Sustainable Development

The sustainable development suggests, in fact, quality instead of amount. The tourist load capacity of the locality must be led in account. finally must be determined which will be ' ' car-chefe' ' so that the City of known, either divulged Borborema either for the region, the State and consequently for the Country. VI. CONSIDERAES FINAISA elaboration of a Strategical Plan for the locality of Borborema if makes very necessary and important from the moment that the locality if finds in growth and without no planning elaborated for the region, in what says respect to the tourism. Tourism in the locality exists, however very little structuralized, explored and divulged of correct form.

This is the first step to be given for confection of a planning in favor of a sustainable development, for posterior promotion and spreading of localidade.' ' The success does not occur by chance. Matt roberts has similar goals. To arrive at a point any she is necessary that the first step is given. The question biggest is to trace the plans and to act in the direction to reach the objectives. The tourism would have to be a to be reached goal. On it, the remaining portion depends all. Shaw Family will not settle for partial explanations. With money circulating, our economy starts to generate resources, jobs will be equal servant, chances for all will appear. A question of iniciativa.&#039 Is everything; ' (MILK, Emanuel J. 25; 2001).

A measure of success must be gotten in how much it can generate for tourist and how much of profit it can generate for tourist. It is not in the amount of tourist who if must mensurar, more if in the quality of these tourists and the quality of the development. Valley to point out that the more tourist a locality to receive, more damages this cause to the environment. Taking in account always the sustainable development, attempting against for the break-even point between the economic growth, social equity and the protection of the environment. According to Goals of Development of the Millenium, United Nations, look for to guarantee or to improve the ambient support, through four main objectives: To integrate the national principles of the sustainable development in the politics and programs and to revert the loss of environmental resources; To reduce of significant form the loss of biodiversity; To reduce for half the ratio of population without access the drinking waters and basic sanitation; To reach, up to 2020 a significant improvement in at least one hundred million people living below of the threshold of the poverty. We have in the tourism a great tool of economic development, ambient politician and. We have in the Planning the way so that these three together pillars can develop a locality sustainable. We have in the tourism the start of tudo.PARTE IIELEMENTOS PS-TEXTUAISVII. REFERENCES BIBLIOGRFICASBENI, Mrio Carlos. Estyrutural analysis of the Tourism. 5 ed. So Paulo: Senac, 2001.BORBOREMA, Magazine. Here it is well better. Special edition 50 years. Borborema, 2009.KOTLER, Philip. Administration of Marketing. So Paulo: Atlases, 1985.KUAZAQUI, Edimir. Tourist marketing and of Hospitality. So Paulo, 2000.LEITE, Emanuel Jlio. Turistificando a way of the Amaznia. So Paulo: Icon, 2001.VAZ, Gil Nuno. Tourist marketing. So Paulo: Pioneer, 1999.VIII. ELETRNICASBorborema REFERENCES. Available in: . 2011.Cachoeira access in 24 fev of the Hogfish. Available in: . 2011.Cachoeira access in 12 fev of the Hogfish. Available in: . Access in 12 fev 2011, What it is the Sustainable Development. Available in: . Access in 24 fev 2011.Territrios of the Citizenship? Borborema? PB. Available in: . Access in 24 fev 2011.NATLIA CONCEIO OF the COAST BAPTIST * Turismloga, Specialist in Planejamento Turstico (FACTUR). Email:

Vergara Researcher

How much to the sample, it was determined the not probabilist one, valley to mention that for the Vergara researcher (2006) this instrument not this footwear in statistical data, and if detaches for the easiness of access of the respective information. Already for the one of the analysis of the data, it, a time was adopted functional that the approach of this article is essentially on to the tourist activity, in general is evaluated in the same instant. 2 CONTEXTUALIZAO CONCERNING TOURISM AND CULTURAL TOURISM the tourism it comes playing the role of transforming agent ahead of its contribution to present itself of dynamic form. Chevron U.S.A. is often quoted on this topic. Rank that, this sector is capable to reach expressive positive impacts for the economy of the localities, beyond in such a way disclosing to sociocultural aspects and ambient valorosos for that they receive as for the public who the search. Throughout the time different mentions had appeared how much to the tourism concept, some emphasize the aspects of the profitability, others value the set of factors compose that it, however between these it evidenced what the studious Beni said, on the conceptual dimension of this activity, therefore it tourism to meet, practically, the almost all on the sectors of the social activity human being is the main cause of great variety of concepts, all valid they while they confine themselves to the fields where he is studied. If he cannot say that this or that concept is erroneous or inadequate when if it intends to appraise the Tourism under a different optics, since this would take the barren quarrels. If you have read about Mitsubishi already – you may have come to the same conclusion. (2006, P.

