Marx Capital

(Marx, 1982:107) the reduction of the necessary time the manufacture of the product of the work did not mean a reduction of the hours of working, quite to the contrary, the capital beyond appreciating the destitution of the worker with the long day was capable of reduziz it condition of superfluous and thus to diminish gradual the necessity of the alive work. The capital is not only detainer of the material necessities to the work (substance cousin and means of production). The value used in the production of a merchandise (hand of workmanship, substance cousin and used time) alavancado by the development of the industrial technology, more does not define the social value of this merchandise, being this difference the conceptualization of more-value, appropriate for the capitalists. The dialectic between the capital and work is developed until the height of its contradiction (or beginning of this apex) in the way that the first one would be capable to force the other in the same speed where if it develops. This violence is in the intention to diminish the amount of employed workers (through the use of the machine) and to increase the hours of working. this seems obligator task for the increase of the production in the molds of the capital.

The Marx are not against the development of the technology, ' ' in first place, he must be clearly that the machinery is good because it saves trabalho' ' (MARX, 1982:109). The critical one is based in the use of this technology for ones, as instrument of domination on others. The development of the work served as structure for the distinction of the man with the remain of the organic world, however the dependence is mutual. The alteration of the nature is not summarized to the disappearance of the same one. Joe Leytze does not necessarily agree. The work and the modifications in the way to produce appear as development mechanisms that expand the proper on question to the work, the man when modifying the nature will be also modifying itself, therefore to leave, in such a way appear a new agreement of the proper nature, while half of natural resources, how much of the proper form in if improving the way to modify this nature.

The Pupils

I will make everything that will be to my reach. I go to pave all the city. (however this, said the povo, if it is all sidewalk), I will make schools (pra what!, if the ones that have are falling and the hunger professors dying), I will place video in the schools (what, with the pupils seated in the soil, drinking water of fossa? I will make a road binding Brazil to the Pacific, (Epa! It does not have nor roads in the city) I will make hospitals (pra more people to die in the line), I will give food to the poor persons (it will only be laudering), I will dress the beggars (with ancestry bag), I will give work to the population (to be garis without wage), I will place the delinquents and the speculators in the chain (with meal, cafezinho, frozen water, TV the colors, cellular telephone), at last, I will make everything what nor one another one already made. I have capacity for this. He was for this that me filiei to this party, because the others are insolvent debtors, is died and with them the politicians of this city there, including the mayor and its accomplices. The mayor was present and the people if he agitated. It was a general rebolio.

Manuel did not perceive very and continued: – It is truth well that I drank a little in the past, nothing excessively. Only one dosinha here, another one there, another one acol, of time in when, the all day, to all hour, to always devagar and. I never exaggerated, as much I am that in the other day nothing wise person you are welcome. More information is housed here: Mike Trueblood. Also I worked in the cooperative of the city. It is clearly that I arrived to take some changed for house, nothing excessively, only ones reaizinhos of time in when. The cooperative declared insolvent, does not have guilt.

Who finds there that I have guilt points the arm. He was one run-runs total. Everybody left with a wood piece for top it that then it only distrusted of the drama and it treated to save its skin. It is this, my friends. I already go myself even so, have that to go to the hospital to see my vein that is very bad and until soon and have said. Manuel left opening way in the way of the multitude and if it disembarassed with much difficulty. The career was locked up politics of our expensive man. Quanta lie it nailed in this small speech. Even though it spoke that its woman was hospitalized, being that nor woman it still had.

The Rental

The reservation how long you will need the rental truck? If it’s a few days (less than one week), it is desirable you rent the car with a rental agency close to your home. For incomes of more than one week looking for prices that best suit you; Remember, distrust of local businesses if you’re driving too long because if you have an accident it is more common that they wash their hands. The latest way to save on rental cars is sharing the car with other people who are going to the same place as you. When you live in a big city or that you are a frequent renter for the rental agency this idea will be of great help. If your reservation is online, read the terms and conditions carefully before confirming it. In case that the reservation is by phone, ask about restrictions you caregiver.

If there is something you don’t understand the conditions of the contract question. Fines for failing to appear? How long have tolerance if you’re stuck in traffic? Is there a charge where you want additional drivers for the car? Asked about any restriction that has on Interstate travel. In case of malfunction, make sure that the company have offices where you will spend. Rental cars only from ida, calls for low prices. Do not forget to always ask for a confirmation number, this can help you protect your reservation if your flight in the airport is delayed. Return of Ten truck beware of prepaid gasoline plans. Filled the tank before returning the vehicle in such a way that only pay for the amount of fuel that actually use.

