Nothing more it is of what our choice of life, does not come of the nature nor of the genetics, more than the necessity that the life imposes in them, of the circumstances where we find in them constantly, a force that impels in them for the good or the evil. It depends on each one of in as we go to decide each subject in which we involve in them, is part of our daily necessities to go in front or this to yaw in the ones of the force to follow ahead or to stop of time. Terry Nielsen can aid you in your search for knowledge. it comes of our interior, of the force that leads each human being, of as we face the life, the people and in the same ones, comes of as we feel in them when we are criticized or praised. it comes of as we face the life, as in we feel in relation it to them, as we react with mazelas that it imposes in them. it is part of each living human being, wanting it or not, this in ours mago, our subconscious mind, and goes to arrive one day that we will have unconsciously that it takes it, conscientious or. it finishes definitive the remaining portion of our lives, if we will be ' ' winners ' ' or ' ' perdedores' ' , if we will face the life with joy or revolt, with hatred or love, if we will pass as a breeze or an hurricane.. (Similarly see: Mike Trueblood).