Seville The Land Of The Best Horses

Iberia may well mean Latin land of rabbits (in Seville they eat stewed, and very good, but there is no doubt that Seville is the land of horses. Well worth the stay then, during our walk around the province, to enjoy beautiful exemplary horses of the most pure Spanish race that are the pride of the people of Seville. The so-called route livestock of the pure Spanish horse is one of those unusual attractions that only reserves Seville. The route includes the prestigious houses of livestock of staircase and Herce, winning both major international awards for his work in breeding and conservation of specimens of the most pure Spanish breed. The Millan Herce, founded in 1991, enjoys worthy world-renowned as a breeder and exhibitor of pure Spanish Thoroughbreds of chestnut and black coat.

Staircase House, on the other hand, has documents that prove that it works nothing less than from mid-17th century. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that its old program for breeding and conservation of horses, which remain up Today, is the most famous and admired of all Spain. The beauty of the agile and elegant obtained copies, coupled with the beauty of the environment, the cattle route become an unforgettable itinerary, a hidden luxury that tourist bookings tend to forget. Near there, the mythical Castle of the Monclova, with its medieval silhouette, adds even more charm to an area where it is worthwhile to get lost. The nearby city of Ecija, known as the city of the Sun, it is the ideal place to make a hotel reservation that allows us to enjoy every inch of the Sevillian livestock route. ecija is also recognized for its luggage manufacture and saddlery, some more than 150 years of tradition. They not only manufactures excellent fittings equestrian, as you might be expected, but all sorts of fine leather goods such as belts, bags and footwear. A good alternative to carry souvenir souvenirs made of good quality and typically Sevillian loved ones. Hotel reservations in the area of livestock farms open also the welcome chance to taste some interesting local gastronomic specialties, such as the pachocha, a mixture of salt, oil, vinegar, water and bread to be advised to regain strength after the siesta, or the allowance, a baked butter sweet exotically seasoned with vinegar, sugar, paprika and cinnamon with sesame seeds. Jorge Alberto Guinazu reservations Hotel original author and source of the article