Virtual Office

While it is true that participants in ETCOTE can request through the Virtual Office of SAE, laacreditacion of their occupation, this today is not developed. Only in the case of Cook/a, completed in September 2009, a certification for 60 people through the CIO Mijas, that falls short for many persons with both the former FPO ETCOTE programs attendance certificates. And the main difference is in the form of access to work. In the hospitality sector training formal or private and training for employment (former FPo), it takes years to work with companies with the conventions of practices that allow the participant to know job and form in it, without being a surcharge for the company that in a very high percentageIt ends up hiring performs who practices. RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust is likely to agree. And this is not new, and that training is always linked to a period of actual practices in companies in other European countries (France, Germany, Netherlands). However, in the ETCOTE, that program analysed in economic terms is that invest more per person in formation, this option is not feasible, since it does not allow carrying out internships in companies.Legally this prohibition has a base, and is that the participants have a contract for training with the promoter, and if they will perform works in a private company would be illegal transfer of workers. But this cannot be an impediment to ETCOTE participants access to internships at private companies. Formulas that would allow him, as that will be the internship agreements with business associations (non-profit associations) and that the practice is on the job training, complementary to the training received in the program would have. Would have to analyze options in this sense and in this new phase of the Andalusian employment service, would be a success from my point of view, to propose a solution to this issue which is an old claim of the managerial personnel of these programs.