Karriere.at Builds Social Media Offer Further In

Blog, Twitter, Facebook and co. as strategic components in the marketing mix of Linz, 18.August 2010: Austria’s job board integrated social media communication in the marketing mix. In addition to the presence of Facebook, Twitter and bloggy karriere.at include the pillars of Web 2.0 type communication strategy. The marketing team has been increased for consistent alignment of the enterprise to the requirements of the new communication, an employee can focus dedicated to the interaction in Web 2.0. Karriere.at supported by i5comm, the in-House Agency of the online incubator i5invest, strategy and planning. Karriere.at has traditionally been an early adopter in the social Web. We were always quick to try out new ways of communicating. We use for over a year, Twitter and Facebook.

The so far good experiences with the Web 2.0 have convinced us to lift the social media communication at a professional level and to integrate strategic and permanently in our marketing mix”, says Oliver Sonnleithner, Managing Director of Karriere.at. In the Centre: the karriere.at blog Angel point of karriere.at Kommunikationsmixes is the blog. Target was an interesting, with a theme reminiscent of magazine journalism and mix of styles and and to establish current information platform. Readers are job-seekers, but also HR managers and recruiters. Every day comes new content. The quality of the content is very important here.

The contents sit on the high standards of traditional quality journalism. In form and function we use of course all possibilities of Web 2.0″, so Oliver Sonnleithner. “The concept is full: currently we can more than double the number of visitors the week average.” Content not each social media channel is suitable for any message in any form adapted to medium. Of course Facebook – and twitter-followers be informed of new blog posts. “The proliferation of ad hoc news or interesting Web finds in the fields of job”, career and recruiting “offers, for example, via Twitter and Facebook on. Classic”press information are used not only for the media information, but also consistently be optimised in form and content to maximize the visibility of the brands in the organic search results from Google & co.. It is a relatively complex task to adapt the traditional corporate communication activities to the opportunities and challenges of Web 2.0 and to implement. Setting up such PR 2.0 processes cost time and money. On the other hand far outweigh the benefits for the company and justify these investments. Our communication with customers and partners has never been direct and productive. We can offer even more interesting content and thus service. And we get new traffic from new channels on our site”, says Oliver Sonnleithner. Karriere.at is the leading Austrian career portal about karriere.at with 450,000 monthly visitors, 5,000 jobs from Austria’s top companies and a pool of applicants with thousands of highly qualified candidates. In addition to a Semantic job search with advanced matching capabilities karriere.at offers applicants the opportunity to the entry of the personal career profile in the candidate database, as well as a wide range of information on the topics of career and vocational training. Companies in turn offers a steadily growing recruiting network for the optimal approach of the right candidate karriere.at, like MSN, Wirtschaftsblatt, format and much more. Currently, over 3 million potential candidates about the recruiting network be reached. contact: i5comm for karriere.at Bernhard Lehner Spengergasse 37-39 1050 Vienna phone: + 43 664 439 86 09 karriere.at on Facebook: karriere.at karriere.at blog: blog / karriere.at on Twitter: karriere_at

The Site

The site is the point of contact of a company on the Internet: 24 hours, from around the world. The contact between companies and users is indirectly (by the media) and directly (by the interactivity). Dialogues arise with journalists and customers, potential and already gained on the site. Here, a company about informed here it may sells its products. For all these reasons, user guide (navigation) and technology should be approached with great care on the website, their information content, design. How important are these points and how little she still respected, shows a series of investigations, for example, a study of by META Group by spring 2001, had analyzed the Internet presences of 90 insurance companies of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

In addition to the nature and extent of the information and interaction offerings, also the searchability of sites using the most popular search engines, as well as the technical conditions were examined. Result: The presentation of the company is often more important than the use of the site for the customer. And: 73 per cent of the insurers are insufficiently present in search engines. Dirk Zimmermann, consultant META Group E-business practice judging: The companies present themselves mainly with one-size-fits-all’-homepages, which left it to the visitors, access right for him: u find. \”On behalf of the Wall Street Journal carried out investigation into websites from consumer goods manufacturers came early 2005 also devastating results: on the basis of almost 8000 interviewed Internet users that the popular consumer sites do not adequately apply the possibilities of the World Wide Web and present often only useless turned out.\” The user wanted, so the study, not primarily games and chats the sites offer, but free samples and vouchers only a few of the Web sites in the program have what. (In the face of such results it is worth some golden rules\”to) consider, for the construction or operation everyone Site have validity: as low load times as possible the most users of the Internet in Germany do not have super fast online connections such as ADSL.

Kredite.de New Look: Popular Financial Portal Yet User Friendly

Independent loan comparison by new loan calculator – new service categories and expanded product portfolio of up-to-the-minute information for objective market overview over Munich, 08.03.2011 – time presented to start the consumer strong spring season is the popular financial portal Kredite.de in the fresh look. And the result can be more than: the Fulda online performance agency KUPONA reference project is already at first glance very consumer-friendly, what is not least due to an in-depth analysis of the numerous Kredite.de user search behavior. According to the concise slogan comparisons. Understanding. Confidence. Can be found on Kredite.de”- cheap online loans, is clearly the new loan calculator in the focus. Innovative loan calculator with numerous extra features measured on the usual standard of financial portals, the new comparison calculator by Kredite.de offers once again a significantly important, often decisive for a borrower information: so can be found next to the main Fare details (in particular the meaningful, representative example of two-thirds of all borrowers) especially clearly marked statements for the commitment period or-wahrscheinlichkeit for each individual loan offer. In addition, the user has the opportunity to gain an overview of customer reviews, test results and overall customer satisfaction with just one mouse click.

