shifts to distribute the food between 14.00 h and 16.00 h and continue requesting non-perishable food and materials such as tarpaulins and tape to keep the movement in the best possible way. As they have said many of those present, in the plaza predominant satisfaction by the great growth of the demonstrations, which increasingly have the support of more people. Despite the prohibition of the Provincial Electoral Board of Madrid for the concentration in Sun convened on Wednesday afternoon, citizens went on a massive scale and returned to fill the Puerta del Sol offering an image very similar to which can be seen in any new year’s Eve during the chimes. Spokesmen for the movement claim that no matter you who chooses the Central Electoral Board, since they will continue with their attitude of peaceful resistance. They also say that, if they finally can throw them, they will return.

En in Barcelona in Barcelona, at seven o’clock in the evening the plaza Catalunya was a hotbed of people. More than a thousand people of all ages were in place, as it failed to verify 20minutos.es. An en of protest was planned late in the afternoon. Source of the news:: the campers from Sun decide, after an Assembly, to stay indefinitely concentrates