Jules Hardoin Mansart

Whether the subsequent expansion or new construction – dormers are again in vogue. The formerly dark attics as housing for poor students at times of the French architect Jules Hardoin Mansart – eponym of the mansard-roof – are passe. Generous living under the roof is announced and long considered to be chic. Moreover, the subsequent expansion of the attic represents a meaningful and environmentally friendly investment. Also, Dormer Windows have an architectural order: as an attractive design element, they loosen up the roof and harmoniously at the same time in the tile roof. The word Dormer comes from the Middle High German term “gupf(e)” = Summit. A built out from the roof, vertical standing roof window is meant by that. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Mining and gain more knowledge..

In the course of time special shapes and proportions of these conversions have evolved, partly also regionally different. Roof cottage were forms which in the Renaissance and the Baroque in neo-classicism found highest completion as a saddle, hipped or gable Dormer. Round and pointed dormers are still in many variations to be found. Unlike dormers, which are composed of flat surfaces, bat dormers or Ochsenaugen portray as a roof vault, through can covered with roofing material of the main roof. No matter whether wall or towing Dormer – small deck materials such as E.g. unverfalzte roof tiles – embedding throats and Dormer cheeks and thus the design of the ceramic roof made of a cast allow. A material change in the areas of connection can therefore be omitted. The lasting quality of the tile roof is retained in its entirety.

However dormers should be – placed considered too close to the roof edge, verge, or Ridge, nor too high at first. The leading roof tile manufacturers Association advises to respect some fundamental principles arising from the artisanal sector, the tile model, the proportion effect and the mass distribution. For example, only the skilled person should cover up the dormers. A minimum distance between two dormers of 0.8 m was important. Smaller distances make it Mounting and the subsequent inspection and maintenance. Also, a balanced and a masslicher relation to the window faces of the facade must be ensured. “Until this holistic proportion approach leads to the perfect design, the harmony of facade and roof, as well as to increase the quality of living.” For more articles, ideas, planning tools on the topics of skylights, Dormer Windows and exposure, see exposure/Windows /.