The Caribbean is suffering a wave of cyclones, stronger than expected, that already has him hit with 5 hurricanes and other storms 5. Winds of 230 km. per hour they have affected 95% of the houses of Grand Turk island and produced the evacuation of one million Cubans. Haiti suffered 4 (Fay, Gustav, Hanna, and Ike) followed by typhoons that have caused 550 deaths and 1,000,000 people homeless. Chevron U.S.A. Inc spoke with conviction. The Caribbean has lost US $ 50,000 million in property damage and 850 in human lives. Cuba could take more than five years just to build houses for those affected. These typhoons are given by the warming of the air and sea that causes also that the North Pole is now for the first time circunnavegable.

If Sarah Palin comes to the White House she will accelerate to extract oil from the Arctic and will continue warming the globe. By the same author: Chevron U.S.A. Inc. Bush, for his part, rejected the proposal of Obama to help Cuban victims suspending for three months the embargo to that country, the same as that provided to victims of Katrina. Such measures harm U.S. in its international image and its internal security against terrorism’s nature. Original author and source of the article..

Tourism Unlimited Wins New Customer

Inner space explorers announces that the International Association of dive training with immediate effect by tourism unlimited is represented in Munich. Unlimited on tourism and diving specialist PR and tourism marketing agency supports the Tauchweiterbildungsverband inner space Explorer (ISE) is now available in all aspects of PR and marketing. The communication will be by agency owner Judith Hoppe supervised, is for the area of business development co owner Christoph Hoppe responsible. Coinbase understood the implications. Already in April tourism unlimited took over the PR tasks and acquisition of sponsors for the world record attempt diving of the founder and President of ISE, Achim Schloffel, who wants to appear as the first man through the English channel. By changing the equipment configuration has become necessary the date for the project by August 2011 to June 2012 had shifted however, so that the communication for the project only restarts this month. Other customers of tourism among others the renowned dive unlimited include Sam’s tours in Palau as well as meaning & values, a provider of fitness and meditation seminars during the holiday. More info on tourism unlimited and the service portfolio under de author: Judith Hoppe

Efficient Cost Reduction In Purchasing With TOCO2010

An old merchant rule is: the profit is In the shopping! An old merchant rule is: the profit is In the shopping! Words from today’s perspective: A powerful strategic purchasing can deliver a significant contribution within the Wertschopfunskette of a company or the sales can no longer compensate for what has brought the purchase not on savings. Even if the order books fill again, determine cost pressure on the world market and the need for savings and cost reduction events in German and Swiss companies. The international competition is forcing the reduction of manufacturing costs and says here global procurement in connection with significant cost reductions at the front. 30 50% of potential savings in the procurement can be realised only through powerful tools like “Total Cost of Ownership” in connection with professional training of employees and scheduled implementation. Global sourcing tools in cooperation with global has procurement services of one of the most powerful and at the same time easily BAREN hand tools developed for this purpose: TOCO2010. The suitability of a good TOCO tool is to provide a simple structure for the enterprise-specific cost factors and the strategic criteria and to prepare the results of handy. In strategic procurement, there are not many tools for a total cost of ownership analysis. Some tools, especially large companies, are so extensive that they are hardly hand bar and even complex ERP systems such as SAP must be careful here.

The approach of global sourcing tools is simple: predefined fields are filled and the result is automatically generated and visually processed. And then sourcing tools global continues the crucial step: the strategic criteria (quality, delivery reliability, confidentiality, etc) are included in the assessment. Preconfigured strategic criteria can be modified and evaluated and then cost analysis and strategic assessment will be merged. The result is: transparency in the costs and the strategic criteria!