The Extinguishing Union

The contributions obligatory, created and kept for the Great Letter of 1988, in the article 8 interpolated proposition IV, diverge to the freedom unionization, assured in article interpolated proposition V the same, when this assures, that nobody will be obliged the filiar or to remain itself filiado to any syndical entity. The current situation of the workers still was aggravated in relation to the previous Constitutions, therefore interpolated proposition IV, beyond ratifying the union dues, created another one, the confederativa contribution for expenditure of the confederativo system. As it is observed, ' ' Sindical&#039 support; ' by means of the contribution obligatory and added the too much contributions they help to keep shamefully, the stewardships of syndical controllers under the predominance of collected subsidies, in the truth, a fierce machine to make money, as it illustrates the photo. 12 Transcribed above, what ' ' Sindical&#039 support; ' it provides its leaderships, it understands the divergences that the subject approaches and who it does not interest the extinguishing. The Extinguishing of the Obligatoriness of the Union dues Favorable positions the extinguishing the thesis of the extinguishing of the union dues the Prof. is not new Jose Martins Catharino already defended the same one, not as form to guarantee the freedom unionization, but yes, as true defense of the syndical autonomy, unleashing the State of ' ' patrocnio' ' of the unionism ' ' however it may be, with the predominance of the economic one on the human being-member of labor party, the union dues are harmful to the Brazilian unionism, concurring for its desvirtuamento' '. 13 With strong position favorable to the extinguishing, it fits to cite Joo Regis Fassbender Teixeira: ' ' The famous union dues, with nomination modified for union dues are obstacle to the individual and collective freedom. ademais, impediment for the healthy growth of an authentic unionism, along with being broth of remarkably fertile culture for pelegos and professionals of sindicalismo' '.