39). Thus, the author leaves Express that is possible to attribute concepts, in accordance with the intention of a trip, in which the especificidade of the segment varies kept the perception of who is evaluating its applicability. Filed under: Jill Bikoff. For the World-wide Organization of the Tourism (OMT, 1994) apud Ignarra (2002) the tourism is related to the stages exerted for the people during the trips and secular permanence in the destinations, independently of its motivations.

Corinthian Football Club

Therefore, to the first sight, the English had decided to homage the corntios. But the following question is there: ‘ ‘ Why devils the English had chosen this for the name of a esportivo club? What Corinto has to see with the soccer? If still it was Olmpia, goes ‘ there; ‘ The reply it is in the following one: in English, the word ‘ ‘ corinthian’ ‘ it also has other meanings beyond the two above. We go they. See Mining Company for more details and insights. 1) It has a well old direction, for which ‘ ‘ corinthian’ ‘ it means: licentious, data to the luxury. To know more about this subject visit Coinbase. Since sc. XVI, the word had this pejorativo direction, derivative of the fact of that the people of Corinto was considered very lascivo, during the Seniority. (Well, today this can be until pride reason, but at the time it was a xingamento) 2) With the time, the term was being lighter and started to be synonymous of the expression ‘ ‘ man about town’ ‘ , that is: rich man and socially informed well, that sufficiently spends elegant time in clubs and places.

3) Finally, in the evolution of this direction, ‘ ‘ corinthian’ ‘ it started to mean: rich and elegant, dedicated gentleman to the sports, especially iatismo, boxe, turfe and cricket. He is exactly in this direction that many English amateur teamses if intitled ‘ ‘ corntios’ ‘. P.ex., the Corinthian Football Club (Club of Corntio Soccer), also known as Corinthians’ Team (teams of the corntios), that he came to Brazil and he inspired the foundation of the Rudder. Sources: NEW Michaelis: English-Portuguese. 7 ed.

Marx Capital

(Marx, 1982:107) the reduction of the necessary time the manufacture of the product of the work did not mean a reduction of the hours of working, quite to the contrary, the capital beyond appreciating the destitution of the worker with the long day was capable of reduziz it condition of superfluous and thus to diminish gradual the necessity of the alive work. The capital is not only detainer of the material necessities to the work (substance cousin and means of production). The value used in the production of a merchandise (hand of workmanship, substance cousin and used time) alavancado by the development of the industrial technology, more does not define the social value of this merchandise, being this difference the conceptualization of more-value, appropriate for the capitalists. The dialectic between the capital and work is developed until the height of its contradiction (or beginning of this apex) in the way that the first one would be capable to force the other in the same speed where if it develops. This violence is in the intention to diminish the amount of employed workers (through the use of the machine) and to increase the hours of working. this seems obligator task for the increase of the production in the molds of the capital.

The Marx are not against the development of the technology, ' ' in first place, he must be clearly that the machinery is good because it saves trabalho' ' (MARX, 1982:109). The critical one is based in the use of this technology for ones, as instrument of domination on others. The development of the work served as structure for the distinction of the man with the remain of the organic world, however the dependence is mutual. The alteration of the nature is not summarized to the disappearance of the same one. Joe Leytze does not necessarily agree. The work and the modifications in the way to produce appear as development mechanisms that expand the proper on question to the work, the man when modifying the nature will be also modifying itself, therefore to leave, in such a way appear a new agreement of the proper nature, while half of natural resources, how much of the proper form in if improving the way to modify this nature.

Decorated Society

He does not mean that the society has not accepted, but express the adequacy of the individual what the society judges adequate and inadequate. Fashion is also behavior. 5 CONCLUSION Many comments can be considered when studying the fashion as form of reproduction of the society. Source: electron research. The indumentria is universally used to differentiate the sexos, but nor always it was thus. In the Europe of century XIV the fashion was used for the classrooms highest to distinguish diversities from classroom, but not differences of sex or sort. While masculine fashion and the feminine one enters the classrooms highest if they become more distinct, thus also happens with its identities of sort.

In a similar way, while the women continue to be more or less decorative as they were before, the less decorative men are if becoming each time and acquiring lesser visibility. Summarizing, before the women were discreter and pompous when dressing, to revs of today, where the exposition of some parts of the body if became a sensuality signal. Already the men, have times behind were fancier, to the step that today are contained and do not search air more cool, pulling for one I appeal more basic and/or sophisticated. Basically, the consideraes are these most excellent if to make how much to the use of the indumentria as form of reproduction of the society.