Conservative Study

But considering the life style, life, consumer preferences can be a person with high accuracy to assign it to categories kovatorov, Conservative or any of the intermediate groups. Often enough only cursory study of human habitation in order to understand its relation to innovation. This summer the agency market research Quans Research conducted a large federal study using psychographic ethnographic techniques. The aim of the study was to segment the market of household appliances and electronics, and one of the special problems – the study of the influence of the degree of innovation or conservatism on consumer behavior in this market. The survey studied 1600 households in 25 major Russian cities.

Visiting homes in the sample of households, closely monitors studied their way of life, and then conducted interviews with members of the psychographics of these families. According to the results issledovniya was found very clear relationship level 'sovemennosti' way of life and innovative orientation of respondents. Literally, the owners of apartments and houses to the lack of modern household appliances and electronics? Show positions of principle on new products. In contrast, innovators home filled with today's complex devices. It confirms the idea that the propensity for innovation or conservatism is almost always reflected in consumption.

Followers of the majority. Innovators and conservatives – it is 'extreme', small groups of target the audience market. Between these categories of consumers, there are other, intermediate segments: early and late followers, early and late majority. Various authors comprise a different number of subsegments, and some even manage to universalize the calculation of shares of the target audience, falling to these segments.