Nava Education

The development of spiritual intelligence, constitutes an essential aspect that has not been served in conventional education offered in the various national education systems; and is the spiritual intelligence as than we need developing to provide a better education, a more comprehensive education, as established in the third article of our magna carta. The alternative is the holistic education, because the pedagogical proposal is of new paradigm that promotes the development of spiritual intelligence, to then Yes, make happiness an educational reality. (Ramon Gallegos. R. 2010, p.

13). In unity with the self arises that the road to happiness is the spiritual realization, in my own understanding, all human beings what we ultimately seek is experiencing full happiness, because happiness is what we really are, what happens is that to find us sleeping, we mistakenly perceive that we have lost happiness, however, the only thing we require is to awaken, for which Dr. Gallegos, tells us that there are three General stages to do so. The first stage is that of the believer, which holds in the faith, there is clinging to dogmas, myths, superstitions and other ideas not proven that is looking for comfort and safety, therefore at this stage there is an irrational beliefs any fixing, since believers does not investigate, nor reflect, or checks; This situation reminds me that many of the skills that are taught in a school, have this connotation, as prompted students to learn them without even inquire, nor reflect, or check which are certain or really work such knowledge, and exams many students answer questions with base to what memorized his class, with the purpose of only pass the exam and not to learn. As explained by Dr.

Gallegos the believer is dogmatically attached to a system you trust will save him and solve their problems (Gallegos Nava. R. 2010, p. 16); many of our students believe that studying a top-level career, will open the doors of success both professionally, as a social and personal, and even many of them choose certain careers because they have the belief that they It will allow more money, fame, power, etc.