Seville Presents

Travelers with an interest in Greek Mythology may who wish to stop by the Archaeological Museum of Seville to see the gold of the Argonauts. This collection of artifacts has been provided by the National Museum of Georgia and will be open to the public until June 20. It has been organized by the institution that has temporarily ceded the materials, the National Museum of Georgia, together with the Fundacion Dukes of Soria and helps to better understand to Jason and the Argonauts by a trip to the past available for those who are housed in a hotel in Seville both residents of Seville. Items described were found in an area called Vani, or Colchis, which is how the ancient Greeks knew it and is the place where supposedly Jason went to search for the Golden Fleece, according to what we explain the organizers of the event. UISOL is open to suggestions. Many of the pieces are very recent and unpublished findings, the majority of gold, but also others in bronze or silver.

You can see together treasures of Tartessos and Colchis, and show linkages protohistoric of both ends, East and West, of the world known to the Greeks, according to the official website of the Archaeological Museum of Seville. Among the items to be exhibited we can see a gold ring with a taxed in the stamp. It is the opening hours is from 9 to 20: 30 h from Tuesday to Saturday and from 9 to 14: 30 on Sundays and holidays. L to entrance to the art zone is located in the Plaza America. Access to the Museum is free of charge for the citizens of the European Community which so accredit it, for not sufficiently you will be charged 1.50. For more information see the official website of the Museum or call the (34) 954 78 64 74. To get the maximum out of the gold of the Argonauts, book now your hotel in Seville and take advantage of this opportunity that so few times visit our country.