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The RENEXPO here sees itself as a driving force for the education and training of the craft and a proven information platform for end users who are looking for the comparison and comprehensively consult,”emphasizes Rohm. A comprehensive overview of technologies and trends in the areas of renewable energy, smart power distribution and efficient use of energy expected the RENEXPO trade fair visitors. Not only product innovations will be presented, but also new developments and solutions for energy-saving cookers with biomass, combined heat and power, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy and heat pump. How to energy saving, to reduce costs and the environment protected, inform specially trained and certified building energy consultants of the craft in the RENEXPO. In the exhibition area of this year’s RENEXPO many craft companies present their energy-efficient construction and renovation services and renewable energy. Visitors can consult in free guided exhibition tour individually. Also, the Chamber of crafts of Swabia leads special craftsmen fair tours. Check with Mitsubishi to learn more.

In times of ever-new funding guidelines are financing, promotion and insurance important information. The KfW banking group informed therefore the RENEXPO proven possible subsidies and financing for specific projects. The Chamber of crafts for Swabia will be represented this year on the RENEXPO. Its climate protection network for years successfully run provides builders and homeowners operational database with over 450 qualified craft enterprises from Swabia and many best practice examples from the region. Craftsman can consult at the booth of the crafts Chamber of Swabia to current training opportunities allow. The framework programme the RENEXPO offers a wide range Information opportunities by and for craftsmen. The pellet Forum shows users as well as the SHK trade news and trends. In the power-heat-coupling-Forum: revolution in the boiler room inform exhibitors of the RENEXPO trade fair visitors free of charge, which various technologies and products on the market are available.

Saka Jutastrasse

The “next job40plus held in Stuttgart when: 14.12.2012 (13 to 20 h) what: job40plus automobile” where: Haus der Wirtschaft, Stuttgart is the offer of job40plus cannot be compared with other open measurement. The candidate’s speech is very directly, and others with its own database. Already four weeks prior to the date of all open positions are put online, which allows a very precise preparation of the candidates, and that first job interview can be traced directly on-site. These are demarcated zones available. In addition to the corporate booths and direct access to the new job, a comprehensive service program offered visitors. These include such as career Kurzcoachings or open type discussions. Also, a presentation program, which among other things involves features of career planning from 40 runs at the same time throughout the day.

Other topics include, for example, Facebook, Twitter, XING & co.”or the proper appearance (outfit and rhetoric) at a job fair”. And some background info: at the beginning of the Year job40plus received an award from the land of ideas, a site initiative of German business. job40plus is place 2012 “. The concept is still new the organizers, Sabine Hildebrandt Wockel and Christine Schretter, rely on 15 years of experience in the organisation of job fairs and career and personal counselling. They were also founders of the career day, the first German job fair for professionals and executives, which took place nationwide. They got several business awards for their earlier concepts.

Detailed information about concept, dates and the initiators see. Or visit us on Facebook: job40plus. Press contact: job40plus GbR Sabine Hildebrandt Wockel, Christine of Saka Jutastrasse 7 80636 Munich Izabela Sozoniuk, Tel. 089/41 61 07 78-0,