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About two-thirds of global emissions of methane and the majority of the nitrogen oxide emissions come from agriculture taking into account indicates Austen, that there are a multitude of processes which make up the system of power in the world and that require energy to function: cultivation of food, storage, transport, processing, processing and packing, distribution, sale and treatment of waste. Manufacturing the majority of agricultural inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, drugs) is made by processing fossil fuels as raw material (natural gas to produce nitrogen fertilizer and oil to produce pesticides). From the so-called green revolution in the 1960s, the use of agrochemicals and irrigation water has increased tremendously. Take into account, that the industrial food system, dependent on extreme degree of fossil fuels, is responsible for a huge amount of greenhouse gases. It is estimated that one-third of global emissions of these can be attributed to the system global food. However, there are many different ways of feeding themselves that have different power consumption and therefore emissions of greenhouse gases.

Forms most basic and traditional food production such as displacement and the hunting and gathering agriculture, consume much less energy than that obtained. The most modern methods such as intensive beef and industrial fishing are very inefficient in its energy consumption, and sometimes consume up to 15 to 20 times more energy than what is achieved in the form of food. Not the slightest doubt, Austen, points out that the energy consumption of the food system of the more industrialized country on the planet, United States, has increased greatly in the past 100 years from less than one calorie per each calorie of food obtained until more than 10 calories today. In recent decades, as alternative response to large industrialization of the production and distribution of food throughout the world, has emerged an important movement of farmers and ecologists for food production of organically and the distribution thereof on the basis of local markets, linking producers with consumers. Finally indicates Austen, Yes to organic agriculture, or better agro-ecology, we add a feed system local food production for the local market instead of the agro-export model imposed on the majority of the countries of the world by institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, can downgrade even much more consumed energy by feeding the population. This is what is proposed for 10 years, la Via Campesina, the international peasant movement that represents millions of peasants, indigenous, small-scale farmers and rural workers in 69 countries around the world. In their struggle for food sovereignty, la Via Campesina claims the right of peoples to define their own policies on the production, distribution and consumption of food for ensure a healthy food to its population.

If they chose policies that develop ecological agriculture and localized food and energy systems, there is the potential to save more than 50% of energy consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases. Incorporating renewable energy, could supply more energy than necessary and remove the dependency on fossil fuels be present, that the forms most basic and traditional food production such as displacement and the hunting and gathering agriculture, consume much less energy than which are obtained. The most modern methods such as intensive beef and industrial fishing are very inefficient in its energy consumption, and sometimes consume up to 15 to 20 times more energy than what is achieved in the form of food.

Marc Cain And MCM Now At McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Roermond

In August, the two internationally renowned German designer brand Marc Cain and MCM celebrate their entry into the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Roermond and thus complement the international well-known premium brand Marc Cain the designer and brand mix on August 8th on 200 square meters opened a factory outlet in the designer outlet Roermond. The collections by Marc Cain are casual, elegant, fresh, vibrant and always trendy. The label combines innovative design with high-quality materials and perfect business and leisure looks. In the new factory outlet in the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Roermond, you will find the labels Marc Cain collections and Marc Cain sports as well as shoes and accessories. Store Designer Outlet Roermond opened in a Pop-Up MCM on 12 August for 6 months.

The German luxury label focusing on quality leather goods, especially bags and shoes, with international stars and customers among the exclusive status symbol. Founded in 1976 Munich label is known for traditional and elegant accessories and thrilled with new interpretations. Up to the Spring 2014 visitors have the leather goods collections to explore the possibility to 105 square feet. With the opening of the MCM temporary stores and of the own brand Marc Cain Store is perfectly complemented the unique brand mix of outlets and the range of high-class designer brands in the Center. More than 200 designer brands in over 150 stylish stores can be found all year round offering their goods at prices which are always 30 to 70 percent below those recommended by the manufacturer in the outlet Center: of designer brands such as Armani, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, sports and lifestyle brands such as Desigual, guess, true religion, to accessories of ABRO and Navyboot or laundering of triumph. Thus Marc Cain and MCM fits perfectly in the long list of designer brands. McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Roermond of schoner can shopping not be facts & figures that designer outlet Roermond was opened in November 2001, just five kilometres behind the german Dutch border.

Mycenaean Greeks

Troy, which was considered eligible in the Dardanelles, must have been in turn, fatigued threatening progress of the Greeks who practically, traded with the civilized Europe. Shows, there are thousands. Remains of Mycenaean influence was found in all of southern Europe, Asia minor and even in currently Russian lands. Mycenaean ships were leaving Greek ports loaded with luxurious ceramics, metals, weapons, oils and ointments and returned loaded with gold, ivory, precious fabrics and vitreous paste in a continuous marketing that turned the Eastern Mediterranean into a real commercial highway. It was clear that, under the Mycenaean point of view, Troy was left. And the Trojans, should think the same of the Greeks.

This therefore was the main reason for the conflict. The peoples of Greece, United under the command of Agamemnon, had declare joint war on Troy that being a very powerful city, was perfectly well defended and ability to overcome them. If you are certain the 10 years of duration of the war as Homer says, it is likely that they were not continued (as mentioned in the Iliad), but a succession of attacks or offensive whose power domeno ultimately, the haughty city. Defeated Troy, the Greeks had logged its expansion unhindered until the control of trade International. Archaeological discoveries have even allowed to clarify unknown points such as for example, the dress of their armies, weapons employing and shape of fortresses, ships, and various circumstances of the conflict. However, what remains a mystery is the later decline and destruction of Mycenae, perhaps annihilated by the sea peoples, a civilization which has no reference and that even today, it is a great enigma. The Mycenaean Greeks who had destroyed Troy were crushed by a surge invader that erased entire rest of their civilization.

Fantastic Mycenaean such as Tiryns and Mycenae fortified palaces were attacked and destroyed, dispersed population, fields were abandoned, depopulated the area and even the writing was lost. Only the Mycenaean Citadel of Athens, perched atop the Acropolis withstood the destruction. Everything else was ruined. Greece was plunged into a dark age that would last for more than 400 years. If there was any winner end of the fight, in a nutshell, were no doubt these peoples of the sea. But even that even today it is being investigated.