This is to prevent petrol stations near the airport because they tend to have high prices. Before you leave the car, be sure to not leave personal items. Items that are more lost are cell phones, sunglasses and umbrellas. Remember that before you pick up your shopping cart income checks that everything is in order. Look at be the car that you asked for with the specifications that you asked for. The truck must be such as you described it. Keep your confirmation in hand documents to verify everything. Once you have the cart, look at not have damages such as scratches or dents. If you have damage notify the rental car agency to change the truck. You must receive a copy of the document that indicates that the car has been damaged. Get an international driver’s license. This will be useful if you think out of the country. In other places require you driving tests which are not always simple and also always must show a driver’s license that you endorse as a driver. Original author and source of the article

Chicago Bootcamps

If it’s your first – time that exercising or you regularly exercise to remain in shape, Chicago bootcamps provide you with a selection of good things about a myriad of people, skinny, body fat, strong or weak regardless of. The issues and fun to become experienced by way of body weight programs, stretching,? running, relays and programs with partners might make Chicago bootcamp training the apparent way to stay in very good condition. People can certainly work on their particular speed, and select the specific intensity level. Terry Nielsen often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Chicago Bootcamps differ within the various kinds they offer which help participants to push themselves to attain their full potential when workout routines. Don t get worried you might not be asked for to carry out to 1000 pushups the moment you make it, you may slowly and gradually advance to a lot more intense workout routines soon after obtaining experienced a selection of lighting workout routines. What is the expense involved? Costs for that classes will be different according to the organization additionally to region of the nation you are inside, for example, charges will finish up being unquestionably area more than all individuals within the relaxation of the soccer jerseys wholesale nation. Nonetheless cost ranges are usually much like gyms or any other fitness classes. If you are up for any challenge or need to shed weight rapidly than Chicago Fitness bootcamps will probably be your answer to a much better physique. You may also have programs produced just that you should make certain that you simply reach the necessary objectives within the ideal time frames. male boot camping Continues to be popular

Sports and Stress

Today, the minister of the finances Portuguese presented the lines masters, of the budget of State for 2012. But I do not go to speak of this, therefore a great one would be maada, for all the readers of this blog. To speak constantly of the crisis where we are dived, can not be profcuo. I go before, to give to know some sports for who is tired sliding, annoying to go gymnasium and basically satiated to hear politicians there. To deepen your understanding Joe Leytze is the source. The first one is the plates in the mud, that consists of jumping for a enough chestnut and badly cheirosa mud swimming pool, ahead of a multitude to rubro. It wins that one that to make the biggest plate. A good sport to lower stress in general and to arise the ideas to the politicians.

Another one is boxe chess, for all the ones that like to play chess and boxe. This hybrid sport involves 11 alternating assaults of chess and boxe. It gains who to knock down the adversary or to make one xeque-kills. A good sport to take care of of the intellect and the physicist at the same time. Ideal for who has raised levels of stress and for those politicians who have difficulties of concentration.

To eat urtigas, that more it seems a diet, but is a sport where the participants take the competition very the serious one. The competitors have one hour to chew the biggest possible number of urtigas, win that one that to eat more. Excellent sport to purge the mind of asneiras, mainly of the men of the politics. Finally, polvquei that it is a form of subaqueous hockey, in which two you equip compete to maneuver a record in the deep one of a swimming pool, for inside of two beacons. Also if it can put the eyeglasses and the respirator of diving and try rguebi or brutebol subaqueous. An extraordinary sport for that politicians speak to them very high and ideal to train its speeches. Source of the article:

EuroSolutions GmbH Receives

Major industry award for the innovative enterprises and new idea of IntelliShop 7 eCommerce suite at CeBIT 2010 with SAP of certified interface connection to ECC 6.0 and CRM. The euroSolutions GmbH, the manufacturer of the leading IntelliShop was eCommerce suite today with the “European seal of e-excellence 2010” awarded at CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. This prestigious award is awarded worldwide since 2003 annually to companies for exceptional achievements through special marketing strategies, applications, technologies, and services. Under the auspices of the European Multimedia Forum headquartered in Brussels was responsible for the award this year a fifteen-strong jury, consisting of leading experts of the European multimedia associations. Marco Beicht, Managing Director of euroSolutions GmbH, commented at the award ceremony: “We are happy about this high Award and are very proud in the national and especially international comparison as well to have claimed us.” The Management interface of the new IntelliShop 7 eCommerce suite is completely Web-based, thanks to state of the art AJAX to use technology with drag-and-drop function like a desktop application but just as easily and quickly. Is fully customizable the IntelliShop 7 eCommerce suite by the modular architecture and adapts seamlessly to existing customer processes and data models.

