German Government Wants To Favor Taxation Of Missions

How early May reported financial times Germany (FTD) the Finance Ministry wants to simplify the taxation of business trips. The Finance Ministry wants to simplify the taxation of business trips. This involves in particular the arrangements of the travel to the workplace, to Auswartstatigkeit, and to the overhead of the food. It aims to reduce also bureaucracy and costs for companies. This involves in particular the arrangements of the travel to the workplace, to Auswartstatigkeit, and to the overhead of the food. Goal of the changes is to reduce also bureaucracy and costs for companies.

So far, 150 million business trips of German companies per year cost of well over 40 billion euros. The demarcation between the tax-free reimbursement of travel expenses of the employer on the one hand and the private journeys between home and work on the other side is considered to be too complicated. These regulations are to be simplified. Also the tax rules for the official Auswartstatigkeit and the Double housekeeping should be made simpler. A group of experts preparing suggestions for improvement. This will come at the earliest early next year into force according to FTD.

Vera Sayle

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Efficient Cost Reduction In Purchasing With TOCO2010

An old merchant rule is: the profit is In the shopping! An old merchant rule is: the profit is In the shopping! Words from today’s perspective: A powerful strategic purchasing can deliver a significant contribution within the Wertschopfunskette of a company or the sales can no longer compensate for what has brought the purchase not on savings. Even if the order books fill again, determine cost pressure on the world market and the need for savings and cost reduction events in German and Swiss companies. The international competition is forcing the reduction of manufacturing costs and says here global procurement in connection with significant cost reductions at the front. 30 50% of potential savings in the procurement can be realised only through powerful tools like “Total Cost of Ownership” in connection with professional training of employees and scheduled implementation. Global sourcing tools in cooperation with global has procurement services of one of the most powerful and at the same time easily BAREN hand tools developed for this purpose: TOCO2010. The suitability of a good TOCO tool is to provide a simple structure for the enterprise-specific cost factors and the strategic criteria and to prepare the results of handy. In strategic procurement, there are not many tools for a total cost of ownership analysis. Some tools, especially large companies, are so extensive that they are hardly hand bar and even complex ERP systems such as SAP must be careful here.

The approach of global sourcing tools is simple: predefined fields are filled and the result is automatically generated and visually processed. And then sourcing tools global continues the crucial step: the strategic criteria (quality, delivery reliability, confidentiality, etc) are included in the assessment. Preconfigured strategic criteria can be modified and evaluated and then cost analysis and strategic assessment will be merged. The result is: transparency in the costs and the strategic criteria!

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Innovative platform combines product advice, price comparison, and more Kothen in Magdeburg, November 2009. Why am I still forced to take hours research on countless pages of manufacturers and buyers forums on me and make price comparisons or satisfied me with half-hearted compromises at over-priced prices as buying interested customer? This question brought Alexander Horn and his team end of 2006 on the idea for a special Internet platform, which started its work on Nov 1, 2009 see. The aim of the founder team was people in the development of a single central platform, supports to be able to buy goods and services of any kind at a price even given by them and on their own terms. This Kicu24 offers users the advice on the individual product as well as compare prices and locate a suitable vendor support. With the Kicu24 product consultant interested customers are within a few minutes an overview about get which product best meets your special requirements.

To pursue the central guiding principle of simplicity, Kicu24 sets in contrast to most existing product Advisor solutions on the Internet continuously on a generally understandable everyday language, which for the customers learning technical and other terms is completely eliminated. Furthermore, anyone who already knows what he wishes, can set a corresponding request including the price he is willing to pay up to Kicu24 and come to an interested seller to. Kicu24 is free totally it the seeker, all conditions concerning shipping, to decide payment, price and product characteristics, even. Both the registration and the setting of the application, informative use of the product Advisor and many more services are completely free of charge. A small fee applies only for the purchase of contact data to an application. Interested seller find in Kicu24 due to the high quality and the definite willingness to purchase the customer contacts, however, a very interesting price/performance ratio. operates as a sole proprietorship in the field of Internet trading platforms and was founded in 2009 by Alexander Horn, owner of the company. The company offers a comprehensive range of services, such as product advice, compare prices, and also the provision of trading partners through an applications platform. The registration and the set of applications and informative use of the product advice are free of charge. Due to the high quality of the mediation of customer contacts private and commercial sellers, Kicu24 offers an excellent value for money.

E-commerce Consultant Experts In The Internet

You decide the appropriate design E-commerce consultant it offers E-commerce is always important in Germany. In the 2011 calendar year, sales rose to EUR 26.1 billion. On this occasion, E-commerce is now a very comfortable area for each company. To succeed in the long term, it is essential also to be one step ahead in this section of the competition. Current statistics indicate that E-Commerce increasingly supersedes the stationary business. Customers expect now no longer just the option to inform the network of the company. Rather, you want to buy the products and services directly. Professionally to provide field of E-Commerce, E-commerce include guide indispensable.

the right strategy of E-Commerce provide-Commerce Advisor consultants assist in the selection and conception of the appropriate shop system and examine how the shop system can be connected to your existing ERP system. Furthermore she accompanied consultant in establishing the right of the E-Commerce and Role management, so that the shop system can be easily integrated in their daily work. An additional task field of an E-commerce is the online marketing Advisor. Starting the business objectives here appropriate online marketing strategies are set. Here, the social media sphere, which for example facebook, XING and Twitter, is always crucial.

Just who is also here represented, attracts large audiences. In addition, also a newsletter can be a sustainable online marketing tool. Another important area for the Trafficbuilding is the affiliate marketing. E-Commerce Advisor accompanied her here with reasonable planning and orientation of the strategy to their business goals. The matching design decides E-commerce design consultant offers it if the buyer reaches your homepage, plays the most important role. It should be attractive enough to keep a customer over the long term. The key benefits can be a personalized address of the visitor. An E-commerce consultant analyzed their situation first. Starting from their existing website and your existing shop system, advises this and makes specific proposals for improvements in the field of design and user friendliness. Because only if a shop system is also easy to use, it will motivate users to purchase. In the E-Commerce respects consultant on the fact that the design is compatible with their corporate objectives and accompanied the strategy defined in advance. So they are the decisive step ahead in the future of their competition, they must secure the support of an E-Commerce Advisor. An E-Commerce Advisor sets concrete targets together with them, and converts them specifically. Thus, to save time and ensure a professional appearance of your company on the net. Matthias Uhlig