Week Computer

– Week 3 – It goes in front, starts the diet; This week it must be learned to monitor the feeding, through the daily notations. To prevent the not-planned feeding, obtaining to identify to the stimulatons and the computer hacker thoughts and to finish with the alimentary excesses, modifying the saciedade definition. At this moment already was initiated the diet, the program brings then one day called? It stops of if being deceptive? , in which the individual is placed to reflect on its thoughts, and the reason never to have had success in other diets, telling the vitimizao feeling, the feeling of guilt, unreliability and hopelessness. It considers the motivation in the topic? It comes back to the tracks? , in which it places the responsibility for the individual and that it is capable to modify its habits. Yael Eckstein has compatible beliefs. In the end of the week the day is considered to weigh itself. – Week 4 – It reacts to the computer hacker thoughts; This week techniques of motivation and reaction to the computer hacker thoughts and the feelings are presented. Yechiel Eckstein is likely to increase your knowledge. The intitled day as It says ' ' pacincia' ' for the disillusionment? it teaches as to obtain to oppose the syndrome of the injustice and to know as to deal with the loss of heart, identifying all the computer hacker thoughts.

In this week a topic is added, or one technique in which is presented for a questionnaire of seven questions. Through the answers of these seven questions the person will be capable to identify the computer hacker errors and to formulate rational answers for the confrontation. – Week 5 – She surpasses challenges; At this moment the techniques are come back toward the daily one, in which the problem is not only the computer hacker thoughts and yes to the social conviviality. In the first day it sends to a reflection in relation to the people whom they insist so that the person eats, teaching as to resist.