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Later, however, the democratic forces, torn between the leaders of personal hostility and antagonism of corrupt interests, have put the country's future in jeopardy. Perhaps check out Rio- Tinto Group for more information. Saakashvili's first to reform, but then began to show intolerance for dissent, persecute some media and hinder the freedom of discussion. His former colleagues in the "Rose Revolution" led by opposition parties today. Their supporters block streets and prevent the rail post in the country. In May, U.S. and EU urged the opposition to enter into negotiations with the government on further reforms. This call was in fact ignored. Instead, the majority of opposition organizations require the immediate resignation of the dictatorship Mishiko. Jeffrey Hayzlett contains valuable tech resources.

As sociological surveys show, it now supports only two-fifths of the population. A major concern is the possibility of violence in Georgia. Already rebelled one of military units and anti-government TV station building in a grenade was thrown. Christian Science Monitor Georgia recalled that in August 2008 Saakashvili ignored repeated warnings, even coming from the U.S. president about the need to avoid a military confrontation with Russia. Two-month intervention and opposition protests against the "regime Saakashvili 'no longer can ignore even the government-controlled television (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zietung). According to information coming from Tbilisi, August 7, the anniversary of the outbreak of war with South Ossetia and Russia, the opposition is going to take to the streets of at least one million citizens. By that time, should see the light of the report of the Commission of Inquiry set up by the European Union, which examines the events leading up to the war.

European Union

We also create enthusiasm for the opposition, as God created man – out of the mud from the fact that there are (probably this was the explanation collaboration with Natalia). Entering the front antiglobalistky, Ukraine has become an avant-garde, Chechnya in the world. From now on Ukrainian issues are resolved in Brussels and “Brotherhood” is going to fight it. Given that the requests Korchinsky God came to earth 10 000 angels in the new opposition, “Brotherhood” will cooperate with everyone. Korchinsky threatened large-scale anti-globalization actions to the West in Kiev timed for the arrival of Bush, with “bratv Cypriots bratv-rossyan i bratv z vsogo svitu.” Then some criticized the NBP in Russia because “they are moving towards the” orange “, adding well-known facts about the complexities of National Bolsheviks, as 50 activists are in prison. But the general tone of the conversation was such that further cooperation with the NBP is possible and desirable. When the microphone came to me, I’m very interested in the question asked: – How to explain Dmytro so many contradictions in its policies, its “policy of contradictions?” After all, having the image of a Ukrainian nationalist, and now he is in line with the pro-Russian forces, as it may appear orthodox ideologue when he fought in Chechnya side of Islam? What is its purpose: “Orthodox Jihad” or “advanced feudalism”? Why using nationalist reputation, and calling for revolution did not join the “orange revolution” with the nationalist shade? “. (Not to be confused with Jill Bikoff!).

Korchinsky explained, we must pay tribute, he was not a stupid man. Sympathy for the Slavs in the former Soviet Union, he had always, and his direct participation, as well as the Ukrainians in the war against Russia on the side Chechens – internecine squabbles episode fraternal peoples. After all, even the Russian princes different lands at odds with each other, with the participation of the Mongol-Tatars. As for the “Orange Revolution” that nothing of national and Revolutionary is not here – everything went according to Western scripts, and a true patriot must now deal with the plague of globalism and the dictates of the European Union. In general, the whole event was quite boring, listening to Dmytro Korchynsky actually looking through the newspaper, “The Brotherhood”, because it is three-quarters – is his speech. What specifically wants the leader of “Brotherhood,” in case of victory, it remains to me unintelligible. However, in the nearest future, “Brotherhood” and the Progressive Socialist Party are going to struggle, creating a powerful opposition and a street is an absolute positive. The prospects of these endeavors is still vague, but believes pan Dmytro “Peremoga blizka, Tse pravovrnim vd voice of God.

August Vacation

Air traffic controllers and the Ministry of development these days are gathered for reaching a settlement in this conflict, a conflict that has come to be placed and has few overtones of solution, conflict that others exploit the slightest chance to pull tackle to head to the slightest occasion publicly, while the which those who have already contracted their vacation packages are with the heart in a fist pending the outcome of the negotiations. In any case, we will continue waiting for the evolution of the conflict, a conflict which could degenerate into a strike that already colmaria the vessel by the blackmail of a few and the inability of others. USCA (Trade Union of air traffic controllers) announces that the most feasible dates for the strike would be 18 or 20 August, but without specifying more or concrete, which generates uncertainty in the entire tourism sector which already announced millions of dollars losses due to cancellations and cancellations of flights and travel packages for fear of travellers for staying without so long-awaited vacation.. Further details can be found at Montauk Colony, an internet resource.

Axel Montenbruck

Islam: none of you is a believer until he wishes his brother what he wishes himself. “- An-Nawawi, Kitab Al-Arba’in ‘ in (forty hadiths), 13 256. verse no compulsion in religion: there is no compulsion in religion.” The objectives of the global ethic are the implementation of human rights, freedom from oppression, freedom as such, elimination of world hunger, implementing an equitable economic order, solidarity between people, sustainability for the protection of the ecosystem and peace on Earth. This should be achieved through dialogue between the religions and the change of consciousness of each. My question: What role should take what social group discussions and solution finding? > The project world ethos is clear, that the basis for this common ethos necessary too much Western ways of thinking and thus not enough into account the contents of other religions. Another criticism is that the religions towards a global ethic could lose importance and thus centuries-old knowledge and traditions fall into oblivion. Finally, turns the project of world ethos in the (large) religions of the world and takes into account people that religion are away or are not religious, just on the edge.

