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The site is the point of contact of a company on the Internet: 24 hours, from around the world. The contact between companies and users is indirectly (by the media) and directly (by the interactivity). Dialogues arise with journalists and customers, potential and already gained on the site. Here, a company about informed here it may sells its products. For all these reasons, user guide (navigation) and technology should be approached with great care on the website, their information content, design. How important are these points and how little she still respected, shows a series of investigations, for example, a study of by META Group by spring 2001, had analyzed the Internet presences of 90 insurance companies of Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

In addition to the nature and extent of the information and interaction offerings, also the searchability of sites using the most popular search engines, as well as the technical conditions were examined. Result: The presentation of the company is often more important than the use of the site for the customer. And: 73 per cent of the insurers are insufficiently present in search engines. Dirk Zimmermann, consultant META Group E-business practice judging: The companies present themselves mainly with one-size-fits-all’-homepages, which left it to the visitors, access right for him: u find. \”On behalf of the Wall Street Journal carried out investigation into websites from consumer goods manufacturers came early 2005 also devastating results: on the basis of almost 8000 interviewed Internet users that the popular consumer sites do not adequately apply the possibilities of the World Wide Web and present often only useless turned out.\” The user wanted, so the study, not primarily games and chats the sites offer, but free samples and vouchers only a few of the Web sites in the program have what. (In the face of such results it is worth some golden rules\”to) consider, for the construction or operation everyone Site have validity: as low load times as possible the most users of the Internet in Germany do not have super fast online connections such as ADSL.

Online Shopping Community Offers Trend Clothes By Alprausch

Considering the fashion by Alprausch, then you can see the most important influence, draws its inspiration from the fashion label immediately. The alpine snowboard scene was practically the day nursery, from which originated the label has gained cult status. Snowboarding: Sport as a fashion trendsetter 1985 opened the first snowboard shop in Europe in the Swiss city of Zurich. The owner of the shop was the snowboard legend Andy Tanner. The Swiss took component was the first European to Snowboard World Championships in the United States and also took home the trophy for first place.

He was with the opening of his snowboard shop in the Alps of the founders of this young sport movement. Tanner was not satisfied with the import and sale of predominantly American snowboard clothing quickly and founded his own fashion label in 2000 Alprausch. His goal was to give its own product set the nascent snowboard scene in which they recognize their roots and with which they identify. In the winter of 2001, he launched the first collection by “Alprausch-Street ware, the then mainly hats and the classic ski instructor sweater” included. The Alprausch retro style and his influences the styles by Alprausch based, in addition to the clothing of the snowboarding scene on the fashion of the 60s and 70s years and mix her retro style with traditional country-typical aspects: elaborate embroidery and bucolic motifs found on Alprausch clothing as well as other motifs from the mountain landscape, such as the classic snowman or the Edelweiss.

Recovery re characteristic are also immortalized symbols of the snowboard scene, like the rescue aircraft in the Alprausch Collections. From 9 to 10 December, the best pieces of the current collection by Alprausch are offered exclusively for members of the online shopping community All loaded brands4friends members the chance to fit for snowboard season to dress and the wild and cool parts of Alprausch collection by up to 60 percent reduced to buy have for only 48 hours. It is necessary to become a member by an existing Member of brands4friends in the Shopping Club on are invited. Alpine noise brands4friends blog style information to the cool snowboard under. Business contact: is a project of the private sale GmbH John str. 20, D-10117 Berlin Tel.: 030-72619-4827 FAX: 030-72619-2820 E-mail: Web: via the online shopping community is dedicated to each new sales action of a top brand. Participation is reserved only invited members who are informed about the brands4friends newsletter about upcoming promotions and exclusive designer fashion in the online-shop can buy. Limited online shopping campaigns can buy reduced clothing and accessories members on is a company of private sale GmbH with seat in Berlin. From here, the popular label, fashion insider tips and top brands of current fashion collections for the exclusive community are offered.

Soviet Union

We, monarquistas for certainty politics, already know behind for front that the monarchic system parliamentarian, beyond being the system of more legitimate government for Brazil, is what it will guarantee a bigger democracy and human and social development, either for its historical, sociological, legal aspects, philosophical politicians and. However, although this, we are not obtaining to implant a debate opened in the society that he aims at to argue proposals in this direction. Although to verify many times signals of that the population in its collective subconscious mind would support a system as this, we we do not obtain to find space to rescue what certainly he would be the desired one for the population, being that the mere mention to our monarchic preference cause certain astonishment, seno jocosas reactions of our interlocutors. But because this happens? What it hinders the people of listening to in them, exactly if we to speak openly and to demonstrate with all the arguments that the Parliamentary Monarchy is optimum more legitimate system and for this country? Then, as almost everything in this country, the problems are well more complex, deep and sistmicos ' ' of what it can assume our vain filosofia' ' , as it said dramaturgo Breton. The defense of the monarchic system, as well as any another line of character thought conservative, finds obstacle in a called cancer cultural marxism, that, changing in small, destroys all quiet the postulates and pillars of the civilization occidental person I look with it to implant a socialist society, in similar molds to the visas in the Soviet Union, China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Cuba, that, in set, had more than caused the death of one hundred million people only in the last century, without counting to the arrests and other methods of clipping of freedom. They can think that I am seeing communist ghosts red.