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why I have fear that it if plays in muddy waters of the River Manteninha. In it finishes time that leaves roa here for visits it in the foreigner it was not nor in to search me to the road. Still well, why I arrived for the airport, that is to less of one lgua of the house of it. The haste is enemy of the procession, as the old Chico Ansio would say. After a night inside of the airplane he was crazy to arrive, to find me with the uncle of open arms and its van with the door luggages escancarado for me.

I, and nothing of uncle arrive, Dalvani and. I caught the luggages I placed and them in the soil. The Dalvani said that was to watch the luggage I to see the place where the taxis were parked. I followed the corrector, as already he makes before when my uncle also to search was not me, walking of wide steps. I pushed a glass door of two flags, with those bars of protection, and sighted the area where they were the taxis. The door, the cursed door. It did not have aduelas. It did not have door handle and not even one at least sujinho.

I believed that one was about a free place of ticket, of the size of a door 0,80×2,10. I advanced with everything for top of that go and I felt in the nose as if the passarinhos die. The nose was the first one to arrive at the glass and felt the marrows to chocalhar inside of my skull and the blood to gush out of the nose. This blew up equal tomatoe.