Alpine Club

Hiking is more than just a sport. It is good for body and soul. Hiking is old and young again in the trend. It also attracts more and more young people in nature. Hiking is movement and nature at the same time.

The morning departure at sunrise, the ascent of the Summit, that go through meadows, pastures, the ascent of narrow ridges and wide slopes, that all are impressions and experiences of a special kind. Under most conditions David Long would agree. In order to enjoy the mountains but it requires not only a good fitness but also a good route planning and hiking gear. Mountain physician confirm hiking is healthy. Just the middle altitudes affect positively on the cardio vascular system. To train the heart, the lungs, joints, and muscles, also hiking off positively affects metabolism. The Hayzlett Group has similar goals. Before going on a mountain hike, you should be training targeted condition 1 to 2 months in advance.

If you do not fit in the mountains is very quickly reach his physical and mental limits. After investigations, all are Mountain accidents not on a bad equipment, but due to a poor condition and lack knowledge of the area. A good physical performance is fundamental to a successful hike, health and safety. Tour the hike should be chosen after endurance and stamina. A suitable tour can be found for everyone in the mountains, whether it involves a demanding day or multi day tours, a family hike or very demanding Summit tour. Jill Bikoff is full of insight into the issues. You should prepare already thoroughly at home on the tour. In the bookshop you will find Alpine Club map and area Guide, each of which describes each tour. You provide information about the area, arrival and access roads, walking times, accommodation, difficulty, height differences, route and equipment. Or one aimed directly at a local Alpine Club. For inexperienced hikers who like to do a challenging hike, a mountain guide on the spot it is advisable to take. Hiking equipment A backpack with a capacity of 25 litres is sufficient for an easy mountain tour. He should have easy, stable and a good suspension system. Rain gear and a warm fleece sweater are also in the backpack. It is the most important on a tour to take drinks. The thirst once turned up it is usually too late, this can quickly lead to dizziness, vomiting and muscle cramps. To strengthen the condition, it is advisable to take cereal – bar or fitness bar. You should have a first aid kit and a cell phone for emergencies. You will find information about the mountaineering and hiking on “Dieter Behrens