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Channel TNT has ordered the shooting of 10 episodes. Be based on the story of the original series, one of the most successful in the history of TV. This new version will be directed by Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo and Brenda Strong. Larry Hagman, the actor who breathed life into the evil J.R. Ewing on the first delivery. The American channel TNT has given the green light to the new version of the mythical series Dallas, a project that will begin airing next summer, reported Friday the digital edition of the magazine The Hollywood Reporter.

TNT has ordered the shooting of 10 episodes for this project, which will be based on the classic characters from the original series, one of the most popular in history, which were dismissed in May 1991 after 13 years on the air. The new series will revolve around the internal conflicts of a Tejano family of oil tycoons and will star Josh Henderson, Jesse Metcalfe, Jordana Brewster, Julie Gonzalo and Brenda Strong. It also appears in the cast Larry Hagman, the actor who breathed life into the evil J.R. Ewing on the original series. TNT has explored the possibility of launching an updated version of Dallas for many years, but we cannot decide until we read the wonderful Cynthia Cidre script for the pilot episode and we knew that it was the basis for a great new series, said Michael Wright, Executive Vice President of programming for TNT.

Cidre is also the Executive producer of the new project, whose first chapter Michael M. Robin will take you. The original series, with 356 episodes, was followed by millions of viewers in nearly 100 countries and met its boom between 1979 and 1987. The success of Dallas gave way to other series cut with patterns similar, such as dynasty and Falcon Crest. Source of the news: preparing new episodes of Dallas, one of the legendary TV series

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Nobody seems to know accurately when the first coffee was taken there (or in any part of this country. They ate or they chewed. On the basis of registers that they look to unmask the myth and to know the reality on the history of the consumption and expansion of this drink. It demonstrates that it was led stops far from its native land in middle of century XV, parallel to the European maritime expansion. Arriving in the Imen, before it belonged to the Arab Empire therefore having confusion. It has studies that it demonstrates that they had been the Persians who had led? in the one for the Etipia in the VId.c century period where they had invaded this country. When arriving in the Imem, the Arabs had been the first ones to cultivate the coffee, therefore the scientific name of the plant is Arabian Coffea – scientific name of one of the most important species of the coffee.

The Arabs who had introduced the custom that ocidente preserved the custom to drink the coffee – instead of eating or chewing, as the pioneers. Later, in Africa, another species of coffee was developed, also with its types and characteristics, ' ' Robust Africana' ' , known in Brazil as ' ' Conillon' ' , where less it is consumed than the Arabic. The coffee was brought of the French Guyana to Brazil, for the sergeant-mor Francisco de Melo Vane. It did not obtain the changes in planned way asking for to the governor of the French Guyana, but to if becoming loving of it obtains it to the son by means of a gift of fired, enters the flowers dissimulated for the foliage if it found changes of seeds, thus in this gift find the embryo of the national empire. Of Par, if it extended for the Maranho, finally in 1760 was brought for Rio De Janeiro for Alberto Joo Castello Branco, where if it spread for the Of the state of Rio de Janeiro, South Lowered one of Mines, Espirito Santo and later for the Valley of the Paraba reaching later Campinas, in the old West of So Paulo later New West the region where if it finds Ribeiro Preto and Araraquara and it passed later to the purple land regions of the North of the Paran and Mato Grosso.

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10.0% more than have 60 years and 10.0% between 31 and 40 years. The level of predominant escolaridade is first incomplete degree (55.64%). This level of express escolaridade if almost that uniformly between workers of the 18 to the 60 years of age: 75.0% of that it has between 18 and 20 years; 60.0% of that it has between 21 and 30 years; 47.62% between that it has between 31 and 40 years; 54.0% of that it has between 41 and 50 years and 57.8% between that it has between 51 and 60 years. Observing characteristic of sort it enters these workers with first incomplete degree, we can perceive that he has a balance between men (53.7%) and women (46.3%). It has more men between 21 and 30 years of what women (8 men for 4 women); more women of what men between 31 and 40 years (7 women for 3 men) and enters the 18 21 years (2 women for 1 man).

Between 41 and 60 years the sort distribution is of 50,0% for men and 50.0% for women. But in the band above of 60 years this level of escolaridade appears in less diligent, perfazendo only 5.5%, as it is observed in Table 1. Amongst the cooperated ones of the Cooperate-center with first complete degree (16.93%) 67.3% they are men (13) and 32.7% women (8). When we observe the data of as the complete degree (12.91%); we evidence, again, that she has more men (62.5%) of what women (37.5%). Of those with according to incomplete degree, 75.0% are men and 25.0% women. 2.1 – Conditions of Life ' ' In the city where I was servant, where I liveed with my sister I abandoned me to everybody and I was in the street. It knows what you are to have relatives and nobody fondness to give nothing to you and you in the street I started there to be with shame to be in the street of the city where knew me to everybody and there I leave for the street of the world.