WindGuard Verso

ReSound Verso 5 completes groundbreaking hearing instrument family to more attractive solutions ReSound hearing aid manufacturer Verso to more attractive solutions completes his groundbreaking hearing system family, ReSound: come with the new ReSound Verso 5 now customers of the middle price segment in the enjoyment of a number of innovative features, the until now sharp instruments were reserved. In addition to excellent sound quality and reliable understanding of language, the new system offers its wearer also best comfort and attractive design. Thanks to leading 2.4 GHz wireless technology and related components can be combined wirelessly Verso 5 with TV, telephone, stereo and computer. “Using accessory phone clip + and the ReSound control” app can be operated the system via the touch screen of the iPhone or the Android Smartphone; an absolute novelty in the German hearing-acoustics market which also stands for the basic image change in hearing aids. With ReSound Verso 5 benefits of hearing aid wearers “from all the advantages of the surround sound by ReSound as well as numerous features that were available until now only in the upper price segment”, explains Dieter Fricke, Director Audiology of the GN hearing GmbH. Adaptive directionality, ECHO stop and WindGuard, Additionally, as well as the noise reduction using noise Tracker II help to best understand and sound quality in a variety of situations.

With the feedback of DFS, Ultra II has also Verso 5 about a groundbreaking feedback management. While the comfort phone function for best reception on the phone.” With different designs and various housing colors, ReSound provides Verso 5 stores numerous individual fitting options. The spectrum ranges from the high-performance behind-the-ear device up to very discrete solutions are disappearing almost completely in the ear canal. The housing coating with iSolate nanotech protects the system from the outside and from the inside against moisture and dirt.