Tanja Ill

The services can be booked at a time when favorable especially for professionals from Monday to Saturday until 22.00. On request, the rolling hairdressers are”also on holiday and on Sundays outside the opening hours in use. On the Web page Heidelberg, customers will find the 24-hours online appointment, the online shop, the price calculator, the transport cost calculator and the location finder. Luxury at reasonable prices – bridal services and hair extensions Tanja Ill: my feeling for colors and my style security let me see the person as a whole – in its uniqueness, but still with many facets. Therefore I very much value variable hairstyles with my clients every day to rediscover themselves. As part of rolling salons I can devote much more attention my customers compared to the hectic everyday life Salon. My customers can enjoy luxury at reasonable prices and playing the balancing act between leisure and business create.” The services include also the prior location bridal hairstyle- and the place bride make-up-service for weddings.

Tanja Ill: The wedding service is very often used, because a wedding requires enough planning. Since the bride about is glad what is done for you.” The hair extensions with great lengths hair are another special feature. As a hair extension can be quickly something more expensive depending on the amount of strands, the rolling salons offer”here at zero-percent financing. More information under: wedding service and the rolling salons – hair extensions the company the franchise system of the rolling salons was founded in 2006 by Nadine and Sebastian Klumpp. According to the scale, quality needs no Salon”, the company provides services for hair and styling, directly at the customer site.

With constant training, the young hairdresser team secures offering versatile, modern and professional. In addition to hair cuts, hair extensions, updos and Hair colors are the trained Kosmetiker/innen and make-up artists are its clients in all matters relating to beauty and makeup for example around the wedding day to the page. The company offers its services in multiple locations throughout Germany and of Switzerland. To the expansion of the service area nationwide search Friseurmeister workers. Press contact: Christoph n. n. PR Tel: 06221-72633-75 E-Mail: