A man and a woman – the eternal theme in our lives, never-ending and inexhaustible. It's like two worlds that revolve around one another, touching, but never understand each other. Indeed, man is very difficult to understand woman and a woman – a man. This is evident in everything: in relation to family, work, kids, impressions, feelings, and, in general, life in general. The woman was always more interested in the inner part of: home, family, children, relationships, atmosphere in this house. Work for her is always in the background. Of course, nowadays there are women who make a career, and very successfully, but one woman, even though it will not have power to admit it, never agree replace the home of the most prestigious and successful work.

The man refers to the concept of 'home' is usually calmer. Yes, the family needed, he said, but the most important thing in life – is, of course, work, or some kind of deal where I can show, to prove himself. I have seen mentioned evaluate me to admire. It is the desire inherent in every man at every level of its activity. Why is this happening, are we really so different? This question has always interested mankind, and in our time, and scientists – biologists, physiologists, psychologists, and sociologists – have joined forces to find the answer. To date, found much evidence of differences between us, even in the level of our body. This anatomical and hormonal differences, differences in the psychological and emotional spheres, in the reactions to external stimuli.