Alberto Joo Castello Branco

Nobody seems to know accurately when the first coffee was taken there (or in any part of this country. They ate or they chewed. On the basis of registers that they look to unmask the myth and to know the reality on the history of the consumption and expansion of this drink. It demonstrates that it was led stops far from its native land in middle of century XV, parallel to the European maritime expansion. Arriving in the Imen, before it belonged to the Arab Empire therefore having confusion. It has studies that it demonstrates that they had been the Persians who had led? in the one for the Etipia in the VId.c century period where they had invaded this country. When arriving in the Imem, the Arabs had been the first ones to cultivate the coffee, therefore the scientific name of the plant is Arabian Coffea – scientific name of one of the most important species of the coffee.

The Arabs who had introduced the custom that ocidente preserved the custom to drink the coffee – instead of eating or chewing, as the pioneers. Later, in Africa, another species of coffee was developed, also with its types and characteristics, ' ' Robust Africana' ' , known in Brazil as ' ' Conillon' ' , where less it is consumed than the Arabic. The coffee was brought of the French Guyana to Brazil, for the sergeant-mor Francisco de Melo Vane. It did not obtain the changes in planned way asking for to the governor of the French Guyana, but to if becoming loving of it obtains it to the son by means of a gift of fired, enters the flowers dissimulated for the foliage if it found changes of seeds, thus in this gift find the embryo of the national empire. Of Par, if it extended for the Maranho, finally in 1760 was brought for Rio De Janeiro for Alberto Joo Castello Branco, where if it spread for the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro, South Lowered one of Mines, Espirito Santo and later for the Valley of the Paraba reaching later Campinas, in the old West of So Paulo later New West the region where if it finds Ribeiro Preto and Araraquara and it passed later to the purple land regions of the North of the Paran and Mato Grosso.

Camila Fernanda Marmontel Blacksmith

The tool, called fresa, possesss multiple edges (teeth) cutting that they remove, to each rotation, a small amount of material in the form of cavacos. For the fact of tool and part if to put into motion in more than a direction at the same time can be gotten surfaces with almost any orientation. The cavacos are relatively small; The thickness of the cavaco is changeable. In the fresamento it has two movements if to consider: Rotation of the tool; Advance of the part (in some cases the tool can execute the two movements).

The machine-tool in which the fresamento is made is called fresadora or machine of fresar. The movement of advance is, generally, made for the proper part that is being usinada. Operation of fresagem: The operations carried through in the experiment had been: Fresadora the machine used tool to make the fresagem is the fresadora. Body: It is a species of carcass of casting iron, strengthened base and generally of rectangular format in which the machine is supported. It supports the too much agencies of the fresadora. Table: It serves of support for the parts that go to be usinada and that they can directly be mounted on them, or by means of setting accessories. Thus, the table is endowed with grooves that allow to lodge the setting elements. Transversal car: It is a structure of casting iron of rectangular format on which it slides and it turns the table in horizontal plan. In the inferior base, the transversal car is connected to the support of the table by means of guides.


Thermodynamics? Basic concepts Therme (heat) and dynamis (force), words Greeks who in its junction had given to origin the thermodynamic word, that appeared with the attempt to transform heat into work, being its study the main objective of this science. If arresting only to this concept this science currently it does not approach all the energy forms and its transformation, thus, we can say that the thermodynamics is the science that studies the energy in its diverse forms. The First one I begin of the Thermodynamics establishes that any interaction enters the substances the contained energy in one can changed into any the other more total amount is remained constant, that is, the energy is not created and nor if it only destroys we can transform it, is carrying about one of the basic laws of the nature, also known as law of the Conservation of Energy. As I begin of the Thermodynamics affirms that nor all the transformations where the energy if conserve can occur. Classic thermodynamics is study that approaches the substance in a generalista way if not worrying about the behavior of particles.

Thermodynamic statistics, a more including and complicated boarding, it needs carrying the knowledge the behavior of molecules being based on the behavior of a great one I number of elementary particles. We know that the substance is constituted by a great particle number that is molecule flames, a classic example for the agreement of the two concepts above is the behavior of a constituted reservoir of a gas, the pressure in the interior of the same is resulted of the transference of the amount of movement enters molecules of the gas and the wall of the reservoir at the moment where the first one shocks if with second and if wanting to study the behavior of molecules we have that to apply the thermodynamics statistics, if to want to know only the pressure in the interior of the reservoir we apply the classic thermodynamics, needing only the installation a manometer for knowledge of same, being it of bigger applicability in engineering problems.

The thermodynamics are related with the most diverse areas of engineering, one of main and the application in projects and analyze of engines of internal combustion, turbines of airplanes, thermal central offices, of refrigeration and nuclear, etc. Thermodynamic System ‘ ‘ it is any amount of substance, or region of the space, that if it chooses with the objective to study its comportamento’ ‘. The exterior regions are known as neighborhood. Electron research contributes greatly to this topic. the border of the system, real or imaginary surface that separates the system of the neighborhood, being able to be fixed or mobile, thermodynamic System. Open system: volume of space that allows to exchanges of mass and energy. Closed system: but energy exchanges occur (constant mass). Isolated system: exchanges of mass energy do not occur nor.

Math in Schools

In the schools the mathematics must offer for the pupil some tools, so that the pupils can interpret a reference system in accordance with, and that they can develop a position of resolution of problems. The test evaluates if the pupil it has some technique as to read graphs, capacity to decide problems and unknown situations. The first tool that the professor can pass to the pupil is, instead of making the synthesis of the subject and placing in the picture, planning the reading of the didactic book of a partilhada form, with pause for quarrel, or to ask for so that enslaved pupil a referring text to the considered subject, and then to read the didactic book and to compare there with the presented texts and thus to add new things, and with this the pupils acquires autocorreo system and makes possible it to learn as it must study the mathematical texts and being able until studying alone. Another tool is to introduce the games in the mathematics, therefore it is important that it allows the simulation of papers, the understanding in a system of rules, interpreted modified. The pupils they will be stimulated and the will to be able to express what they find correct and without fear to make a mistake, beyond developing the capacity to argue, therefore in the game they can question the play of the colleague or defend its play. In the games the problems are always new and unknown for the pupil, them they are in a challenging situation in deciding definitive problems, and thus a pleasant and amused lesson becomes. The professor when teaching in the classroom the error is neglected and overestimated and in the game it pupil erra or does not make right does not make difference.