When Do People Spend?

The state is in no hurry to help retailers and themselves at the barricades also not seen. Weak players are dying quietly suffer in silence. Interviewing consumers, we found a pattern (Fig. 1), which I would prefer not to find. Pattern as follows: November through March 2009 more than 6-fold increase in the proportion respondents who spend less than the same period a year ago. Fig. 1 to spend less in most cases, constitute a waiver of the usual product in favor of cheaper. More, more.

Already without emotion, I see second pattern (Fig. 2), since consumers are moving away from diversity to uniformity, it makes no sense to spend money on stocks, once popular, products and goods. The result, it took 5 months, and an assortment of impoverished, both in the food segment and a segment of consumer durables. In February, it said 8 respondents out of 10. And it is on all fronts, that is, I wanted to say to all segments of the grocery retail sector.

Fig. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Jill Bikoff and gain more knowledge.. 2 Rotate further. If the range of impoverished, we must have brands – the leaders in this sad ranking. Who among grocery retailers to show consumers the most notable in terms of "poverty>> shelves. The answer you can seen in Figure 3. The schedule reflects the situation only in hypermarkets, where the "leader of the>> network is Mosmart>>. Among the supermarkets also have their "leaders>>, but their success in this review, we shall not give, because they are somewhat "Modest>>.