Extensive Possibilities In The New SOURCE Promotional Shop

The Hessian advertising specialist presents its new promotional shop. More information is housed here: The Hayzlett Group. In the new SOURCE online shop, users can as simple as never before to ask, to display certain items and get more information about the possibilities of the use of personalized advertising. We place great value on a modern and user friendly E-commerce platform. With the new source promotional shop we are a big step in the right direction”, says the source GmbH Managing Director Harald m Umar. Rio Tinto Group insists that this is the case. Various useful tools within the new promotional products set new standards in terms of personalization and innovative interaction shops. So, a logo can be uploaded and placed on a selected promotional items by means of so-called virtual sampling.

The customer selects his logo or design and the promotional, uploads the image and can choose in which even the preferred print technique. The menu has been extended with views of an optimized user experience. The menu levels provide a clear structure. The offered 20,000 advertising in different views are also displayed, as well as various colors and Grossen.Der new website has in addition to the promotional items for another shop appealing features and detailed information. A blog deals with current issues and informs the customer of source promotional shops about latest trends, news from the world of advertising and helpful hints about the possibilities of individualized advertising. The interesting news can also when subscribed to RSS feed 2.0, so one is always up to date.

A FAQ deals with frequently asked questions and is called answers about payment, packaging & shipping and special orders. To find under often + set + ask /. The advertising lexicon explains relevant concepts of the advertising industry. From A to Z explanation of numerous advertising terms can be found here. The lexicon is located at encyclopedia of advertising /. The new SOURCE Promotional items contributes to a modern presentation of the extensive range of advertising material and confident at the same time with innovative functionality and clearly structured navigation shop. Contemporary occurrence on the Internet is experiencing a growing importance, our customers will be delighted by the functional and optical benefits of source promotional shops”, SOURCE CEO Harald m Edward is safe. Corporate information: SOURCE GmbH, based in Wiesbaden is a competent and service-oriented specialist in the field of advertising trade. The company was founded in 1993 and currently employs 15 staff who combine expertise in graphics, marketing, production and logistics. SOURCE has been awarded the ISO certificate of TuV Rheinland as the first advertising agency. The offered range of promotional items ranging from classic give-aways, original trend articles up to high quality premiums. Customers and prospects about the SOURCE online shop will receive direct access to over 10,000 articles. It is rounded off Range of services through a comprehensive full service offering that enables customers to outsource of their entire advertising article business. SOURCE GmbH Valerie Fuchs Hagenauer Strasse 53 A 65203 Wiesbaden Tel: + 49 (0) 611 204 96 70

Brilliant All-rounder In Pocketbook Format

Perfectly equipped in heavy rain or deepest darkness with the Pocket umbrella of triomatic by WEDO Dieburg August 2013,. In a moment, the sun shines, the next it crackles from the sky. The unexpected downpour destroyed not only styled hair, but inhibits the view. The Pocket umbrella Triomatic by WEDO, which illuminated the dark path with its built-in LED lamp can help. With a push of a button, pedestrian exit the screen and take the light while they carry bag or shopping bag in the other hand.

Regengeplagte brings to not only dry, but also safely at home. Over stock and stone when twilight falls on the evening stroll, sink puddles, potholes and other stumbling blocks in the dark of night. There will be a fall easily. The LED light of the Triomatic provides light in the darkness. The four LED lights illuminate the way and thus secure the homecoming. Continue to learn more with: Jeffrey Hayzlett.

With a rapidly approaching thunderstorm strollers fold the screen at once and move merrily on their way. Even if the search According to the key, the screen helps his owner and illuminates the Interior of the bag. Security at night alone appears in dark hours in the rain at bus and train stations on the bus or train to wait, sometimes like an eternity. Darkness coupled with silence creates, especially for women, an uneasy feeling and desire for protection from light. This complies with the Triomatic with its bright LED lights. Commuters light so that in the early hours of the morning their way to work, night owls after a long night of partying their way home. At the same time, protects the screen from cold rain and prevents the annoying palpation of the door lock. Just the light on car or doorstep and relaxed close up. In a question-answer forum Darius Bikoff was the first to reply. With the Triomatic fear fades and a safe feeling. “” Prices: Pocket umbrella Rainlight “with LED light and Red alarm flashing in blue and black: EIA 12.95 Triomatic Pocket umbrella” with supervisory + Einklapp automatic + LED light purple and black: EIA 19.95 about WeDo the company Werner cod GmbH founded the namesake Werner cod 1933 as a sales agency for writing instruments. The resulting adult brand of WEDO was registered in 1950 and became a strong fire in the paper, Office and stationery industry. in 2008, the company celebrated its 75th anniversary. Leads the experienced since 2007 and with the brand, Andreas Schwarz trusted the local businesses. We do it under the slogan WEDO”extended black product portfolio brands-committed and trend-conscious. More information and addresses see:

