– The New Internet Platform For Accident Victims

Accident victims often unknowingly waive many claims… Working Group transport law Department: Justice/traffic Berlin (DAV). There are approximately 3.5 million cases of liability due to traffic accidents. Of 90% in direct contact between the insurers of the infringer, so the opponent, and the accident victim be regulated approximately. Through the non-activation of a traffic lawyer, numerous victims unknowingly waive further claims to which they are entitled. Almost regularly hourly billing rates be reduced by the insurance unauthorized for the cost of repairs on the tariffs unbound type workshops.

In older vehicles the VAT will be deducted often unwarranted, despite continued use, residual value offers will be considered at the expense of the injured party. Many victims don’t know such as on budgetary damage, replacement of protective clothing, etc. their claims, Because the amount of the damage is not clear, it is only the time best Idea”, to ask those who must pay for the costs according to the amount of damage, so the opposing insurance companies. To accident victims quickly and easily help to offer there is now”, the new accident service the traffic lawyer of the German Bar Association (DAV). This user-friendly Internet platform allows motorists accident injured the damage message via the Internet.

The injured party that benefits from a rapid, simple and competent claims handling. Especially all them damages claims with success are made. Injured party hire a qualified traffic lawyer after a car accident with the claims, tend to be more for them comes out for the damages. Many car drivers shy away from ignorance, after an accident to the assistance of a traffic lawyer”, as Rechtsanwalt Jorg Elsner, Chairman of the DAV Community transport legislation. Many motorists is also unknown, the Attorney’s fees are paid in full by the pedestrians If this shall be liable only for the damage. “Experience the traffic lawyer it is common, that although the opposing insurance directly submit an offer to the victim, and as its partner” wiggled, but has financial interests in mind. The loss ratio should be kept to a minimum. Therefore it happens repeatedly in regulating that claims not or only partially adjusted. The opposing insurance has no interest to educate the victim about his full claim, because it would cost money”, so Edison continue. By, the victim, but also workshops, car rental companies and car experts, the way a traffic lawyer would much easier. Also accelerates the new Internet platform of the traffic lawyers for claims settlement cooperation among all stakeholders. So the victim arrives faster money”, explains Elsner. Usually you get a quick and full regulation as well as a direct payment to the injured person. The service on is quite simple: the victim fills out the online notification and email them the lawyer he has previously chosen are in its proximity. After receiving the message, the lawyer contacted the victims and regulates the damage in his mission and interest. Under, you reach 3,000 traffic lawyer and attorneys. Reproduction and playback (also on the Internet) with author name, such as “traffic lawyer in the German Bar Association” provided free of charge. An image archive, see presseservice. For questions is available: spokesman Swen Walentowski, phone 030/72 61 52-1 29, fax 030/72 61 52-1 93. press releases on the Internet: and