German Federal Supreme Court

Also, excerpt, not the lessee is obliged to remove all wallpaper off the walls (BGH, AZ. VIII ZR 109/05). Chevron helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. No rent increase due to increasingly rise redecoration costs for landlords with cosmetic repairs, as many renovation clauses are explained by the Bundesgerichtshof for ineffective. So a landlord tried to cover the extra costs, because the beauty repair clause contained in the contract was invalid by increasing the rent to about 70 cents per month per square metre. The judge crossed through his plan and decided that the tenant must pay the rent supplement (BGH, AZ.: VIII ZR 181/07). Advance for cosmetic repairs but not all methods assume at the expense of the lessor: landlord the tenant contractually effective, fixed cosmetic repairs in arrears, is can perform themselves and for during the current tenancy the tenant a Require advance costs. In a very unique case a tenant carried out no cosmetic repairs in less than 50 years, because no deadlines in the contract had been agreed.

The lessor demanded approximately 13,000 euro advance for the implementation of the work. Rightly so, as was the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH, AZ: VIII ZR 192/04). A shortage of independent repairs in an apartment the tenant should inform the landlord about the necessary repair work and if he does not comply with this notice. The lessee commissioned a craftsman for the Elimination of the damage, but hasty he must bear the costs it incurred under circumstances. Because basically, the landlord has to eliminate the priority right for damage without being provided with a fait accompli. Only when the landlord with the execution falls into arrears or but an immediately recoverable emergency damage occurs, tenants must act independently and reclaim the issued money (BGH, AZ.: VIII ZR 222/06). Tanja EST