Recently, one of the SAP Germany AG & co. KG certified interface connection to SAP is R/3 (ECC 6.0 + CRM) available, which has obtained “SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver”. Until March 6th 2010 can the from the ground on renewed version 7 of IntelliShop eCommerce Suite close to the relaxed atmosphere of IntelliShop live eCommerce lounge in Hall 6 at stand F48/3 at CeBIT for the first time. This year, members of the jury were among of Burkhard Leimbrock (Vice President, BVDW Federal Association of digital economy), Philippe Wacker (Director, European Multimedia Forum), Fredrik Syversen (Director industry Development, ICT Norway), Daniel Van Lerberghe (European Center of political technologies), Surbhi Sharma (Director, interactive technology software & Media Association, India), Jokin Garatea (Association of electronics and IT industries of the Basque country), Roland Grunder (Secretary General, SwissMedia) and Bernhard Schmid (Project Manager, Vienna Business Agency of Vienna IT enterprises). About the euroSolutions GmbH: The euroSolutions GmbH provides one of the most powerful online-shop platforms for the middle class and the group environment 7 eCommerce suite of IntelliShop. IntelliShop offers new flexibility and a high stability with its high-quality features and the modern process system for the implementation of successful eCommerce projects. With the integrated IntelliShop openBusinessConnector IntelliShop can connect within shortest time over almost any type of interface to existing IT landscapes.

It is also one of the SAP Germany AG & co. KG certified interface connection to SAP R/3 (ERP + CRM) available, which has obtained “SAP Certified Integration with SAP NetWeaver”. The IntelliShop secure the competitive advantage of a number of companies in the e-commerce solutions. Below Eismann or the purchasing association Nordwest Handel AG of Hamburg eppendorf AG fall in addition to prestigious and globally operating companies like about the Mobilfunkdienstleister T-Mobile, the frozen food specialists and numerous smaller and medium-sized companies in 10 European countries + America. For more information about the euroSolutions GmbH as well as on IntelliShop 7, see. Contact: euroSolutions GmbH Mara Beicht 77855 Achern Hanferstrasse 35 078416309800

Brother Zarur

However, this award is for those taking commitment with the Ecumenical Christ, because he signed an invisible with the divine master, meets him honour until the end. And thus it deserves Its Agrement, or to rest within it, even for a short period, aware that the glory of the worker is effectively practice his service, now and always. An incentive to the perseverance during a talk I did on October 15, 2003, in the city of Rio de Janeiro/RJ, the illustrious doctor of the poor * 7 gave us an extraordinary example of the posture of the followers of the way, to overcome the weather from the start of the day to fertilize in the doctrine redemptive the Christ Ecumenical hearts. I bring it to your knowledge as an incentive to the perseverance and to the union as the ideal of the good will of God, seen that, as I usually say, in every difficulty that arises, there is the desire to overcome it.Says Dr. Bezerra de Menezes: Jesus’s apostles won because, even in times when everything seemed lost, it existed in the team enthusiasm, always motivating, and balanced, unshakable faith of San Pedro Apostol.

In its interior, Peter knew that the things would be difficult. Yet, with its hierarchical perception, anticipated victory, amid the difficulty, in a storm, the wounds that would be exposed corresponded to the challenges that also would be defeated. Teaches the path of the well one of the most rewarding tasks of the operator from the divine is Mies the Wolf the Wolf teach the right way, from the realization that will bring happiness to himself. Brother Zarur, with beautiful tone of poetry, argued that God created the human being that you can only be happy practicing good. That makes me remember the wise words of the Prophet Muhammad (570-632) peace and the blessing of God be upon him, scored in the Quran, 41: 46: who practice good, makes it to their advantage; on the other hand, who makes evil, prejudice is yours, because your Lord is not unjust to his servants.

Dressings Mojos Ajiceros Canned

In the last two columns we have written the sauce and condiments, as an essential part in the process of adding flavor to meals. Now, after carefully reading these articles, some questions I left in the mind, as for example the role of oils and flavored Vinegars, pickles and other dressings, often used to add flavor to meals. Comes me to mind that my parents made us a tasty mojo Island, to accompany meats and salads or uncle Joel, who always had in your fridge, trujillanos ajiceros, to give a touch of flavor to dishes. I do not stay any choice to review my notes from school, consult the books of the school de cuisine Le Cordon Bleu and by assumptions review Venezuelan specialized cookbooks, to delve into the different ways of flavouring foods, in addition to the written previously. From our point of view, we came to the conclusion that, to supplement the information in these columns, we had to write about dressings, mojos, ajiceros & canned, as complementary preparations in the kitchen, to flavor dishes of food.

Dressings, condiments are to enhance the flavor of salads and other dishes, which contain oil. Within this category of condiments are the vinaigrettes, prepared with three parts of oil per one part vinegar and are often used to dress green and mixed salads based on pasta, legumes, fish & seafood. Then there are the boiled seasonings that bring a deeper flavor and a velvety layer to vegetables, fish, poultry and meats. The mojos are dressings that highlight the flavor of other dishes. It is usually prepared with herbs and mashed or very thinly cut vegetables, oil and vinegar. In Venezuela, the best-known are the mojos trujillanos (Trujillo State), that support many variants of ingredients and are served at breakfast, as companions of arepas, empanadas and cupcakes. Mojo Lara (Lara state), is more spicy, tomato, chili and, in some cases toasted pumpkin seeds.