Diversified credit portfolio just in time was adapted to also the portfolio the market for the reboot of the popular financial platform. As a result, the Kredite.de user now gets a fast and comfortable impression of over 20 different vendors and their credit products. In addition to affordable installment loans of the leading German credit institutes can be found also more particularly coveted forms of credit such as credits without Schufa, loans for the self-employed, and loans from private to private on the redesigned website. Car loans and additional services for a cheap car loan are another important component in the portfolio of Kredite.de. Completely new in the program is a special credit for all those who want to move soon: with a so-called security deposit insurance or deposit guarantee several thousand euros can be saved, which must otherwise be deposited as security for the future landlord.

Another focus: current information and services for project leader Sebastian little was especially important, as user friendly as possible to make the new Kredite.de page: we have particularly strong by the needs of our users guide us at the new website Kredite.de let – this includes of course a comprehensive portfolio of all forms of credit be determined the market in addition to a high-performance loan calculator. To be a real orientation help needed but high credibility and transparency, coupled with latest information. The Kredite.de user is to keep informed therefore henceforth across up-to-date, easily and objectively all areas affecting the credit. This comprehensive service will access the Kredite.de users to the personal request credit in the future make it easier.” For more information and the loan calculator itself, visit the Kredite.de Web site. The KUPONA GmbH was founded in July 2004, with offices in Fulda, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich is an international agency for online performance marketing. The strategic business areas include display advertising, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing, campaign tracking, product data marketing and portals such as Kredite.de or TV Welt.de. KUPONA employs over 35, who have extensive experience in the realization of successful Internet projects for leading names in the fields of telecommunications, shopping, travel and much more. have. KUPONA GmbH Norbert Schretzenmayr Kirchenstrasse 86 81675 Munchen phone: 089 2123 1942-12 fax.: 089 2123 1942-19 E-Mail: Internet:

EuroSolutions GmbH Receives

Major industry award for the innovative enterprises and new idea of IntelliShop 7 eCommerce suite at CeBIT 2010 with SAP of certified interface connection to ECC 6.0 and CRM. The euroSolutions GmbH, the manufacturer of the leading IntelliShop was eCommerce suite today with the “European seal of e-excellence 2010” awarded at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. This prestigious award is awarded worldwide since 2003 annually to companies for exceptional achievements through special marketing strategies, applications, technologies, and services. Under the auspices of the European Multimedia Forum headquartered in Brussels was responsible for the award this year a fifteen-strong jury, consisting of leading experts of the European multimedia associations. Marco Beicht, Managing Director of euroSolutions GmbH, commented at the award ceremony: “We are happy about this high Award and are very proud in the national and especially international comparison as well to have claimed us.” The Management interface of the new IntelliShop 7 eCommerce suite is completely Web-based, thanks to state of the art AJAX to use technology with drag-and-drop function like a desktop application but just as easily and quickly. Is fully customizable the IntelliShop 7 eCommerce suite by the modular architecture and adapts seamlessly to existing customer processes and data models.

Recently, one of the SAP Germany AG & co. KG certified interface connection to SAP is R/3 (ECC 6.0 + CRM) available, which has obtained “SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver”. Until March 6th 2010 can the from the ground on renewed version 7 of IntelliShop eCommerce Suite close to the relaxed atmosphere of IntelliShop live eCommerce lounge in Hall 6 at stand F48/3 at CeBIT for the first time. This year, members of the jury were among of Burkhard Leimbrock (Vice President, BVDW Federal Association of digital economy), Philippe Wacker (Director, European Multimedia Forum), Fredrik Syversen (Director industry Development, ICT Norway), Daniel Van Lerberghe (European Center of political technologies), Surbhi Sharma (Director, interactive technology software & Media Association, India), Jokin Garatea (Association of electronics and IT industries of the Basque country), Roland Grunder (Secretary General, SwissMedia) and Bernhard Schmid (Project Manager, Vienna Business Agency of Vienna IT enterprises). About the euroSolutions GmbH: The euroSolutions GmbH provides one of the most powerful online-shop platforms for the middle class and the group environment 7 eCommerce suite of IntelliShop. IntelliShop offers new flexibility and a high stability with its high-quality features and the modern process system for the implementation of successful eCommerce projects. With the integrated IntelliShop openBusinessConnector IntelliShop can connect within shortest time over almost any type of interface to existing IT landscapes.

It is also one of the SAP Germany AG & co. KG certified interface connection to SAP R/3 (ERP + CRM) available, which has obtained “SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver”. The IntelliShop secure the competitive advantage of a number of companies in the e-commerce solutions. Below Eismann or the purchasing association Nordwest Handel AG of Hamburg eppendorf AG fall in addition to prestigious and globally operating companies like about the Mobilfunkdienstleister T-Mobile, the frozen food specialists and numerous smaller and medium-sized companies in 10 European countries + America. For more information about the euroSolutions GmbH as well as on IntelliShop 7, see. Contact: euroSolutions GmbH Mara Beicht 77855 Achern Hanferstrasse 35 078416309800 euro-solutions.de/company/pressefach