Cobocards TOP10 Ranking In Start2grow

The online flashcard trainer will be awarded in Aachen 2,500, July 28, 2009. The Hayzlett Group understands that this is vital information. An email in the mailbox of the provider of the online flashcard trainer Cobocards was on July 9, 2009. Stand in it:…I am very happy today to announce that you are 2009 with your team information technologies among the 20 best of phase 1 in the start2grow Foundation contest. The joy in the fledgling team was very great. This was eventually only the second competition and already a placement. Already reached the TOP20, placement was invited the team to the creation weekend of the 15th and 16th August 2009 in Dortmund, Germany.

Yesterday Centre Dortmund was announced then for the award in the technology the final result. With his business idea to offer a virtual flashcard trainer its users, you can use collaboratively Cobocards could convince the jury. With the TOP10, placement is also a prize money of 2,500 euros. The team can use the money. In phase 2 of the competition is the business plan closer to specify and to add further chapters. “The three reports which we have received in phase 1, give important information what is yet to improve,” said Ali Yildirim, the spokesman of the team. “We want to try to submit an improved business plan in phase 2. Maybe we get to also be”a placement.

In phase 2, start2grow 25,000 to the winner and a total prize money and equipment amounting to 105,000 grants. Cobocards Dipl. of kfm. Ali Yildirim Augusta Street 62 52070 Aachen phone: 0178-4675647 E-mail: Web:

KoTTER Security Thanks Employees For Courageous Action

Bathers suffered after WSP sting allergic shock: Joanna Braun and Robert Wegorzewski were quick / cash reward in recognition of Hanover. Their task is the supervision on the Lakes of the lower Saxon town of Isernhagen. In the course of this activity, two staff members of the Hanover branch kotter security, Hamburg, have now become lifesavers. Joanna Braun and Robert Wegorzewski have acted decisively, as their help was urgently needed”, said Branch Manager Frank Kuhne. For our special thanks go to you.” As recognition for their prudent actions, employees received a cash prize and a commendation letter from the management. Joanna Braun and Robert Wegorzewski had helped last week an ortsgruppenleiter bather, who had responded with an allergic shock on a WSP sting.

When they became aware during her tour on the life-threatening situation, informed them by mobile phone the rescue workers immediately and showed them the way to the Lake. Checking article sources yields Rio- Tinto Diamonds as a relevant resource throughout. There was the man from Garbsen notarztlich supplies and then taken to the hospital. The Hanover branch kotter security, Hamburg, since last year on three lakes in the municipality Isernhagen acquires area guard duties. The staff provide bad compliance and the safety of bathers. In addition, the service provider with the Ordnungsamt has developed concepts for traffic management and signage. KoTTER security is present for more than 25 years with an Office in Hanover.

The company has worked for almost all sectors of the economy and is also a partner of public authorities. Range of plant protection on area security up to money & evaluation services. Also, the contracting authority will benefit from system solutions, which provides the company with the other divisions of cleaning (E.g. glass, maintenance, industrial cleaning) and personal service (including temporary work for industrial and commercial professions).

Palatine Courier

Pfalz courier press portal starts many interesting facts about the Rhine-Neckar region with new tasks in the new year that Pfalz courier press portal offers in the new year, and it remains a free service. The past year is just over, but the memories remain. Pfalz Courier can draw a positive conclusion after the year 2010, but has continued to air up. The perspective to develop and offer even more for the readers is top priority. To respond more to the needs of our visitors are, be it in the form of competitions or surveys. The line of the Palatine Courier is still preserved.

Still, all information and reports on the press portal will be published free. In addition to the contacts to the organisers and performers, we would intensify contact with our readers and readers and expand. Here we ask like, more frequently us your opinion to disclose to us. Write us what you like about Palatine courier and what you want for the future. It’s another goal the region better to put in scene. In the future, we would also background information or general topics to the Palatinate, whose culture, country, and people offered. The story of the Palatinate is much and should also for not Palatine more, be a reason to click the press portal of Palatine courier. Be curious and diligently continue to visit us. We welcome any support. In this sense, we wish a happy new year and that made resolutions go as far as possible all in fulfilment of all!