However, contact various projects, the project Ethify yourself. Already, the legal philosopher Axel Montenbruck understands the idea of the global ethic as part of a Western secular civil religion of the constitutions and conventions; at the same time, he embeds the idea of the world ethos in the idea of universal justice naturalism, in the sense of the rational behavior of the swarm. In how far enough ‘common sense’ and ‘Gut feelings’? Should more beliefs or knowledge are brought in? From 28 August to 4. September 1993 representatives of many different religions, met in Chicago to put together a set of rules that should be ethically justified the Declaration of human rights of 1948. It involved 6,500 people from 125 religions and religious traditions.

Limiting User Rights In Libraries

Pirate Party Darmstadt criticized ruling of the OLG Frankfurt, which has higher regional court (OLG) of Frankfurt in libraries further restricted the rights of users of electronic reading places. In a report by heise online, it says that in the appeal of the Stuttgart trade publishing Ulmer forbidding the judge the possibility of partial expression of digitized works still approved by the first instance ULB Darmstadt against the. Previously, the Frankfurt regional court in the case had already outlawed the creation of digital copies of library users and storing on a USB stick and the ride home. The judge ignore so that the fundamental “right to private copying for scientific use” paragraph 53 of the licence (UrhG), in which is anchored. For the affected library, only the right to remain their ‘own stocks to digitize and provide for research and private study to the polling site on electronic reading places”( 52 b UrhG). This has the consequence that the TU Darmstadt a sensible use of no longer allow for the ULB-produced digital media can and must set the previous offer of electronic reading places completely. The Darmstadt Pirate Party criticized the ruling of the OLG Frankfurt and joins the Federal Government and the Bundestag the appeal of the Action Alliance “Copyright for education and science”, “not to further reinforce the protective rights in copyright law” but instead flexible and liberal to take into account the needs of users and the benefit of a permissive approach to knowledge and information, not least in the interests of the economy.

The Pirate Party demands that this supports produced knowledge will be all citizens without any time delay in public environment and with taxpayer money free of charge at the disposal. We support the Berlin Declaration of the open-access movement and require the making available of the scientific and cultural heritage of humanity over the Internet according to the principle of open access. We viewing it as a task of the State, this principle at the him funded and sponsored institutions to enforce. (Andre de Stefano) The Pirate Party of Germany is a party within the meaning of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany and of the law on political parties. Objectives of the Pirate Party are primarily the defence of civil rights, informational self-determination, education, copyright and open access. The Darmstadt District Association and the District Association of Darmstadt-Dieburg, the pirate party pursue these goals in terms of grassroots democracy. For more information,

Deutsche Borse Group Deutsche Borse

This civil society is characterised by action-oriented action, continuous further development and a partnership together by non-profit organizations, the economy, State actors and primary networks – such as the Sample family and friends. So the collaborative potential for the company and for each individual can flourish. For comprehensive information, tools and resources available are those who want to participate in this social development. Acts seal: Show the world, how well you look! Engage with your project active for the company? And you want to show that your commitment is also demonstrably acts? PHINEO gives the seal of the acts regularly in selected subject areas at nonprofits, that have the potential to do so particularly effectively to contribute to the solution of a specific social problem. So far, the works seal in engagement areas such as integration, dementia or vocational preparation was awarded. Improve transparency effects: PHINEO believes that all public and private investment should aim at and for the community, to take advantage of the company.

Because it is always the primary intention non-profit organizations, to produce effects for people. PHINEO is therefore committed, proven effect-oriented approaches and charitable projects, which are powerful organizations to identify. < PHINEO so separates the men from the boys. What is effect, determines the investor. Only the benefit is financed”.

The seal makes such organizations worldwide for investment as a useful”visible (the author). < Divides the PHINEO network PHINEO network in conveyors, main shareholder, shareholder, idealistic shareholder and strategic partner. Main shareholder of PHINEO Bertelsmann Foundation ( the Bertelsmann Foundation is involved since 1977 in the tradition of its founder, Reinhard Mohn for the common good. It sees itself as a promoter of social change and supports the goal of a sustainable society. Basic belief of the Foundation’s work is that civic engagement and contest the basis for social Make progress. From this basic conviction, the Bertelsmann Foundation has adapted the procedure tested in the United Kingdom the Organization of new philanthropy capital to the analysis of non-profit projects and organizations for Germany together with numerous experts. To perpetuate this pilot project, the Bertelsmann has set up Foundation end of 2009 together with a broad coalition of civil society, State and economy the PHINEO gAG. Deutsche Borse Group Deutsche Borse ( is one of the largest stock exchange organizations in the world. They organized intellectually honest, transparent and reliable markets for investors who create capital, and for companies that raise capital. In these markets, buying and selling professional dealer stocks, derivatives and other financial instruments according to clear rules and under strict supervision. Deutsche Borse Group provides systems and services that these markets work and all participants will receive equal opportunities worldwide. Deutsche Borse pursues an integrated business model. Their offer is wider than other exchanges, ranging from supervised execution of orders to trade through the clearing, settlement and custody of securities in the post trade to the necessary electronic infrastructure and the provision of market information. Worldwide, Deutsche Borse sets standards also by their sophisticated risk management and its innovative security management that allows customers to use of their capital efficiently. Deutsche Borse has its headquarters in the financial centre of Frankfurt/Rhine Main region and has over 3,700 employees (Status: 31.12.