USB HiSpeed

Special solution manages mySND-120 fileserver access SD cards and USB storage devices directly into the Bielefeld, the 15 may 2013. Opened with the mySND-120 access fileserver SEH, the Bielefeld specialist for intelligent network solutions, new ways to use SD cards and USB removable media in networks. The SD card allows SD cards stored data easily and securely via the network to use it to inform the reader of the new product and manage. In addition, mySND-120 has a USB HiSpeed port for USB storage devices. Administrators user accounts with special rights can create and restrict the access to certain files, to maintain the security in the net via HTTP (s). Can the data of storage media be also automatically by E-Mail.

More extensive security features of the mySND-120 protect the location-independent and flexible use and manage that data on the network. The mySND-120 file access server can be used regardless of the operating system on all Ethernet networks and is starting on 23 may in the Retailers for approximately 350 including VAT available. For retailers it is a promotion in June to launch by SEH give. External storage like SD cards and USB memory sticks provide IT administrators face major challenges. Intended for local use, cause this storage media in the network security risks or cumbersome workflows. Their use is undesirable in many companies for security reasons.

Also, trendy desktop virtualization solutions, as well as traditional server-based computing structures complicate the operational use of external storage media. However, they are necessary, for example, at banks and savings funds with connected real estate Department, to transfer photos from digital cameras in the network. The mySND-120 fileserver access in such cases, allows the simple and secure use and management of this data, it provides them only defined users. Users place management of data, media, and users with the mySND for the mySND-120 access fileserver via HTTP (s) Control center of an administration account and up to four user accounts to.