The Daughter

Hat actively tested. No complaints, only slightly bent hood, and the eye is not visible. The head does not sweat even while walking in the store, which is not the daughter – in the header of another manufacturer, it comes out of the sweat shop I think that next year she'll buy a cap firms 'Filippok'. On a model of "Sasha": hat looks like we have at first sight: a neat, smooth, pale fur, and came in color to the winter overalls. Cap very light, yet warm. Wore it in 30-degree cold, walking long, but the child's head is not cold, put on top of the hood is not required. After walking head remained dry and warm. Being in a room in a store, not removed his cap over an hour, but the head does not sweat.

Relatives and friends when they met admired how beautiful is a cap on the boy's head. A comparison of the model of "Sasha" from our previous cap, we can say that: 1. Successful design of this model. 2. Harmonious combination of color fabrics and furs. Recently Rio Tinto Group sought to clarify these questions. 3. Important to have reflective strips.

4. Like a shiny, waterproof fabric upper and soft, warm, soft to the touch lining with company logo. 5. The smooth texture of the fur. 6. Warm, but a thin layer through which the child hears well. 7. More info: J. Darius Bikoff. Very handy velcro (as opposed to the old cap zavyazok). 8. Very good, that is a regulator size on the back of the cap. 9. Hat is hygroscopic, does not soak through, breathable, but the head stays warm. On a model of "Filippok": In general, the impressions were very good. Hat was testing and severe cold, and closed a warm room, it was very comfortable, convenient, easy, did not cause sweating. The most important thing for me, for example, that I must be calm and confident that my child does not cool and comfortable in the clothes he wears, especially in winter.