Blood pressure as a trigger plays a crucial role in many diseases. High blood pressure, also called hypertension, is here much more dangerous than low blood pressure. For measurement of blood pressure is a blood pressure measuring device used. As the blood pressure actually works now? An inflatable rubber cuff is placed about two fingers wide on the upper arm above the elbow, and as long as inflated until no more blood to pass through the upper arm. After letting the air out, thus reducing the pressure in the cuff. The heart squeezes from a specific blood pressure back into the compressed artery. With a stethoscope, puts the one in the elbow of the artery, are now being intercepted flow noises that arise due to the accelerated flow of blood to the narrowing of the artery by the cuff. We now distinguish two audible sounds * The first sound is the upper value that is heard when the heart contracts and pumps blood into the vessels thereby.

This marks the systolic murmur. * The disappearance of the murmur marks the lower value, the diastolic value. From this value, the blood flowing again without any obstruction of the artery. There is thus no longer audible bruit. The diastolic value is the resting pressure of the vessels during the relaxation of the heart. It provides information about the elasticity of blood vessels. A blood pressure of 120:80 is considered very good, as good a value of 130:85 as still normal, a value of 140:90. If the measured value between 140:90 and 160:90, one speaks of a limit-hypertension, which makes medical treatment is required. Sphygmomanometer to measure the patient finds himself in the pharmacy, the cause of hypertension, high blood pressure, is often known, this is called the “essential hypertension”. Some cases are distributed, for example, a mechanical narrowing of the aorta, to a narrowed renal artery and chronic renal disease.