Soviet Union

We, monarquistas for certainty politics, already know behind for front that the monarchic system parliamentarian, beyond being the system of more legitimate government for Brazil, is what it will guarantee a bigger democracy and human and social development, either for its historical, sociological, legal aspects, philosophical politicians and. However, although this, we are not obtaining to implant a debate opened in the society that he aims at to argue proposals in this direction. Although to verify many times signals of that the population in its collective subconscious mind would support a system as this, we we do not obtain to find space to rescue what certainly he would be the desired one for the population, being that the mere mention to our monarchic preference cause certain astonishment, seno jocosas reactions of our interlocutors. But because this happens? What it hinders the people of listening to in them, exactly if we to speak openly and to demonstrate with all the arguments that the Parliamentary Monarchy is optimum more legitimate system and for this country? Then, as almost everything in this country, the problems are well more complex, deep and sistmicos ' ' of what it can assume our vain filosofia' ' , as it said dramaturgo Breton. The defense of the monarchic system, as well as any another line of character thought conservative, finds obstacle in a called cancer cultural marxism, that, changing in small, destroys all quiet the postulates and pillars of the civilization occidental person I look with it to implant a socialist society, in similar molds to the visas in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Cuba, that, in set, had more than caused the death of one hundred million people only in the last century, without counting to the arrests and other methods of clipping of freedom. They can think that I am seeing communist ghosts red.

Dangerous Precedent Law

a Jump in the Dark one, postado in this space), and not yet obtained to enxergar arguments capable to persuade me it another agreement. Before everything, it deeply worries me the insidiosa campaign, obtusa and impatritica of vindication to the opened descumprimento of the law of narcotics, sponsored for some small farms of the Internet. It is chain that the new law antidrugs did not despenalizou and nor descriminalizou the use and transport of small amounts of narcotic. But data to the delinquent, photographed softened the legal treatment in this circumstance. Of equal luck, it kept the same punitive lapsings for the illegal plantation for consumption. That is: to carry use and to cultivate drug, it are of the lapsings in vigor, remain recorded as unlawful behaviors and criminally restrained. Who thus acts, places it the edge of the law, becomes delinquent (for some this word is more> that herald of the security of the society wants itself luck? In this point she is necessary to remember to them that the drug is illegal for being harmful and not harmful for being illegal. On the other hand, the prohibited insensata of the theory of the absolute individuality, in this in case that, it discloses to extremity cultural and sociological unpreparedness of its adepts and proclamers. I repeat: what it keeps the society functioning is the collective observance to the laws, the moral and the good customs, created for proper it and sedimented throughout the time for its people. The deliberated destruction of these values desnatura and incapacitates the social pact of pacific convivncia and provokes convulsions, whose extension and ominous potentiality are of difficult mensurao and previsibility. Finishing, the depositions printed in the text of the substance in guideline – it stews it to all of supposed uncosteded defense of not the curse of marijuana -, only prove, irrevocablely, the assertive one of that the exceptions confirm the rule.

Sports and Stress

Today, the minister of the finances Portuguese presented the lines masters, of the budget of State for 2012. But I do not go to speak of this, therefore a great one would be maada, for all the readers of this blog. To speak constantly of the crisis where we are dived, can not be profcuo. I go before, to give to know some sports for who is tired sliding, annoying to go gymnasium and basically satiated to hear politicians there. To deepen your understanding Joe Leytze is the source. The first one is the plates in the mud, that consists of jumping for a enough chestnut and badly cheirosa mud swimming pool, ahead of a multitude to rubro. It wins that one that to make the biggest plate. A good sport to lower stress in general and to arise the ideas to the politicians.

Another one is boxe chess, for all the ones that like to play chess and boxe. This hybrid sport involves 11 alternating assaults of chess and boxe. It gains who to knock down the adversary or to make one xeque-kills. A good sport to take care of of the intellect and the physicist at the same time. Ideal for who has raised levels of stress and for those politicians who have difficulties of concentration.

To eat urtigas, that more it seems a diet, but is a sport where the participants take the competition very the serious one. The competitors have one hour to chew the biggest possible number of urtigas, win that one that to eat more. Excellent sport to purge the mind of asneiras, mainly of the men of the politics. Finally, polvquei that it is a form of subaqueous hockey, in which two you equip compete to maneuver a record in the deep one of a swimming pool, for inside of two beacons. Also if it can put the eyeglasses and the respirator of diving and try rguebi or brutebol subaqueous. An extraordinary sport for that politicians speak to them very high and ideal to train its speeches. Source of the article:

Stiegler Resignation

– The Guardian ' ' With exception of the monarchs, its resignation locks up the period longest of a government in mundo' ' , (…) ' ' Raul I castrate, 76, is considered the main candidate to be indicated by the Cuban parliament as new presidente' '. – Le Monde' ' The periodical cites the paper of the brother Raul Castrates, and says that the resignation happens in a period of uncertainties after 49 years in poder' '. – Bugle, ' ' the resignation of Fidel has impact the same of when the power Raul was passed Castrates, he has one year and meio' '. Thus the media if becomes, then, only one vehicle of transit of the ideology of the dominant economic classroom, as Stiegler pointed in shining recent article of Le Monde Diplomatque. 4. Consideraes FinaisO scene where they today operate the medias of mass is modifying the production and the diffusion of the notice, as well as establishing new forms of if consummating the information and the astroroofs of ways, newness between the Latin American countries, monitors these medias in the attempt to contribute in its perfectionings, and determines the improvement of democracy through the transparency, freedom and citizenship. Inside of this context, the most varied subjects and questions they compete between itself to get attention of the public opinion, changedding itself, then, in true battlefield between ' ' social actors and polticos' ' , having as centre section, the proper press. Not if he must, however, to fall in the easy trap of that the mechanism politician is dominated by the media, only for knowing that certain speeches (majority, it is clearly) only they are come back to make it to appear. The effect of the media are diverse, they depend on the specific situations where if they insert, and suffer to the action from contratrends and resistncias.