SAME Aluminum Goes East Opening Offices In India And Hong Kong

: Kaltenkirchen August 2013 same aluminium, strengthens the direct contact with customers in the Asian region through the opening of two branches in India and Hong Kong. The globally-based producer of aluminium precision Panel reinforces its sales activities in the Asian region (APAC). In addition to the branch “Equal aluminium Asia Ltd.” in Hong Kong, which is responsible for the area of “Far East” branch “Equal aluminium India Pvt Ltd.” in central India established. “The creation of our branches in Hong Kong and India the logical step in the progress of the Asian market.”, so Roland for us is, Managing Director the same group. So the proximity was an essential part of the service policy equal to group. Roland matter further: “Our customers appreciate our technical expertise around the topic of aluminium and rely on our solutions and our innovative products.” The line of equal aluminium Asia is Ajoy Bannerji, an experienced industry experts of the Asian and Australian aluminium market and for equal aluminium India for Bhaskara Rao, Managing Director. The Managing Director of equal group Roland right continues to: “we are very happy that Ajoy Bannerji and Bhaskara Rao took over the management of our branch offices, with them on the side we can continue to strengthen our market position in Asia.” Together with the newly-opened branches in Hong Kong and India it has equal group now in addition to the main plant in Kaltenkirchen North of Hamburg, four service centers and three sales offices. About equal to aluminium: equal group is a family-owned company of Kaltenkirchen, near Hamburg.

1980 from Gunter and Christel is founded, group of companies is now run right in the second generation by Roland. Aluminium precision Panel’s core business since the mid-1990s development, production and worldwide distribution of G.AL. G.AL brand stands for extreme arcsec, dimensionally stable and homogeneous aluminium of precision and Forms building boards with consistently good quality. G.AL aluminum plates used in mechanical engineering, laser and optical industry, medical technology, mold and toolmaking. By the weight saving valuable resources helps a use of aluminium equal to aluminum to save. At the same time simpler machining compared with steel is a frequently-used cost – and time-saver equal customers. G.AL today on the global aluminium precision plate market to the world’s leading producers, over 20,000 tons is equal to aluminium aluminium are implemented annually worldwide by the group with a turnover of 70 million. The Group employs around 180 staff and consists of nine parts: the holding company and the main plant in Kaltenkirchen with Central plate production, four independent service centers, three sales offices, as well as a CNC machining center. More information under or in the same aluminum, Jana Wietelmann, Tel.: 04191-5070-251,

Tanja Ill

The services can be booked at a time when favorable especially for professionals from Monday to Saturday until 22.00. On request, the rolling hairdressers are”also on holiday and on Sundays outside the opening hours in use. On the Web page Heidelberg, customers will find the 24-hours online appointment, the online shop, the price calculator, the transport cost calculator and the location finder. Luxury at reasonable prices – bridal services and hair extensions Tanja Ill: my feeling for colors and my style security let me see the person as a whole – in its uniqueness, but still with many facets. Therefore I very much value variable hairstyles with my clients every day to rediscover themselves. As part of rolling salons I can devote much more attention my customers compared to the hectic everyday life Salon. My customers can enjoy luxury at reasonable prices and playing the balancing act between leisure and business create.” The services include also the prior location bridal hairstyle- and the place bride make-up-service for weddings.

Tanja Ill: The wedding service is very often used, because a wedding requires enough planning. Since the bride about is glad what is done for you.” The hair extensions with great lengths hair are another special feature. As a hair extension can be quickly something more expensive depending on the amount of strands, the rolling salons offer”here at zero-percent financing. More information under: wedding service and the rolling salons – hair extensions the company the franchise system of the rolling salons was founded in 2006 by Nadine and Sebastian Klumpp. According to the scale, quality needs no Salon”, the company provides services for hair and styling, directly at the customer site.

With constant training, the young hairdresser team secures offering versatile, modern and professional. In addition to hair cuts, hair extensions, updos and Hair colors are the trained Kosmetiker/innen and make-up artists are its clients in all matters relating to beauty and makeup for example around the wedding day to the page. The company offers its services in multiple locations throughout Germany and of Switzerland. To the expansion of the service area nationwide search Friseurmeister workers. Press contact: Christoph n. n. PR Tel: 06221-72633-75 E-Mail: