Buy External Hard Drive

How to find the right external hard drive when it comes to buying the right external hard drive, should ask yourself first, what you want to use the plate. If you want to create, for example, only a backup of your computer, you can possibly make concessions at the speed and save money when buying your external hard drive. Because there are slow hard drives at an astonishingly low price. It look very different from when you want to use the hard drive for data that you regularly access. Many writers such as Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein offer more in-depth analysis. This applies, for example, for programs or music. In this case the speed is important, it should then make the purchase anyway. Others who may share this opinion include Yechiel Eckstein. USB 2 or USB 3 connection? Whether you decide 3 connection for the external hard drive to a USB 2 or USB, above all depends on which interfaces your computer has.

USB 2 interface is considered as obsolete, but it’s useful to have nothing, which is not compatible with your own computer then a very fast interface. With USB 3 are upload and faster, but only users who have this new, faster interface to your notebook or PC benefit download. The surcharge for USB 3 is however small. So, you should consider immediately the faster technology to invest in, to be able to use your hard disk in the future on a new computer. The connections are incidentally, backward-compatible, which means that you can use interface to a USB 3 USB 2. Only vice versa, it is not possible! Another variation is the external hard drive of eSATA interface. If on your computer, you have a free EeSATA interface, you can choose this type. Also eSATA it is relatively fast, if also not as fast as USB 3 can older PCs also on USB 3 converted, there sale cheap adapter? External hard drives with networking the luxury solution is an external hard drive connected to the network (NAS).

Progress Of Green IT (5)

On some central processor (CPU), you could fry eggs earlier, so hot he was–would have been the chip just large enough for an egg beaten up. On some central processor (CPU), you could fry eggs earlier, so hot he was–would have been the chip just large enough for an egg beaten up. This heat of hell had drastic consequences for the energy efficiency and the air conditioning needs of every computer even the incessant fan noise was rather just a side effect. In addition to the high-performance graphics card, the CPU in a desktop computer is the largest ‘energy hog’, with a power hungry between 50 and 130 Watts. -At the same time, it seemed long almost impossible to create, because the architecture of the chips, the endless ‘pipelines’, the countless ‘floating point processes’ and the ‘caches’ it demanded energy like the horses Hay remedy here. There was no increased awareness of sustainability, what manufacturers now provides for a big rethink, yet remain primary the positive consequences for the Green IT same: at its core, it is the rise of the ‘ mobile computing ‘, which causes the change, got to ‘lame’ but cool processors from other manufacturers ‘the big one’ here increasingly in backlog, a market broke them off: whatever data intensive phones or tablets Yes the user may burn no holes in the bag. Who so wants to keep with the trend towards ultra slim and miniaturized devices, there always more ‘ performance’ will provide the must at the same time curb the hunger for energy of computing dwarfs fundamentally.

The company Intel, remains the flagship among the chip manufacturers, now the Silvermont architecture presented, which will be three times as fast in the top same performance – should need only one-fifth of the previous energy consumption. From the end of the year, the chip with the new architecture should roll up the market. Not only for the mobile space, this architecture puts foreseeable new standards with its new design, their approaches will also the desktop and server impact – each processor architecture should work in a sense will consist of two parts. There would then be a powerful ‘multicore’ for the top work under maximum load, next door working a bedraggled ‘multicore’ for less computationally intensive tasks, which always takes office, if the honourable Member can take a break. Parallel increases the number of possible instructions per second, the threads and pipelines reduced, what everything in detail can be explained. Another positive consequence – would in future only still certain Web parts with the new architectures compatible because otherwise the current transformer in the ‘Faulheits mode’, the ‘idle state’ so, suddenly would pull too little power, yet to work. Also the power consumption of the power supply is reduced thanks to the new architecture of low load so predictably solid–a so-called ‘technology push’ is the result. It is thus not just an adaptation of technology the trend to the ‘mobile computing’, but also a great success for the Green it and all green data centers, because the technological change will apply to all areas. Thanks to this successful operation on the heart concerning it.

WindGuard Verso

ReSound Verso 5 completes groundbreaking hearing instrument family to more attractive solutions ReSound hearing aid manufacturer Verso to more attractive solutions completes his groundbreaking hearing system family, ReSound: come with the new ReSound Verso 5 now customers of the middle price segment in the enjoyment of a number of innovative features, the until now sharp instruments were reserved. In addition to excellent sound quality and reliable understanding of language, the new system offers its wearer also best comfort and attractive design. Thanks to leading 2.4 GHz wireless technology and related components can be combined wirelessly Verso 5 with TV, telephone, stereo and computer. “Using accessory phone clip + and the ReSound control” app can be operated the system via the touch screen of the iPhone or the Android Smartphone; an absolute novelty in the German hearing-acoustics market which also stands for the basic image change in hearing aids. With ReSound Verso 5 benefits of hearing aid wearers “from all the advantages of the surround sound by ReSound as well as numerous features that were available until now only in the upper price segment”, explains Dieter Fricke, Director Audiology of the GN hearing GmbH. Adaptive directionality, ECHO stop and WindGuard, Additionally, as well as the noise reduction using noise Tracker II help to best understand and sound quality in a variety of situations.

With the feedback of DFS, Ultra II has also Verso 5 about a groundbreaking feedback management. While the comfort phone function for best reception on the phone.” With different designs and various housing colors, ReSound provides Verso 5 stores numerous individual fitting options. The spectrum ranges from the high-performance behind-the-ear device up to very discrete solutions are disappearing almost completely in the ear canal. The housing coating with iSolate nanotech protects the system from the outside and from the inside against moisture and dirt.

USB HiSpeed

Special solution manages mySND-120 fileserver access SD cards and USB storage devices directly into the Bielefeld, the 15 may 2013. Opened with the mySND-120 access fileserver SEH, the Bielefeld specialist for intelligent network solutions, new ways to use SD cards and USB removable media in networks. The SD card allows SD cards stored data easily and securely via the network to use it to inform the reader of the new product and manage. In addition, mySND-120 has a USB HiSpeed port for USB storage devices. Administrators user accounts with special rights can create and restrict the access to certain files, to maintain the security in the net via HTTP (s). Can the data of storage media be also automatically by E-Mail.

More extensive security features of the mySND-120 protect the location-independent and flexible use and manage that data on the network. The mySND-120 file access server can be used regardless of the operating system on all Ethernet networks and is starting on 23 may in the Retailers for approximately 350 including VAT available. For retailers it is a promotion in June to launch by SEH give. External storage like SD cards and USB memory sticks provide IT administrators face major challenges. Intended for local use, cause this storage media in the network security risks or cumbersome workflows. Their use is undesirable in many companies for security reasons.

Also, trendy desktop virtualization solutions, as well as traditional server-based computing structures complicate the operational use of external storage media. However, they are necessary, for example, at banks and savings funds with connected real estate Department, to transfer photos from digital cameras in the network. The mySND-120 fileserver access in such cases, allows the simple and secure use and management of this data, it provides them only defined users. Users place management of data, media, and users with the mySND for the mySND-120 access fileserver via HTTP (s) Control center of an administration account and up to four user accounts to.